Puzzle games are fun. It’s easy to understand the gameplay but difficult to master the game. In this article I’m sharing with a new puzzle game called “Loop” or “Infinite Loop”.

Loop takes a very simple concept i.e. connecting multiple things, and makes it fun. Using simple touch-based controls you rotate various fragments of shapes like single or curved lines to connect them together and complete the shape.


In starting levels the game will seem quite easy as there will be very few fragments of shapes. But as you continue playing and clear some 7-8 levels you’ll will see that the fragments don’t make any sense. They will look like just a bundle of fragments that cannot be turned into any shape. There will come a time when you’ll stop looking for shapes as you won’t be able to tell what shape you need to make and just tap on the screen to rotate the fragments until you see a shape in your head. Trust me, it’ll become very difficult to complete a single level.

Obviously, tapping on odd lines and disconnected shapes will become boring after sometimes (*cough* you will quit because you won’t be able to solve the puzzles. It will become that difficult. *cough*) so it is not for someone who is looking for an easy puzzle game which hardly takes a minute or two for a level to complete.

The soundtrack of Loop is somewhere between good and bad. It is good but not catchy or not something like that energizes you, motivates you to go for the next level. I can’t tell about you, but that’s what I think.

I think that the developer should add an option like hints that could provide some hints to complete the level as after sometime levels become really difficult.

So that is Loops. A puzzle game with the ability to make you feel relaxed and frustrated at the same time. If I have to rate it out of 5, I’ll give it 4.

∞ Infinity Loop Price: Free


  1. At level 1002. It’s not hard. I can do like 100 levels a day. But it does get a bit boring because it doesn’t get harder or have other developments along the way, it’s always the same. Infinite. Which is what it says.

  2. Are you talking about the other set of puzzles that are made up of right angle and T-shaped blocks? Im fining as i enter the triple digits for the circular puzzle pieced puzzles they are still easy to solve but the alternate set of angular puzzles i cant get past #8!

  3. But what about the other puzzle level with the tetris-like shapes. They are hard! I love the looping puzzles though.

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