LG has finally rolled out the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update to the LG G3. The updates come with the Marshmallow features alongside the LG’s own customizations. If you’re lucky enough, you might have already received the OTA notification on your device else don’t be sad yet, we got your back. We have already covered the Android 6.0 installation on LG G3 D855 using the Flash tool, you can check it out from the below link.

So, once you’re on Android 6.0 Marshmallow, you might also want to root your device on the new OS. With root access, you can use all the advanced apps on your device like the Xposed Installer and other apps. Well, the process is quite easy and you can root your device in no time but first you need to install the latest TWRP on your device. You can find the updated TWRP files from hereSo, if you’re all set, follow the rooting procedure from below.


Rooting your device might void the warranty either temporarily or permanently. The procedure followed in this tutorial is considered risky and might brick your device in extreme cases but you can always restore the device with stock firmware. We are not responsible for any damage done to your device during the process, proceed at your own risk.


  • Make sure your device is charged up to 60% to avoid unexpected shutdowns during the rooting process.
  • It’s also recommended to take a nandroid backup of your device. Tutorial here.
  • Download the latest version of Kingroot from here.
  • Download the following file that contains the root and TWRP files for Marshmallow: ROOT G3 D855 MM.zip 
  • Download the SuperSU v2.65 file → Click Here

Supported Firmwares

the rooting method described below has been confirmed working successfully on the following Marshmallow firmware builds:

  • V30F
  • V30C
  • V30A
  • V30B
  • V30D
  • V30E

Root LG G3 D855 and Install TWRP on Android Marshmallow

  1. Unzip the ROOT G3 D855 MM.zip file, open the folder and transfer the Hacer Permisivo.zip, KingRoot and AutoRec APK files to your LG G3.
  2. Open the file manager app and install the latest Kingroot.apk on your phone (do not use the Kingroot app found in the “ROOT G3 D855 MM.zip” folder). Now launch the app from app drawer and root your phone.
  3. Once rooted, install the Autorec MM.apk too.
  4. Launch Autorec and install TWRP recovery on your LG G3 running Marshmallow ROM.
  5. When the custom recovery is installed, your phone will automatically reboot into recovery mode.
  6. Tap the Install button, navigate to Hacer Permisivo.zip and install it.
  7. Now go back to the main menu in TWRP and tap the Reboot > System button.
  8. Now transfer the SuperSU v2.65.zip file to the internal storage of your LG G3.
  9. Then manually boot your device into recovery mode ( detailed guide here)
    • Power off the device.
    • Press and hold the Volume Down and Power buttons at the same time.
    • Once the LG logo appears, release the Volume Down and Power keys and then press them again.
  10. In the recovery mode, tap the Install button, choose the SuperSU file and flash it on your device.
  11. Get back to the main menu and reboot the device once the installation is completed.

Bingo! You have just rooted your LG G3 D855 running on the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow firmware.


  1. This rooting method does not work on Build “V30n-EUU-XX”,

    And there’s still no rooting method found any where on the web for this Android 6.0 version.

    This is the device build that has the most important number of requests on the web. For now it has not been broken by any method. Visibly this “V30n” only support flashing original LG firmware, only via secured OTA, or via USB with USB debugging enabled (this enables an ADB “shell” but the shell in the builtin firmware is NOT a busybox but accepts only some commands requring an unknown authorization key (not published by LG, and only working with the device Unique ID) to acept running and installing a firmware digitally signed by LG.

    LG reveals these passwords only to OEM integrators (telecom sellers).

    The ADB shell then does not work for anything else than debugging apps in user mode, there’s no busybox at all inside accessible from ADB. And visibly this ADB shell is also protected by the builtin preinstallation of “McAfee Mobile Antivirus” (which cannot be uninstalled, and not even be disabled) and by a sandboxing in a virtual root hiding completely the true root of the device.

    Kingroot does not work if you bought the device independantly from an independant seller (without any bundled subscription to a mobile service). Even if we entirely own the phone, LG refuses to give us the root access.

    I tried all versions of Kingroot, this does not work at all. All other rooting methods tried have failed. Other vendors that pretend they will root the phone by accepting paid orders are actually lying ! There’s actually NO known rooting method (only LG Electronics knows how to flash and sign any other firmware that will be flashable).

    Visibly the preinstallation of McAfee has efficiently protected all other known access methods using exploits found in preinstalled apps (such as the builtin browser, or cloud connectors, or media players, or in the junk LG apps, including in the junk LG appstore). Nobody has found any exploit using open ports from the Internet: the firewall on that device is well configured and blocks everything (except communications to remote LG servers that pass encrypted data without any prior authorization from us).

