Are you a fan of Google Now? Always love checking in for awesome things through Google Now? Do you also like those awesome and beautiful Google Now wallpapers? Finally there is an easy way to get those wallpapers on your Android devices. There is this app recently arrived at Google Play Store from developer Bongoman, it’s called Google Now Wallpaper which lists the Google Now wallpapers as little cards and then you can simply tap on them to apply any of them you desire.

Developers of this app says that it’s not a live wallpaper, but if you go technical, this little app actually is a live wallpaper.  This live wallpaper only changes when switching from day to night, this feature makes your battery last longer. Changing your wallpaper only twice a day would hardly use any of your battery, isn’t it? That could be the reason developers of this app doesn’t really want to call it a live wallpaper.

App’s interface is exceptionally neat and clean and all the wallpapers that you want are just a tap away. All of your cities and landscapes are there just like they are in your Google Now app. There is San Francisco, Great Plains, Austin, London, etc. All of them which you can see in Google Now app. There are total 11 wallpapers which are included in 4 versions(dawn, day dusk, night) extracted straight from Google Now.

This app presently has two versions, HD and non-HD. Depending on what type of device you have, you can download the one that’s suitable. Non-HD version has all the wallpapers with a resolution of 960×800. The HD version of the app has all the wallpapers with a resolution of 1440×1280 and the developer Bongoman  further quotes: ‘I can’t do better because original wallpaper are relatively small’. Another feature of this app is that the time period is configurable. And the last of the best features is both the HD and non-HD versions are free on Google Play. Go get the Google Now Wallpaper right away!

Some screenshots of the app:

Link to non-HD version:

GoogleNowWallpaper Price: Free

Link to HD version:

Sorry, this app is not available!

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