One of the most common issues that we Android users have to face is the loss of important and precious data stored on our devices. It is an ugly truth that Android is the most vulnerable operating system when it comes to security and privacy, and due to some privacy breaches, our data can easily be destroyed, be it due to a third-party application, or a generic hack.

Whatever the reason might be, the outcome is always disappointing. If you are a victim of deleted and loss of data, then you’re exactly in the right place. First off, if you have lost a significant amount of data, then don’t be worried, because today, we have an amazing data recovery software that works exceptionally well. Today, we, at DroidViews, will review the EaseUS MobiSave for Android Free and the paid versions. Let’s begin.

EaseUS MobiSaver for Android – Review

Among the many data recovery software we’ve tested out till date, the reason why we’ve chosen this to be the best is not only because of one reason or one single factor. What sets this data recovery tool aside from the crowd is its perfection. The EaseUS MobiSaver for Android is a combination of the best UI, for ease of use, the best functionality, to ensure that every single data is being picked up, and finally, a nominal price, or even free, depending on the amount of awesomeness you want. All of these three factors have led this data recovery tool to be the best.



First, the UI, or the looks and feel. The application has been beautifully laid out, with big clear options, and no complex intermediate options in between. It is an easy bet to say that this software might be the very best even for the layman. I usually have to go through a lot of time and clicks to test such software, but thanks to the clean UI, and less of bloaty options, the MobiSaver is the best one for you. Finally, it comes with a blue-white accent theme, if that’s your thing.



Now, talking about the most important part – the functionality. The best factor about the MobiSaver is the fact that it supports all Android devices, be it from a flagship company like Samsung, or a low-end and not-so-popular company, like (insert_name_here). This means there’s no hassle for you to worry about any connectivity issues. Plus, the software also supports all Android versions, unless you’re running Android 2.2, Froyo (Sorry).

The MobiSaver also allows you to have a quick preview of the lost data before you extract it, to avoid any confusion. Using the software, you can also export your data into various file formats like CSV, HTML, and VCF, to name a few. You can also go through the hassle of printing down your lost data on a piece of paper after converting into an HTML format (although I’m not sure why anyone would do that).

The last feature in the functionality department of the MobiSaver is that it is fast, lighting fast. I purposely deleted 3 contacts, without any names or email addresses assigned, and the tool picked them up in a matter of seconds. Also, the actual procedure is astonishingly small and simple. There is a total of three steps, connecting your Android device, scanning it, and then exporting the selected lost data onto your computer.



Now, taking about the pricing, we have three options to choose from. The first one is completely free, but you will have to register your product if you are a kind of guy who loses data on their Android devices frequently. The paid product is going to be a bit expensive for a data recovery software coming in at $20, and might hurt your wallet a bit. But, we’ve concluded that the price to functionality ratio of the MobiSaver is amazing. Lastly, though this might be a bit off-topic, EaseUS also provides a data recovery tool for your computer as well, and you can grab both the Android version as well as the PC one for a steal at $90, setting you back almost $40.

That’s been it for our exclusive look at one heck of a great data recovery software for your Android device. If you ask us personally, then we’d recommend you go with the free version if you urgently need a recovery software for a good second, but if you want one to stick by, and you care about the many unlocked features, then those 20 bucks are totally worth it.


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