The Motorola-manufactured Nexus 6 is Google’s latest Nexus series smartphone built for size and perfection. Following the success of the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4 and the Nexus 5, the Nexus 6 is made to provide its users with everything more in size, be it the software or hardware. It supports a QHD 5.96-inch Gorilla Glass AMOLED display, changing the whole gaming and media playback experience, 13 MP camera with image stabilization and Dual-LED flash for defined pictures, an Adreno 420 graphics unit for the best in-hand gaming experience, and running on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor with 2.7 GHz quad-core CPU. Buying this device may probably be the best choice you made and shall prove worthy to you in the future too.

With the release of Android 5.0 Lollipop, users and developers at XDA are spirited than ever. Custom Firmware manufacturers like PA and CM have already started their work on the same. Since the Nexus 6 is one of the first devices to run the latest Android version, it is highly expected to be the first to receive the Custom Firmware support. Several custom ROMs are already out for this very device, but do you have any idea of which one of the lot is meant for you to be your choice and companion for a long run? There are users here who don’t and we’re here to resolve this in your head. So, it will be easy for you to determine your partner.

Installing a custom ROM requires your Nexus 6 to be bootloader unlocked and running a custom recovery like TWRP. Bootloader could be simply unlocked using the fastboot oem unlock command while your Nexus 6 is in fastboot/bootloader mode. You perform the other operation easily using the link below.

How to Root Nexus 6 and Install TWRP Recovery

The list below is completely based on user feedback and ROM features, none of which is our personal touch and is completely unbiased.

How to install a custom ROM on Nexus 6

We have already covered a complete guide to assist you in flashing a custom ROM on your Android device. Most of the developers state their specific flashing procedure (if any) or else you can just click on the link below and follow the path to installing your favourite custom ROM.

How to Flash Custom ROMs on Android Devices

Best Custom ROMs for Nexus 6


Developer: rascarlo


ROM Review:

Rastapop is an Android Custom ROM based on 5.0 Lollipop and is now also available for the Nexus 6 users. It is a brilliant result of the team’s hard work. Rastapop is solely based on AOSP code, adds a few bits of CyanogenMod code and adds features of its own. The uniqueness of this ROM is that it is not bloated with abundant features, it comprises only of a limited yet very useful features that are looked forward by most users. It is lightweight and fast compared to most ROMs out there.

As for now, Rastapop is running a nightly phase, with latest Google updates being included. Despite of its Nightly label, it is considered stable enough for daily usage and is highly recommended by the users as well. Below are some of its major features which can be observed, but there are tons of other custom codes which makes the ROM fast, light and stable:

  • Status bar brightness control
  • Status bar battery percentage
  • Custom Navigation bar height
  • Volume key features (Rocker, adjustment, cursor control)
  • Advanced Reboot Menu
  • Kill button support

Installation Instructions

Rastapop developers prefer and highly recommend TWRP for flashing this ROM. If you’re not sure of the direct developer instructions listed below, look above link on how to flash a Custom ROM.

  2. full wipe if coming from a different rom, else skip this step
  3. wipe cache
  4. flash build
  5. flash gapps
  6. (opt.) flash SuperSu/Superuser
  7. live up

Visit the Rastapop XDA thread for live discussion and direct developer support.

2. SlimLP

Developer: SlimROMs

SlimLP ROM for Nexus 6

ROM Review

SlimROMs have maintained their popularity since the era of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, followed by KitKat and now it has finally landed on Lollipop. The team aims on building a ROM which is slimmed down (lost every bloatware) and still is rich in features. SlimLP is also based on AOSP code and is a user’s best approach to features, and loads of features! But still throwing a feel of lightweight. SlimLP is all about choices, be it GApps or Add-ons, this way a user gets what he/she desires and not what he is provided with. The ROM is built taking users in consideration and what they seek in a Custom ROM.

For now, SlimLP is available as Alpha releases, which means the community has not labeled it to be officially stable. But, we have an amazing feedback from the users over at XDA claiming it to be enough for use as a daily driver on the Nexus 6. Some outlined features are:

  • SlimLP themed icons
  • AudioFX – An audio engine for enhanced audio experience
  • Highly customizable Messaging app
  • Advanced reboot menu
  • Privacy guard – Manage per-app permissions
  • Lockscreen shortcuts
  • Ambient display
  • Various volume key features
  • Heads up mods (Snoozer and timeout)
  • Battery light mods
  • Double-tap to sleep (DT2W)
  • Brightness control and several other status bar mods
  • Dialler tweaks


Installation Instructions:

Flashing SlimRoms coming from another ROM or Android version (e.g. slimbean to slimkat) (Clean flash):

  1. Download latest SlimRoms and latest Gapps and put them on your sd card
  2. Boot to recovery
  3. In CWM, do a factory reset, wipe cache and in mounts and storage section format system
  4. In TWRP choose advanced in wipe section and wipe dalvik, cache, system and data
  5. Flash ROM
  6. Flash Gapps
  7. Reboot, setup and enjoy.

