The Android One program’s introduction in India is an opportunity for users and manufacturers alike to take hold of an unmaligned version of the Android OS. Not just that, these devices will also be in the exclusive club comprising of Nexus devices and hence come preloaded with the Google Home launcher and receive the fastest Android version bumps. Google itself has taken an interesting turn in the OEM partnership for these devices by tying up with highly competitive budget-manufacturers rather than the big league cos. like Samsung, HTC, LG or Sony. But what that effectively lays emphasis on, is the fact that the search-giant meant business when it had announced that Android One was supposed to be budget-effective without compromising on hardware and software.

The three launch partners Google has chosen are no slouch either. In fact they are already quite popular budget segment players in India. While we have already covered the rooting and unlocking methods for the other two Android One handsets from Micromax and Karbonn, today we will be aiming our crosshairs elsewhere to unlock the bootloader, install a Recovery and thereafter root Spice Dream Uno.

Henceforth, let’s get you through the most popular and currently the safest method.


Unlocking or rooting your device is basically a method to set you free from your manufacturer’s or Google’s secure clutches to allow for more customizability through workarounds. What that essentially means is that your warranty will be void after you follow the below-mentioned procedure. Also, things can go wrong if you don’t know what you are about to do and we’d suggest you to take a lot of care while following these steps.

Requirements and Precursors

  • Setup the ADB drivers for Android on your PC by referring to these guides. ADB drivers are needed for connecting your device aptly for the purpose of flashing or installing stuff via fastboot mode.
  • Download Minimal Fastboot tool from here and extract the contents to a folder of your choice. This is for quick fastboot setup, which otherwise requires Android developmental SDK.
  • When you are finished with setting up ADB and FastBoot, you’ll have to install your device-specific drivers by connecting it to the PC via a USB cable. The drivers specific to your device will be automatically installed to your PC if you have a working Internet connection. If a problem arises in driver installation, just download these drivers and manually install them by pointing your PC’s Device Manager to them.
  • Enable USB debugging on your device in the ‘Developer Options’ menu by referring to the comprehensive guide in this post.
  • Download SuperSU installable zip from here.
  • Don’t forget to backup the data and charge your device beforehand.

Unlock Bootloader

  • Connect your Spice Dream Uno to your Computer after enabling USB debugging as mentioned in the section above.
  • Now, open the FastBoot folder and right-click on an empty space while holding down the SHIFT key, and click ‘Open Command Window here’.
  • Next, in the Command prompt, type  the following code:
adb reboot bootloader
  • Your phone will now reboot into fastboot mode.
  • The bootloader can now be unlocked by entering this command:
fastboot oem unlock
fastboot format userdata
  • Voila! You just unlocked your bootloader!

Install ClockWorkMod/TWRP/Philz Touch Recovery

  • Before proceeding, download the recovery you’d prefer to install from one of the below links:
  • Extract the recovery image (the boot.img file) from the zip file to the fastboot folder.
  • Open a the command prompt and enter the following command:
fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
fastboot reboot
  • Your phone now has a working recovery! Yeah. Thank you very much!

Root your Spice Dream Uno

  • Start by copying the SuperSU installable to your device.
  • To boot your device into recovery, just open a command prompt and type:
adb reboot bootloader
  • Flashing SuperSU should now be done via recovery by browsing to its zip file. For this, go to ‘Choose zip -> /external_sd’ and go ahead with the install.
  • On reboot, you may or may not get a warning similar to ‘su may have been removed’, ignore that and click ‘No’.
  • And this brings us to the end of this saga in which an Android earned its freedom by gaining root.

Well, you now have a Spice Dream Uno unlocked, rooted, and with a recovery, for you to play around with various mods and customizations. This is something that we Android users look forward to, and the Android One devices will only become better with time as the developers get down to getting their hands ‘dirty’. The excitement around these new devices is immense, and it’s hard not to get involved. So go ahead and unleash the potential of your Android One handset now!

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