Double Your Wi-Fi Speed
Double Your Wi-Fi Speed

Many Android users these days might be wondering why we mostly post guides, ROMs, and tweaks related to OnePlus devices. The answer is pretty simple. OnePlus devices are some of the best in the market presently, also they support and response pretty well to different types of ROMs, Mods, and kernels.

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Many smartphone companies these days set some settings as default while the reality is they can be customized according to our needs. Rights of some of these settings are (after they are highlighted to the users) in fixed OTA updates while some aren’t in our hands. Here comes the benefit of mods. Through modding, we can choose to customize these settings and change their default value to meet our needs.

Here, in this article, we will share a simple trick to double the Wi-Fi speed of OnePlus 3/3T. It can easily be realized if your phone has root privilege. The method in the discussion has been discovered by senior XDA member dreinulldre.

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Double your Wi-Fi Speed on OnePlus 3/3T

The Wi-Fi configuration file, present on the OnePlus 3/3T by default, is provided by Qualcomm and the configuration of Wi-Fi Channel Bonding has been limited to 2.4 GHz frequency. Although, the 5GHz frequency have channel bonding enabled, but the problem arises if your router supports 2.4 GHz frequency. In that case, this method is really beneficial as this will almost double your Wi-Fi speed.

The logic behind doubling Wi-Fi speed is “enabling channel bonding will double wireless throughput which will result in doubling of channel width from 20 MHz to 40 MHz thus an increase in Wi-Fi speed”. Here’s how you can implement this method:

  1. Open Root Browser or ES file Explorer on your OnePlus 3/3T.
  2. Also, install BusyBox on your phone. Once the app is installed, open it and install the BusyBox script.
  3. Open Root Browser and grant it root access.
  4. Then head to system/etc/wifi.
  5. Look for WCNSS_qcom_cfg.ini file.
  6. Tap and hold this file and select Edit option.  pen it using a text editor.
  7. Now look for the following entry and modify



That’s it! Now you will see an almost double increase in your Wi-Fi speed. This method works in all versions of OxygenOS. The only thing you need to remember is to have root access.


  1. Well that WOULD be nice to have! ;D
    However, I edited the file with Total Commander which runs as root via SuperSU, but the file can’t be saved. It says “Re-mount succeeded”, but then “Cannot write to file …”. Any idea what to do? Really strange that I can’t edit the file although root access is granted and working.

  2. To grant root access your device needs to be rooted. If it is then it will definitely prompt you with a pop-up to grant root access.

    P.S.- Is your device rooted and has SuperrSU installed??

  3. I am not able to install BusyBox on my phone . it says you donot have superuser privilage. How do i give it the same.

  4. You’re right! I have used Root Browser hundreds of times but forgot to mention the correct time in a hurry since there are so many comments to reply at the website.

  5. Idk how stupid you can be but there is actually no edit option on the menu. Check it yourself. The way to edit it is long press the file and open with. Then choose text editor and scroll around the half of the page. This editor sicks big time.

  6. I have downloaded root browser , i opened system/etc/WiFi. After than but there is no edit

  7. In root browser we can’t open step 3 file…nor can edit it….In els file explorer we can’t even proceed to step 2…

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