Flashing SlimRoms coming from another ROM or Android version (e.g. slimbean to slimkat) (Clean flash):

  1. Download latest SlimRoms and latest gapps and put them on your sd card
  2. Boot to recovery
  3. In CWM, do a factory reset, wipe cache and in mounts and storage section format system
  4. In TWRP choose advanced in wipe section and wipe dalvik, cache, system and data
  5. Flash ROM
  6. Flash Gapps
  7. Reboot, setup and enjoy.

Visit the SlimLP XDA thread for live discussion and direct developer support.

3. CyanogenMod 12

Developer: skiwong20


ROM Review

The eldest of all the custom ROMs – CyanogenMod is now available for the Google Nexus 6, but unofficially via XDA developers. CM has been known for its minimal nature and precise features, offering a user complete control over his device. It is not just another custom ROM development team, but a whole new firm offering its very own version of Android OS. CyanogenMod has now also been known for its own official devices like the OnePlus One.

While the team is still preparing the code for official CM12 release, our enthusiastic developers at XDA have a fortune in compiling the ROM and releasing it for the Nexus 6. The feedback from the users has been highly positive. If you’re a user who does prefer sticking up to a single ROM for a long run, with not-too-many features, CyanogenMod is what you will need to be running on your device. It consists of most of the basic tweaks like status bar, volume, custom profiles, ambient display, CM wallpapers, File Manager, Music, AudioFX, physical button tweaks and much more to take note of.

The confirmed bugs have been stated by the developer and are assured to be fixed very soon:

  • Data is slow to connect to CDMA services on boot.


Installation Instructions

  1. The usual: Backup and wipe if coming from another ROM!
  2. Get the latest version of ROM
  3. See the second post for older builds and changelog!
  4. Get Gapps here original package courtesy of euroskank and banks, edited with working swype keyboard added by me.
  5. Flash Rom + Gapps + whatever else you want wait till finished and reboot.

Visit the CM Unofficial XDA thread for live discussion and direct developer support.

4. Euphoria OS

Developer: dsmitty166


ROM Review

EUPHORIA OS is another famous custom ROM for Android which is rich in features and utterly stable. The ROM is amazingly smooth and buttery in experience covering a lot feature that a user craves for. Despite being new in the zone, Euphoria OS has conquered and maintained its popularity among several device sections. The ROM has been a choice of a huge bunch of people. The team has tried and stayed close to AOSP code as far as possible with the addition of cherry-picked features. While the ROM label is still beta, the users have claimed the ROM to be way stable to be used as a daily driver on your Nexus 6, without any bugs but one – Data on Sprint not working. Which can be fixed easily by flashing a fix during the initial flashing process.

A few features of EUPHORIA OS:

  • Privacy Guard with App Ops control
  • In-built call blocking feature for calls and SMS
  • Custom features in Messaging
  • Superuser
  • Advanced reboot menu
  • ADB tweaks
  • D2TW
  • Custom profiles
  • Ascending ringtone feature
  • DSP Manager
  • Volume key mods

Not just these, there is a lot more packed inside every EUPHORIA OS build. Just install and explore.


Installation Instructions

Note: Don’t restore system data using Titanium Backup!

Installing Euphoria-OS for the first time, or coming from another ROM:

  1. Make sure you’re running a proper working ClockworkMod-Recovery/Team Win Recovery Project – WITH SELINUX SUPPORT!
  2. Copy GApps and ROM ZIP to your SDCard
  3. If you are running an encrypted kernel, your data will be encrypted on first boot – Data will also be erased
  4. If you are running an unencrypted kernel, your data will remain unencrypted
  5. Boot into Recovery
  7. Flash Euphoria-OS zip from SDCard
  8. Flash GApps zip from SDCard
  9. Flash SuperSU
  10. Reboot

Upgrading from an earlier version:

  1. Copy the ROM ZIP to your SDCard
  2. Boot into Recovery
  3. Flash the ROM zip from SDCard
  4. Reboot

Visit Euphoria OS XDA Thread for live discussion and direct developer support.

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We have laid down all we had in our hands, In case you think another ROM needs a place in the list, just comment below and we’ll add it with pleasure. Also, provide us with some feedback and help us build a better community.

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