LG has started rolling out the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update to its last year flagship LG G3. The update is available with the build number 30B for the D855 variant and we are believing that the update for other variants of G3 would be imminent. The Marshmallow update comes with a lot of customization and performance optimizations. LG has tweaked the OS under-the-hood and also put their own custom skin over the stock Android OS.

The G3 users will receive the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update over the air via OTA update. However, if you’re eager to try the Android 6.0 Marshmallow on your device, you can right away download the official KDZ firmware and install it using the LG Flash tool. It is the most convenient way to install Marshmallow on your LG G3. Before proceeding with the procedure, first manually check for any OTA update from software updates section in settings. Go to Settings » About Phone » Software Information/Updates. 

If you didn’t see any OTA update listed in the Software updates menu, follow the below tutorial to install Marshmallow KDZ file on LG G3 D855 using the Flash tool.


  • The current Android 6.0 Marshmallow KDZ firmware is compatible with only the international variant of LG G3 with model number D855.
  • Install the LG Flash Tool 2014 (extract files if compressed) on your PC. This tool is required in order to flash the KDZ file onto your device.
  • Visual C++ Runtime Library is required in order to run LG Flash Tool 2014. If you have any problems installing or running the Flash Tool then install the libraries on your Windows PC. Click here.
  • Make sure you have the latest LG drivers installed on your PC. Get it from the download section.


Download | LG G3 Marshmallow Firmware (File: D85530B_00_1217.kdz)

Download | LG Flash Tool 2014

Download | LG G3 USB Drivers

Backup Your Apps and Data

Installing the stock firmware using a KDZ file will remove all your data and apps from your current ROM. So make sure you have a backup of all your apps and data. Also, transfer all your files from your internal storage to your PC as it may also get wiped out.

Install Stock Android 6.0 Marshmallow Firmware on LG G3

Here is a step-by-step guide to successfully flash the stock firmware on your LG G3.

  • Step 1: Put your phone into Download Mode. To do this, Power Off your phone first. Then while pressing both the volume keys connect your phone to your PC via USB cable. The screen will show download mode icon. Let the drivers be installed onto PC. If it fails for the first time, repeat the process (try holding just the Volume Up key).lg-g3-download-mode
  • Step 2: Open the LG Flash Tool 2014 folder and copy the KDZ file in it. If the Flashtool is compressed, extract it to get a folder containing the necessary files including the LGFlashtool2014.exe file. Transfer the D855xxx_00.kdz file, you have just downloaded, into the LG Flash Tool 2014 folder.
  • Step 3: Run LGFlashtool2014.exe file.


  • Step 4: Now you will have to make a bunch of selections. Select Type: CDMA (Do not worry about selecting this option as Flashtool is modified only for devices with SIM). Change PhoneMode to CS_EMERGENCY. Click the folder icon to browse your computer and select the D855xxx_00.kdz file.
  • Step 5: Choose CSE Flash option as we are installing a new copy on the stock firmware. This will format all your application data, format your system and could also wipe your internal storage. It makes a clean install. If you choose this method, it is highly recommended that you backup all your apps and data first. (Normal Flash option should be selected if you are on stock firmware and you just want to upgrade and do not want to lose any data. However, make sure you have not modified your system.)
  • Step 6: Once selected, choose Start on next window.


  • Step 7: Select your Region and Language and select OK button. Also clear phone for update registry.

Note: Disconnect from the Internet before you choose OK and also make sure your Antivirus is turned off for some time.


  • Step 8: Once the program has started, the stock firmware will get installed.


  • Step 9: If in case an error occurs, retry from Step 1 until success and remember to disconnect from the Internet when necessary. Once successful, the phone will restart automatically and choose click exit to quit the program.
  • Step 10: Once you see the LG Logo, that means you have installed the stock firmware correctly.

Once you boot into stock firmware on your LG G3, you can enjoy your latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow software.

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  1. hi
    i want to volte on my lg g3 32 gb d855
    can you help me
    i also try *#*#4636*#*#
    phone information i press message came this application does not work on your mobile.
    plz help

  2. please help me , I ‘ve followed the steps above correctly , but always failed to upgrade at 2 % , in LG G3 D855 International 32Gb ..
    I really hope your help , thank you

  3. Hi, can you please help me also? I don’t have whatsapp. Can you please message me through gmail instead? here’s my id: [email protected].. please please help me.. Thank you in advance! 🙂

  4. Somanth alegaon. I have faced same issue several times but didnt find any solution.. Do u find any way.. Plz let me inform.. Thankx.