  2. I downloaded the latest version of kingroot app from internet but it can’t root says root strategy unavailable and takes me to check request queue (btw kingroot app says this every time for many days despite repeated trying to root infact since one month and despite repeated check requests queue) in the first process after copyng HacerPermisivo.zip and AutoRecMMD855.apk in my lg g3 d855 stock marshmallow 6.0 v30b-sea-xx,why ?

  3. Please tell me how to root g3 d855 6.0 v30e firmware.i tried too much root apk and with also computer..but it was failed

  4. Need some help, please. Everything seemed to going well, but when I installed SuperSU and rebooted, first I couldn’t find SuperSu app, then when I installed Root Checker it told me that device is not rooted. I have v30B MM installed and I did everything as you discribed, step by step.

  5. I download the latest version of kingroot app from internet but it can’t root says root strategy unavailable and take me to check request queue in the first process after copyng HacerPermisivo.zip and AutoRecMMD855.apk in my lg g3 d855 stock marshmallow 6.0 v30b-sea-xx,why ?

  6. I’ve flashed new firmware and after i’ve done flashing Hacer Permisivo i have to flash SuperSU but when i flash it i dont have SuperSU app on phone and root seems to be gone. Do you know how to make SuperSU work ?

  7. Flashed Fresh firmware and everything works! Kingroot worked flawless! Thanks for great tutorial

  8. Im actually reinstalling firmware so i’ll have fresh 6.0 and if it won’t work i’ll just wait couple of days. Thanks for the answer!

  9. I have LG G3 D855 V30b mm and Kingroot tells me that there’s a queue. I’ve tried lots of kingroot’s versions and every time it says that there’s a queue. Can you help me ?

  10. Yes.. it´s worked for me. i have try loots of things likes adb, but this was realy great
    im have a LG G3 D855 32 GB

  11. Thanks Rakesh for yor help… Before you replied I just flashed V30B and successfully ran kingroot. You can add V30B too to the supported firmwares list. Cheers

  12. I had the lg g3 rooted with version 5.1. I almost had to upgrade to version 6 this ‘Marshmallow’. The root was lost. And there is no way …. nor with the kingrot.

  13. Boot Loader is taking alot of time and after 10 mins it’s still here … What should I do .. ?

  14. my device is hard bricked now what should i do …..root verification failed while reboot….
    only light blink… no recovery ..nor download mode can be made…plz help

  15. Each time I root a phone, it gets easier, more attractive, faster and overall better! good job devs!

  16. Can you help me? My handphone was turn off and i can’t turn on again, after proses number 4. I don’t why it happend. Maybe you know why it happend?


  18. how can i back up first, im not confident and dont want to mess up, how much risk is there?

  19. Got to step 5 but it didn’t reboot into recovery mode so I tried doing it manually by powering down then holding power+volume down but It won’t get into recovery mode. I just have a black screen and the notification light blinking blue and red.

    I really need help!

  20. couldn’t open Autorec MM app after install ! Mcafee didn’t let me to, even if I disable it and keep the app :/ any suggestions ?

  21. I am F400l user and king root not working, autorec mm requeres d855, need root for f400 pls

  22. Does not work. After flashing SuperUser twice it just never gets installed although it says ok.

  23. When in factory reset mode select ‘YES’ ONLY IF YOU KNOW YOU HAVE A RECOVERY INSTALLED. Then confirm again ‘YES’ then it will boot into recovery.
    A bit scary first time but its ok.

  24. Download twice but sill the issue was same then i noticed it says fail when i click on check verification signature otherewise it doesn’t show any failed msg .. But anyways your artical helped me to get M Update as well as helped me to get it rooted successfully thanks for this fokat k samaj seva 😉

  25. This guide is very helpful after I hard bricked my phone and had it Jtag’d. After that incident, it made me very hesitant to have it rooted again but when I saw this guide I thought I’d go for it one more time. Now I was able to root my phone and flashed a new ROM without a problem. Thank you very much! Cheers! 🙂

  26. After a fail in a MM encryption process, this was the only method that worked for me to be able to flash another MM custom ROM. Thank you very much!!!

  27. When I try getting into recovery mode with the buttons I get factory reset mode, and if I try using adb (adb reboot recovery), I get a dead android with red ! Triangle over it.

  28. Oh really? Did you try it ? Of course you didn’t you just post shit articles copied from other shit websites. To be able to flash twrp you need to unlock the bootloader.

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