The world of gaming is changing every day, and this is down to the ever evolving world of technology. With mobile gaming becoming more and more popular, it is evident that 2016 really is a time when mobile gaming and free bingo no deposit sites could take over. Does it have what it takes though to take over the mighty consoles? Here are some trends to look out for in the world of mobile gaming.

The Move to Mobile

Big money can be made from mobile games, so keep an eye on more publishers making a move into this market. EA has been one to do this, and we also see companies like Konami making big money from mobile games. The fact that Activision bought out King, the makers of Candy Crush show the power of mobile games at the moment, so expect more companies to make this move.

Android will Dominate

When Google brought us the Android operating system it was a competitor to Apple’s iOS. As the market changes and mobile gaming gathers pace, the Android system is cheaper and more versatile and less restrictive as to what games are supported. Google know this and are expanding the global influence of their operating system. Look for Android to further push itself into the forefront of gaming in 2016.

The end of Consoles?

While this is a possible scenario in the future of gaming, we are unlikely to see it happen anytime soon. Mobile gaming offers some interesting and impressive games, but nothing on the scale of what the current generation consoles can provide. While some may think mobile gaming will kill the consoles off, don’t expect this to happen anytime soon. New games crave more and more power, and right now mobile gaming can’t offer it. The age of the console is safe for now.

The main trend for mobile gaming will be the growth of the market and the continued success. With technology constantly evolving and new innovations being brought to mobile gaming, expect big things for your phones and tablets not only in 2016 but into the future too.


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