One of the biggest growths in mobile gaming has been the growth of free-to-play. While people may have been suckered into the idea of a free game at first, they soon realised that there are hidden payments and that nothing is free. This is the freemium model of gaming.

What the freemium games basically do is offer you the main game free in the pretence that you can play it while paying nothing. What players soon find though is that if they do pay, they get a faster experience and the ability to gain extra items. This may have been unpopular at first, but it has soon started to be expected on all “free” games.

While the use of microtransactions to boost games isn’t popular in a console game you may have paid £50 for, paying a little extra for a free mobile game is becoming accepted. This is where a lot of growth in the mobile gaming industry has grown from, the ability that people will pay. Not only that, but they will enjoy paying in money and being able to make progress.

Whether the game you play is bingo online at harrysbingo which uses real world money or a strategy game that offers quicker building abilities or resources, the idea of paying in money is just the same. You are putting your hard earned cash to enjoy the experience. If the game you are playing was offered free, is that such a bad thing?

While there may have been some debate about this in the past, it seems the answer to the question is now no, microtransactions aren’t a bad thing. There are issues, as there are with anything, but these are something that can be fixed. An example of how this can be remedied for example is making sure your children aren’t suckered in by the need to pay money. This becomes necessary when you want to protect your bank account.

There are issues with in-game transactions, but for the most part, they are becoming a more acceptable part of gaming. Players are willing to put money into a game to get more out of it, especially the ones they download for free. If anything, it is nice to have that choice to do it, not be forced into paying your hard earned cash into an experience that doesn’t live up to your expectation.

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