When expensive smartphones filled up the market, it wasn’t surprising that people started wondering, “what if I lose my expensive mobile device?” Most smartphones today come with location tracking features and Google even allows users to remotely wipe the data on an Android smartphone. None of that is useful of course when your device isn’t connected to the Internet. When your phone is stolen, or lost, the first thing someone with malicious intent would do is remove the SIM card. Pretty traditional practice. But, with an app called Erado, you can secure at least the private data on your smartphone. Erado lets a user erase Android phone data remotely without the internet.

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There are some other apps that too can bypass the requirement for an internet connection. But then they rely on an SMS. Erado does all that but not only that. A full data wipe can also be triggered when the SIM card is blocked or removed. If you buy the pro version, you can even get the mobile number of the person if a new SIM is inserted into your phone. Let’s show you how it all works. Go ahead and install Erado from the Play Store.

Eradoo : Delete data from lost phone Price: Free

Activating Erado

  • Launch Erado and tap Close on the pop-up that appears.
  • Tap on the big power button in the center and allow the required permissions. Then tap on it again and grant device administrator rights to the app. This is required by any apps that aim to lock the screen, prevent un-installation or wipe the data on the device.
  • When the app is activated, the button icon turns red.

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Setting Up Erado

  • It is now time to dive into the settings and see what the app can do, and what you would like it to do. You can simply swipe your way to the Settings tab.
  • Here, you will find a number of options, divided into categories. You can set your password if you haven’t already.
  • Under the Triggers section, the SMS trigger is toggled on by default. All you have to do to trigger this is send an SMS to your phone containing Erado(yourpassword).
  • You can toggle the other settings on such as triggering a wipe when the SIM is removed, blocked, or replaced.
  • Some of the toggles have a gear icon next to them meaning they can further be configured. For instance, you can select how long should the app wait after the SIM is removed, blocked, or replaced to wipe the data. This can be especially helpful in case you forget about the app and remove your SIM card. The app waits for the pre-set amount of time before which if you unlock your lockscreen, the trigger would be cancelled.
  • Tap on the gear icon next to the SIM card replacement toggle, and set up an alternative number. A text message is sent on this alternate number, containing the number of the new SIM that has been inserted into your device. When you’re satisfied with the settings, just exit the app.
  • The next time you try to open it, Erado would require you to enter your password.

Erado is still very much in development. You can get free promo codes to get the full app right now. Just go to the app development thread on XDA and let the developer know you want to try out his app.

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