Download Meizu FlymeOS 7 Stock Wallpapers

Android may be present on more than 80 percent of world’s smartphones, but getting a pure Android experience is still pretty tough. There are of course the Google Pixel devices and some Android one devices. Other devices simply use Android as a base to get around the app problem, while the OEMs implement their own skin on top. This philosophy has been taken to the next level by OEMs like Xiaomi who only provide updates in the form of MIUI updates to devices older than a year.

Meizu is a relatively unknown name outside China and so is their FlymeOS. The company does update their version of Android regularly and just like Xiaomi, they launch a new version of FlymeOS. Yesterday, on April 22, the company unveiled their latest FlymeOS 7, also called Flyme 7.Yes, this means new stock wallpapers for you to apply and feast your eyes on.

Let’s not reduce the work of several developers to just wallpapers though. Flyme OS 7 features over 300 new functions and 1,300 optimizations. These include minor changes here and there, such as on the launcher to a face unlock that the company claims unlocks the device in 0.1 seconds. This is almost as fast as the fingerprint reader found on most phones. Alongside the OS, Meizu unveiled a trio of phones called Meizu 15, Meizu 15 Plus and Meizu 15 Lite.

The choice of the processor on the Meizu 15 Plus is an interesting one. It is powered by Samsung’s last year’s flagship processor, the Exynos 8895. There’s 6 GB of RAM and storage is either 64 GB or 128 GB and no support for microSD cards. Meizu claims that the 20MP+12MP dual camera setup used on the device is the best camera they’ve ever used. The front of the device also houses a 20MP selfie camera.

Download Meizu FlymeOS 7 Stock Wallpapers

The Meizu 15 is powered by the Snapdragon 660 whereas the Meuzi 15 Lite is powered by the Snapdragon 626. They both have 4GB of RAM and come in 64GB or 128GB storage variants. But let’s get back to the OS.

One of the many features is an AI-powered Beauty mode which applies corrections where required. It does not smudge the skin texture to make you look like a Barbie doll. The Beauty mode also adjusts itself based on your age, features and skin type. Another plus is that this works in real-time so users can look good on a video call as well. If you’re thinking this is another OEM implementation that boasts of AI features all over the OS, you couldn’t be more right.

The company has tried to incorporate AI features in every nook an cranny and they’re calling it OneMind v2.0. It promises to be better at anticipating a user’s needs and improving the overall fluidity compared to One Mind. FlymeOS 7 also introduces multi-windows, with a twist. Instead of letting you split the screen and run two apps side by side, FlymeOS 7 lets you run them in small floating windows. Much like what you expect on a desktop, but on your phone. There have previously been apps that allowed you to do this. Sony also had a fling with floating windows prior to Android Lollipop as small apps.

The default launcher now lets users sort apps alphabetically as well as improves movement precision. Other features include updated notifications, new animations all over the OS and a new night mode. The night mode detects your surroundings and adjusts the hue accordingly to help protect your eyes.

Download Meizu FlymeOS 7 Stock Wallpapers

The stock wallpapers from FlymeOS 7 are all available as a single zip that you can download from either of the two links below. The zips contain a total of 9 beautiful wallpapers in the resolution 1440×2560. In case you’re having a hard time guessing, no, these aren’t 18:9 but 16:9. The higher resolution means you can still crop the sides and apply it on an 18:9 display without losing any details or causing pixelation. All the wallpapers here are simply colors flowing around, beautifully, of course. If you were expecting for some landscape shots or some shots of random objects you’ll not find those here.

FlymeOS 7 Stock Wallpapers | Mirror

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