I don’t recall exactly when I got fed up with every live wallpaper that was not Minima Pro Live Wallpaper. For years (and I literally mean years), my favorite live wallpaper was that grass live wallpaper that came built-in with my first Android phone running Android 2.1. I am not very fond of live wallpapers but there are a few that make me change my mind once in a while. Minima Pro is an example.

If you are looking for a live wallpaper then go to the play store and buy Minima Pro live wallpaper right now because it is simply the most awesome live wallpaper out there (well, Chrooma is another awesome live wallpaper that goes toe-to-toe with Minima Pro. But I’m currently in love with Minima Pro so I’m going to say all the good stuff about it. What I’m trying to say is.. uhh.. go buy Chrooma too).


Minima Pro is a collection of 90+ super awesome material design live wallpapers. All these live wallpapers are a set of different layers stuck on one another, handmade by Joko Interactive. These live wallpapers analyze the movement of your phone and each layer of the wallpaper moves accordingly. All wallpapers are extremely customizable and interactive. These wallpapers on the home screen, with layers and shadows, look very alive and attractive. And, they flatten on touch. I guess the saying “wallpapers coming alive” is specifically coined for Minima Pro.

The app contains a theme editor that lets you edit each and every aspect of all the wallpapers. The possibilities of customization here are endless. It also contains a static wallpaper maker that turns a live wallpaper to a static wallpaper. It’s good in such situations where live wallpapers are draining considerable battery juice.

Other than the 90+ live wallpapers, it also hosts 100+ user made live wallpapers which are accessible from the online section of the app.


Minima Pro is available for only $1 right now. Getting all the awesome customization options and all the beautiful wallpapers that it contains just for $1 is a sick deal. To be honest, the awesomeness of Minima Pro Live Wallpaper cannot be described in words, you have to try it by yourself to understand why it gets the title of best live wallpaper all over the Internet.

I hope I was able to convince you to buy it because if you still don’t buy it then you are missing a lot of awesome wallpapers. And 5 years from now, when the material design rage will be over, everyone will still be talking about the awesomeness of Minima Pro, you won’t be able to join the discussion. Why? Because you didn’t bought it today.

Buy it right now.

Minima Pro Live Wallpaper Price: $0.99

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