Tech enthusiasts and geeks regular to the technology space may know by now about BlueBorne virus. It is a virus that exploits any device through the Bluetooth system. This virus affects devices running on Android, iOS, Windows phone or pc. Also, any other devices running other platforms equipped with Bluetooth system functionality. Moreover, BlueBorne virus takes control of your device, which would in-turn compromise security in the first place. Furthermore, When the Bluetooth is switched on on a device, the attack takes place almost instantly. As a result, the data and personal information stored on your phone or any device with the Bluetooth switched on will eventually be stolen. However, for all this to happen, you don’t even have to connect or pair to any device, it is just that the Bluetooth on your device is turned on. This exploit has been found and made aware to the public by an IoT security company called Armis. Armis has released an app on the Google Play Store to allow users to check if their devices are Vulnerable to BlueBorne virus or not. The app is called BlueBorne Vulnerability Scanner.

Lets take a look at the app and it’s scanning for Vulnerability in action. Screenshots below.

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BlueBorne Scanner. Tap the blue button to check if your device is Vulnerable to BlueBorne virus.
On tapping the blue button, you are shown a window which asks for your input to help the research community. However, keep in mind that you are asked to share anonymous data for research purposes. Tap DENY or ALLOW as per your preference.

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Checking device. Scanning in progress.
As expected, my device is Vulnerable as it is on the August security patch. Hopefully, Samsung releases the September security patch sooner than later.

By now, you guys may have noticed from the last screenshot above that the app shows my device is Vulnerable because my phone is on the August security patch. Given Samsung’s track record for firmware or software updates, I can say safely that my device would directly jump to the October security patch next month or so.


Each and every day new exploits are being discovered that puts all of our devices at risk. Moreover, as technology advances to increase security, hackers and intruders get challenged to find new and challenging ways to break open the door of any device. However, you may try to protect your device, viruses are developed to break even the most secure protection to gain access to a device.

I would like to warn all the readers and tech enthusiasts out there, to not at all turn on the Bluetooth on your device. Also, turn off Bluetooth tethering as shown in the screenshot below until at least you get the October patch. Go to the mobile hotspot settings located in network settings in your device. Next, turn off Bluetooth tethering on your device.

Bluetooth tethering settings. Make sure it is turned off.

Download BlueBorne Vulnerability Scanner via the link below.

BlueBorne Vulnerability Scanner by Armis Price: Free

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