Get Galaxy Note 8's App Pair Feature on Any Android Device

When we talk about multitasking on phones, one Operating System that instantly comes to our minds is no doubt, Android. For power users or normal users alike, Android OS is the one stop go when it comes to multitasking capabilities. Moreover, With the introduction of the much awaited multi-window feature on Android 7.0 Nougat last year, it allowed you to open two apps at the same time. However, speaking of multi-window feature in particular, let us all not forget the fact that Samsung has had this amazing feature since the debut of the Galaxy Note 2 in 2012. Naturally, any tech enthusiast with an active internet connection surely knows that the Galaxy Note 8 debuted late last month. The Galaxy Note 8 brings to the table a new feature related to the aforementioned multi-window functionality. The feature is called App Pair. It basically allows you to open two of your favourite apps at once by creating custom shortcuts for your two favourite apps on the home screen. Today, I have brought an app for you, that provides you with the ability to enjoy the Galaxy Note 8’s App Pair feature on your favourite device. The app is simply called Split-screen creator.

Enough said, now let’s go through the setup of the app and also see it in action with the help of the screenshots below. Let’s get started.

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Split-screen creator setup

Welcome to Split-screen creator.
On your device homescreen, long press on any empty space or area and then tap widgets. From the widgets menu, select Split-screen creator. Next, tap and hold and drag New split-screen to create a shortcut to be able to initiate or use the split screen mode.
Some app combinations may not launch as expected as of now. Please go through this screenshot very carefully.

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This was the app introduction. However, let’s take an in-depth look on how to setup by actual screenshots from my very own device for a better understanding and experience.

Press and hold on an empty area on your device homescreen and then tap Widgets.
Scroll through the widgets menu. Locate and tap on Split-screen creator.
Tap and drag New split-screen to the homescreen to create a shortcut to start using Split-screen creator.

Now that all setup is done, let’s see this app in action as depicted by the screenshots below.

Split-screen creator in action

After the Split-screen creator widget has been added to the homescreen, you are then brought to this window. From here, you select two of your favourite apps you would want to use simultaneously. Moreover, you also have the option to label these two apps, so their shortcut is instantly recognisable from the homescreen. All done?, smash that create button!.
I have selected YouTube and Internet browser.
As expected, shortcut created onto the homescreen. Tap the shortcut to launch the pair of apps in split screen mode.
YouTube and Internet browser open in split screen mode.
Depending on your device, you could switch the app up or down.
YouTube and calculator open in split screen mode.


So yeah, there you go Droidviewers and tech enthusiasts on my in-depth review of Split-screen creator app for Android. Moreover, in my personal opinion, the App Pair feature that Samsung introduced with the Galaxy Note 8 is an amazing feature. Furthermore, I’m really thankful to the developer of this app who goes by the name Francisco Barroso for bringing the Galaxy Note 8’s App Pair feature for all of us to use and enjoy.

Let me know in the comments section on your take and experience with this neat little app. Download the app via the link below. May peace be on all of you out there.

Split-screen creator Price: Free

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