The LG G2 is an awesome smartphone with pretty good specs and features. The device is also credited for bringing back its manufacturer to a respectable place in the world of Android. LG G2 gives and rich multimedia experience but as a user of this phone, you must have felt that LG could have done much better in certain departments.

A good hardware requires an equally good system configuration to take the best possible advantage of it. Sadly, the OEMs sometimes miss it and luckily, Android has talented developers who keep trying to improve the performance of our device with interesting mods.

The LG G2 sports a 13MP camera sensor with optical image stabilization feature. Just about a months ago, we posted a very good camera mod by Jishnu Sur to make LG G2 camera performance way better than it is by default. If you have already tried Jishnu’s mod and are not quite have with that, today we have another camera mod for your LG G2.

The new G2 camera mod by xdabbeb improves the picture and especially the video quality of your phone significantly. One installed the mod, you will be able to enjoy 120 FPS and 4K Ultra HD video recording on LG G2. In addition, the mod also lets you enable HDR in videos and electronic image stabilization while capturing. The mod supports all LG G2 variants including the US models running LG G2 stock and LG G Pro 2 port ROMs. To boost the camera capabilities of your LG G2 and flash the mod, you must have a rooted phone with a custom recovery.

Just download the appropriate zip from below, copy it to your phone and flash it using CWM/TWRP recovery. Do not forget to backup your existing ROM first to avoid any future problems.

For LG G2 Based ROMs: xdabbeb’s g2 camera (Android 4.4.2)

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  1. Well it’s a mod that requires root. It will stop working if root privilege is not granted. If you got a custom recovery installed, you can try it after a ROM backup.

  2. But if i go back to kit kat and flash it, what happened when update to lollipop???

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