Android games, along with the Android smartphones have evolved a lot. A few years ago phones were capable of running only 2D games with mediocre graphics as they did not have the necessary amount of RAM or storage back then. But Android smartphones these days are so much more powerful than many computers and it has made them suitable to run games that have console level graphics and game play.

If there is one category of games that is loved by everyone, then it must be racing. Racing games give us the experience of the adrenaline rush emotions along with the chance to drive high octane super cars and bikes around different locations in the world. So, Here is a list of 5 best racing games for Android, which are top notch in graphics, gameplay, and fun.

1. Asphalt 8 Airborne

This classic racing game by Gameloft is the dream of every gamer as it is powered by action packed moments with nitro fuelled super cars and over the top stunts like sliding across ramps and drifting through the roads. The game comes with numerous options and a ton of locations for the players to have fun driving their cars around the world. The graphics is insanely good and the developers of the game seemed to have worked really hard on the detailing.

Racing Games

Asphalt 8 Airborne’s major attraction is the online multiplayer level where the players have to compete with opponents from other places around the world and race their way up the leader board. The game hits the gold in grabbing the attention of the player for a long time by offering him exciting rewards and quality upgrades and personalization options for the cars. The recent update of the game even introduces super bikes along with the cars.

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2. CSR Racing 2

CSR Racing 2 is not the classic racing game where you swift past your opponents at unbelievable speeds. Instead, it is a drag racing games which is solely based on the perfect timing and the way you build and manage your car. The graphics and the game play of CSR Racing 2 is really good even though you might experience some glitch here and there if you have a phone with a slower processor.

Racing Games

The game also includes a multiplayer mode where you can drag race on the streets with opponents from around the world. There are also several cars available for the player to purchase and a lot of customization options allowing you to modify every single aspect of your vehicle. If you are a fan of the blood pumping gameplay, then you may not like CSR Racing 2 as much you like other games. But it doesn’t hurt to try right?

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3. GT Racing

Similar to Asphalt 8, Gameloft is also the one behind the development of GT Racing . But unlike the unrealistic gameplay of the former, GT Racing 2 aims at providing a real racing experience and the gameplay is simulated to give you exactly that. The game comes with 71 well-known cars and 13 race tracks and over thousands of events. The game tries to provide a real-life experience by concentrating on various aspects like realistic camera angles, weather conditions and the detailing of the vehicles.

Racing Games

While Asphalt series has seen 8 separate installments and several other spin-offs, GT Racing is evolving in a slow phase but it is ok because it is one of the most realistic racing games currently available in the Play Store. So, if you are a gamer who prefers driving your car on the track rather than seeing it fly over the roof, then GT Racing 2 might become your all time favorite Android racing game.

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4. Need For Speed No Limits

The popular PC and Console racing franchise, NFS, has made a fitting comeback to the mobile gaming world with Need For Speed No Limits. It is one of those racing games, where along with the mind blowing races, you also get a storyline. It is set on the streets where the races are short but are filled with fun with you chasing your opponents and the police chasing you.

Racing Games

The game includes daily challenges which upon winning grants you premium currency which could be used inside the game to purchase or upgrade the parts for your cars or fill your tank. Every time you win a race you will be awarded points along with blueprints that will help you in unlocking new cars in the game. The graphics are too good and the background music is perfectly placed to make feel the Need to race.

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5. Real Racing 3

As the name aptly implies, Real Racing 3 is the most realistic mobile racing game in the list. The game attempts to create a simulation as close to reality as possible and it quite achieves that with its cars and tracks from the real world. The game also comes with over 100 different cars from popular manufacturers and a total of over 2000 events.

Racing Games

There are also multiple modes involved like a time trial, multiplayer and standard mode providing an intense experience to the players. The game play as mentioned earlier looks like a video of real racing event happened in the real world. With every new update, EA constantly adds new tracks and cars to keep the game play interesting. You can also enter new events on a daily basis to win brand new cars or upgrades in the game.

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Real Racing 3 Price: Free

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