Price Tracker for Amazon
Price Tracker for Amazon

E-commerce, the next-gen shopping (well, sort of)

Shopping for your favorite products couldn’t have been easier, thanks to the emergence of E-commerce. E-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal to name a few have made it super convenient and accessible for us millions out there to buy products with just a tap or click of a button. Without the need to haggle here and there, all from the comfort of our own home. However, one of the most, if not the most concerned aspect of the E-commerce is the inability to ultimately try out our favorite products right before purchasing them.

Now, speaking of trying out products prior to purchasing them, sure, you could utilize the replacement/refund policy for any product and in-turn replace it or get a refund, should your purchase be an underwhelming one. Still, this isn’t as convenient as trying out a product or seeing them in person in an offline retail channel. Also, in an offline retail channel, you could walk out with your favorite products in a matter of minutes, with complete peace of mind and satisfaction compared to an E-commerce channel.

Price Tracker for Amazon

With E-commerce in mind, let me get to the main point of the article. Today I would like to take a brief look at an app called Price Tracker for Amazon. The app helps you all to track the price drops for each of your favorite products on or any of its country-specific websites. Moreover, because of the fluctuations happening in the price for a lot of products at random times, it becomes quite hard to track the same. Well, you need not worry anymore as this app would help you grab those sweetest deals on your favorite products.

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All said, let’s take a brief look at Price Tracker for Amazon as depicted in the screenshots below.

Price Tracker for Amazon brief look

The wonderful and amazing helps you keep track of the price drops for any of your favorite products. All you have to do is use the integrated browser within the app to navigate Amazon. Then, search for and select any of your favorite products, tap the blue + button located at the bottom right of the page to add it to the tracklist. That’s all. Go through the screenshots thoroughly to learn more.

Price Tracker for Amazon – Intro

Price tracker for Amazon in action

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Also, you could tap a product and set a target price well below the original price. By doing so, you will be notified of a price drop only when the price of a product falls to or below the set target price. Otherwise, you will be notified of the same when it falls below the original price. Moreover, you could also check the price history, buy the product instantly or remove it from the tracklist. Refer the screenshots below to know more.


My thoughts and conclusion

With Price fluctuations happening every now and then on various products at random times, it becomes more and more tough for you to grab amazing deals on many of your favorite products. To help you with the fluctuations, Price Tracker for Amazon just tries to make this a thing of the past by helping you to add your desired products to the Tracklist and help keep track of price fluctuations. This is one neat little app.

And here you go tech enthusiasts on my brief look at a very useful app. Feel free to chime in the comments section on your take and experience with this app. Download Price tracker for Amazon via the Google Play Store link given below.

Price Tracker for Amazon Price: Free

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