  5. those guys have network issue after update just msg me on my whatsapp no +917744894155 i will solve ur issue through teamviewer

  6. Guys I need help ,I updated my lg g3 D855 to Marshmallow and everything is good,But the problem is than I lose my signal,now I can not make eny call,if someone can help me it will be great,thx

  7. I have a lg g3 d855(france) and i am using it with T-mobile in USA. After almost 2 years without any issues, i started getting a “wifi turning on error” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Crt2UHT_go&ab_channel=Angel_Peguero . I used your guide to upgrade to 6.0 from 5.0(lollipop), which worked fine. But the wifi issue still remains. can you please provide any suggestions?

    edit: When i drain the battery out >> then recharge the phone >> then start it >> wifi works fine. but if i setup a google account/gmail it crashes and takes me to the LG logon screen >> after this when the phone finishes booting up the wifi issue is back.

  8. Sounds weird! I have no idea about that. On mine, I didn’t notice any such thing. Try disabling the bloat apps from Settings> Apps.

  9. Hi Rakesh,
    I updated my lg g3 and everything is good, but since updating the mobile keeps deducting 18 cents programmatically and on every boot!!
    I installed few programs only and format it many times and contacted my network operater but still.
    Please help me if you have any clarification.

  10. I have tried uploading it but it getting stuck at 4% and I am getting error not sure why. I am using 32GB LG g3 and currently running on kit kat version. Let me know if you have come across such problem.

  11. Hi Rakesh, I have tried uploading it but it getting stuck at 4% and I am getting error not sure why. I am using 32GB LG g3 and currently running on kit kat version. Let me know if you have come across such problem.

  12. Hi guys.. I have lg g3 d855 16 gb global
    i try to install marshmallow directly on kitkat 4.4.2 and it’s woork great .. No bugs no overheat no battry drean .. it’s work smooth and fast.. Thank u
    See screenshots

  13. Hi bro.. I try it.. I have lg g3 d855 16gb.. i take the kdz file from lg official web site with my emei and flash it with Lg flash tool 2014 on kitkat.. And it woork great !! i do the risque and it work

  14. Hi team.. Currently my lg g3 is running on kit kat.. Can i skip updating lolli pop version and update marshmellow directly? Please reply if some one updated it… Thanks..

  15. guys i have lg g3 d855 international version.. should i flash my phone with this firmware or what type of firmware i should pick up ? tell me pls

  16. mine is international, it was soft bricked but now it always in download mode when pressing the power button. plz anyone help me to recover my g3. tried lgflash tool [stopped in 15 sec. in both download & board mode], lgup, lg pc tools, lg mobile support tool but failed everywhere.

  17. Whats Your phone variant? EUR or international? My phone variant is TWN, TAIWAN! Whats yout opinion? I try update this version with international kdz or i will create a brick?

  18. after clicking the start button, nothing happened. there showed no option to select my Region and Language. i followed every step perfectly, even disconnected internet & turned off antivirus. please help. my model is d855 10e with stock rom 4.4.2.

  19. Hi, i have LG G3 D855 was working with lollipop, it had problem of auto restarting the set, and i updated this MARSHMALLOW, now working fine, thank you, but now my cell got new problem that WiFi stops working, in the WiFi connected place it shows saved (not connected), it will works sometime automatically.
    Can i get solution for this? please help me..

  20. hi, i reccomend you make a correct hard factory reset, turn off the phone, pressing down volume button press on until LG logo, unpress on 1 second and press again on button, continue pressing until apear hard factory reset menu.

  21. in my model of LgG3 i can enter in download mode only pressing up volume button and conecting to Pc

  22. Thanks a lot, I installed it in my phone but still continue with bootloop, I made a hard reset before, changed battery and nothing solve problem! Can anybody help me please?

  23. Please help me with this issue that it never exceeds than 2% while installing kdz file onto my phone. What’s the issue?????
    Please help!

  24. To anyone that going to follow this tutorial, please read comments posted below. My flash going smoothly thanks for some of the comments.

  25. yup.. its just need to be reboted. but my smart screen didnt work at all.
    i’ve done re booting turn it on and off repeatdly but it still didnt detect face and stay on when reading

  26. Yeah it works perfectly as well. I think your problem has to do with your connection settings which were rebooted once you upgraded your Android. I suggest you turn to you mobile company and see what they can do

  27. did your mobile connection work?? mine not workin. no sign of H E or even LTE in my signal bar. and no mobile connection running.

  28. well i sucsess installing android m as instructioned. but my mobile network not working.

