ZTE Axon M Stock Wallpapers
ZTE Axon M Stock Wallpapers

ZTE has already launched the latest smartphone from the company in the Ason series which was the ZTE Axon 7. However, the company launched a new device late last year which was named as the ZTE Axon M. Now, this smartphone was launched primarily as a concept phone from the company as the smartphone comes with a foldable display which splits itself into two displays. Now, the idea behind these foldable screens is that the company has placed two separate displays on the two halves which can be folded like a compass.

Talking about the ZTE Axon M, the smartphone comes with two identical displays that have a size of 5.2-inch and a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels with a standard 16:9 aspect ratio. Along with that, the smartphone is also powered by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset which is the 2.15GHz quad-core Snapdragon 821 processor. The Axon M also comes with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage.

ZTE has included a 20MP primary camera on the back of the ZTE AXon M along with a selfie camera on the front which also comes with an LED for better low-light photography. The ZTE Axon M runs Android 7.1.2 and is powered by a 3180mAh non-removable battery

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ZTE launched its latest premium smartphone in the Axon series from the company which has been named as the ZTE Axon M and the smartphone has been launched as an experiment as it comes with foldable screens. Now, the smartphone was launched in late 2017 and the phone has started to be on sale ever since.

Now, we have received the official wallpapers that have been bundled by ZTE on its Axon M smartphone which are also known as Stock Wallpapers and they are uniquely designed for the foldable smartphone that is the Axon M which has two displays. There are 14 wallpapers in totality on the Axon M from ZTE and most of the wallpapers will suit the Dual display as they have mirror images. The wallpapers are available in Full HD resolution and in 1920 x 2160 pixels.

Talking about getting the wallpapers on your device, we have already attached all of the wallpapers from the ZTE Axon M below so that you can have a first-hand look at these wallpapers and if you like them, download and save them to your device by a simple click. Also, you can download the full zip file which contains all the wallpapers from the Axon M in a bundled form in the original quality. To download these zip files, head over to the Download Links section below.

Download Links

ZTE-Axon-M-Stock-Wallpapers.zip | Mirror


ZTE just released the international version of the Axon M. In the zip files linked below, you can download the new wallpapers that come with the internal model of the phone.


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