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Virtoo Makes Your Smartphone A Window On Your PC

Virtoo Lets You Control Your Smartphone from PC and Vice-versa

Connectivity between the various devices we use daily is a big focus for developers these days. If you've been in Apple's ecosystem of devices you probably have a general idea of how pleasant an...
Device is Vulnerable to BlueBorne Bluetooth Vulnerability

Check If Your Device is Vulnerable to BlueBorne Bluetooth Vulneribility with This App

Tech enthusiasts and geeks regular to the technology space may know by now about BlueBorne virus. It is a virus that exploits any device through the Bluetooth system. This virus affects devices running on...

Bluetooth 5.0, Should You Care? What it is and How it Works

You might have heard of Bluetooth 5.0 which debuted in the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+. Maybe you thought to yourself that it is just another small upgrade to the existing Bluetooth technology, but...

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