  29. i have done all the steps and my phone restarts all the time. It opens then shows the android icon for a sec then restarts again and does the same thing. What happened? I also try to do it again but the download mode does not open

  30. i have done all the steps and my phone restarts all the time. It opens then shows the android icon for a sec then restarts again and does the same thing. What happened? I also tries to do it again but the download mode does not open.

  31. Hi, I’m in custom rom currently, and I want to go back to stock (without root, so twrp o titanium backup aren’t an option), how can I make a back up of my apps an they data?

  32. Thank you Naveen,. my sincere thanks for those how helped to upgrade my LG855 to Marshmellow,. thanks Again.

  33. I have one problem. after installing the marshmallows my sim card most of the times is not recognized. I tried reinstalling the firmware but the problem insists. any help would be useful 🙂

  34. This works fine, thanks! Some people said that it did not work on windows 10, so I used the LG update tool with its compability mode set to Window 8 and didn’t had any problems upgrading.

  35. well that sucks I only got win10.
    my g3 is 4.4.2 should I update it to loli first to get this marshmallow?

  36. so windows 10 is a no no
    like 100% it wont work on window 10?
    will it mess up my g3 if I tried it?

  37. You forgot one extremely important step before all of these, so i’m going to tell everyone:
    Install LG Mobile Support Tool, before even doing the step 1 listed above. Or else, when you get to step 7, both the phone and the lg flash tool will crash.

  38. This works fine. The important part of your article which is “Disconnect from the Internet before you choose OK” caught me napping 🙂 because you get an error message quite soon about “cannot connect to the internet – and you must try again later” then it occurred to me that I was connected to the internet and at first it confused me.
    So the flash tool is probably trying to connect to something it does not really need and if it does not find it it stops…
    Any way I disconnected the USB cable despite been told not to…removed the battery and then started all over again, this time turning the internet OFF ONLY AFTER you select the language.

    This works well and the other thing is the flash tool hangs at 99% but by then the phone is already booting into Marshmallow and you can just disconnect the USB cable and close the flash tool.
    Thank you.

  39. what are the differences between DIAG Mode and CS_EMERGENCY Mode when i am trying to install a new firmware

  40. Hi Rakesh. Thanks for answering. I did a hard reset and saw no difference. Installed the firmware again with LG Flash Tool and the same. It only allows me to format SD card as internal. What can I do?

  41. Hi. Today I installed this and the option to Format SD card as internal isn’t there. It only allows portable and I can’t move apps to SD 🙁 Is it a bug?

  42. Nicolas a ti te funciona la opcion de formatear la memoria micro SD como portable o interna? Porque a mi solo me deja portable

  43. Hello there,
    I just installed on lg g3 d855, my camera is not working!!! is there anything which i can do for this issue???
    Please help me out

  44. Installed it today, works perfect and clean. No more lags on my LG G3 D855. Thanks alot !

  45. I have a UK phone. I found two versions on XDA . An EU and a GLOBAL one. Which one is better for my phone. Thanks

  46. LG Flash tool stopped working at 99%, phone is booting normaly in 6.0. Is this a problem?

  47. Bro try to off auto brightness or look at the display menu try to check other settings..

  48. Sir i found a bug..the data icon did not appear when you open the data..how to fix tha bug?..thanks in advance

  49. If Install this. Will I still get the regular updates from Android? ie. versions after 6.0 like 6.0.1?


  50. hi thanks for the update , with this simple steps i unbricked my LG G3 D855 now it is working smoothly with android 6.0

  51. I am running cloudyg3 2.5. Do i need to revert to stock rom (unrooted?) before flashing?

  52. Update phone application from
    Sittings/about phone / update center / apk updates thats will update screen shot and will work

  53. I followed all instructions but still I’m stuck at 19% and it gets back from the start again

  54. i updated 6.0 in my g3 and it works fine.all the sensors r working …..but there is no screenshot feature in dis

  55. hello I have a problem installing the kdz file. whenever it reaches 49% it says “image verifying failed” what should I do. thanks

  56. yes i think also your LG suite will save your mobile version and always you can update throw it.

  57. ohk…knock code is wrking so quickcircle case will be wrking obv.u can check in settings

  58. All sensors tested except quickcircle as i don’t have the case battery work better than lollipop with me

  59. thank you very much.Will update my g3 to 6.0 lollipop is vry much headache due to battery prob will be replying u aftr updation

  60. in this 6.0 update all the sensors including quickcircle and knockcode will work ???? plz reply admin

  61. Sorry one more thing do i need to click on clear phone software update registry before selecting country and language

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