With the start of the smartphone era, gone are the days when you needed to carry a ‘Discman’ or a ‘Cassette player’ or any other media player to enjoy music on the go. Now you can do it with  your smartphone and enjoy a better music experience.

With the constant development in Android Application world there are tons of music player available on the Play Store, confusing you to choose the one for you. Well here are few options of best Music Players for you, so you could narrow down your search.

1.Poweramp Music Player

Developer: Max MPPOWERAMP

With over 10 Million downloads this is one the most used music player among music enthusiasts and artists. It includes a optimized graphical equalizer to tweak the sound according to the song you are listening, various presets in the equalizer are also available. It supports almost all the music formats like .mp3, .mp4/m4a, .ogg, .wma, .wav, .tta, .wv, .mpc, .aiff, etc. It even supports the flac files for all the audiophiles out there.

With various customization options for Sound and User Interface it is a music player meant for audiophiles or music enthusiasts who like to listen their music the way they like like it. Even for casual music listener this is a great application to elevate their music listening experience to a another level. With plenty other nifty features ,this is a must try music player in the Play Store.


  • built in 10 band equalizer
  • separate powerful Bass and Treble adjustment
  • gapless music playing
  • customizable homescreen widget with many styles
  • dynamic queue
  • lyrics support, including lyrics search via musiXmatch plugin



It has a free trial version to try out all the features for 14 days. Then the full version unlocker need to be purchased for just $0.99.

Poweramp Music Player (Trial) Price: Free

2. Google Play Music

Developer: Googlegoogle-play-music

It is the default music player that comes installed in most of the Android phones. It has a simple UI with material design.  If you are living in US or Europe (including these countries) you have the option to store up to 50000 songs on the cloud to enjoy the music from any platform including Android, iOS and the web for free. In few countries online music streaming is also available, with a subscription fee. The app can suggests songs according to your taste and even creates a radio stations based on Artists, Songs, Albums, genre ,mood or activity.

Google Play music is a great option for music lovers who like to listen it the way it is and like to have a wide variety of songs at their tips. It has has user friendly design allowing you to perform basic functions like play/pause, shuffle, fast tracking a song with ease. Though not a feature rich music player but  it’s extensive music library by Google is what the users of this app are lured by.


  • Simple UI
  • store your songs on the cloud
  • over 30 million songs library
  • cloud storage for your songs
  • create radio stations based on artists, albums, activity or mood
  • smart recommendations according to your taste


googleplay_1 googleplay_2 googleplay_3

It is a free music player but a subscription fee has to be paid to enjoy music streaming, if available in your country.

Google Play Music Price: Free

3. MusiXmatch

Developer: Musixmatchmusixmatch

MusiXmatch is more than just a music player, it has world’s largest lyrics catalog which let’s you enjoy  your music with synced lyrics. It can identify the songs playing around you with just tap of a button and even get the lyrics of the song. It also searches for the artist of your current song and shows the albums by the artist and even top tracks by him/her. Musixmatch also includes a Sing along feature which lowers the vocals and let’s you sing along the tune of the song.

It is a feature rich good looking music player with huge lyrics library. The app is perfect for all the music lovers who like to know their lyrics and sing along.


  • Identify the song playing around you
  • Floating lyrics
  • Search lyrics
  • Search other albums and Top tracks by the Artist you are listening to with a single tap
  • Cast music and lyrics to your TV using chromecast
  • Automatically fetch song info and cover art for your songs
  • Sleep timer
  • Equalizer


musixmatch_1 musixmatch_2 musixmatch_3 musixmatch_4

It is a free app but has In-app purchases to remove those annoying ads.

Musixmatch - Lyrics for your music Price: Free

4. Shuttle Music Player

Developer: Simplecityshuttle

Shuttle is another material design Music player, rather this one looks even better. It can be placed  in between Google Play and Poweramp while comparing the feature list for these apps. Shuttle has a built in 6 band equalizer, it has floating lyrics support via MusiXmatch, a equalizer, automatic artwork grabber.

Shuttle with it’s colorful UI which pleases to the eyes and with themes customization let’s  you tweak it. It is great app for those who want a simple  music player with great looking user interface.


  • Material design
  • Built in 6-band equalizer with bass boost
  • Gapless playback
  • Lyrics
  • Automatic artwork downloading
  • Tons of theme options, including light & dark mode
  • Sleep timer
  • Customizable homescreen widgets
  • Last.fm Scrobbling


shuttle_1 shuttle_2 shuttle_3 shuttle_4

Shuttle Music Player is a free application. But Shuttle Plus can be purchased to unlock some special features like id3 tag editing, chromecasting to your TV and tons of themes.

Shuttle Music Player Price: Free

5. DoubleTwist Music Player

Developer: doubleTwistdoubletwist

doubleTwist is another app which is more than just a music player, this one packs a podcast manager within itself. It also play your video files. It even searches for internet Radios around the world based on Genres you want to listen. Pro version let’s you sync your iTunes library with the app, stream music and videos to Airplay enabled devices. An equalizer is also available in the pro version. Overall app has a beautiful UI and plays all of your media content smoothly.

This app is definitely a steal for those who constantly toggling between music and podcasts apps, as  it provides both the functionality. With lots of podcasts content and Radios support this is a must try.


  • Podcast manager
  • Internet Radio
  • Plays videos too
  • Sync your iTunes library (pro)
  • Auto download new episodes for subscribed Podcasts (pro)


dobletwist doubletwist_2 doubletwist_3doubletwist_4

doubleTwist is free to use but few features are only available to Pro application users.

doubleTwist Music & Podcast Player with Sync Price: Free

Try out the one you like and tells us what’s your favourite Music player in the comments section below.


  1. You are right Player Pro is also one of the best Music player out there, but lately people were having issues with it that’s why it could not make into our list.

  2. I’m using PlayerPro and it’s really a good one. Should be in that list in my humble opinion.

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