Qualcomm just announced Snapdragon Smart Protect, to come in conjunction with its upcoming Snapdragon 820 Processor. This will protect all the upcoming Smartphones from malware, thus protecting privacy and data. Like your desktop computers, Android Smartphones too are vulnerable to malware and viruses, and end users as well as enterprises should be careful in protecting their devices and data. Installing an antivirus app does not alone mean you are protected from malware; as new mobile malware apps are generated everyday and such malwares are known as “zero-day”. There are thousands of such unknown (“zero-day”) and transformed mobile malware apps that are generated each day, and traditional, signature-based anti-virus solutions alone aren’t able to detect and stop them all.

Most anti-virus solutions in the market rely only on checking the signature files of downloaded apps and checks them against a limited static database of signatures for known malware apps. However, this approach lack in detecting and stopping malware, especially against the zero-day. Moreover, even known malware apps can be “transformed” simply by changing the binary code of the apps, rendering them essentially invisible to signature-based anti-virus apps.

Taking all these into consideration, Qualcomm has introduces a new project called Snapdragon Smart Protect, to keep your Smartphone malware-free. Snapdragon Smart Protect supports robust, real-time detection of “zero-day” (previously unknown) malware threats to mobile security and personal privacy.

Qualcomm claims that,

“Snapdragon Smart Protect is engineered to look at the actual behavior of device applications in real time and almost instantly detect and classify any application behavior that is considered suspicious or anomalous. Suspicious applications are classified into severity levels of malware, ranging from more destructive malware applications, to spyware apps, to less threatening though annoying adware apps.”

Qualcomm provides advanced protection with Snapdragon Smart Protect, as it uses machine learning-based behavioral analysis and hardware-based security. Moreover, Snapdragon Smart Protect provides system-wide optimization to deliver superior efficiency and performance.

Qualcomm states, Snapdragon Smart Protect is expected to be available in consumer devices in the first half of 2016. It is supposed to come in conjunction with the Snapdragon 820 processor. Moreover, Mobile security providers such as Avast,AVG and Lookout are working with Qualcomm Technologies to utilize Snapdragon Smart Protect in their mobile applications.

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