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Two weeks ago, in the last “App Spotlight” we talked about 3 awesome but free Android games to play on your Android device. Since gaming is never enough, today, we are going to show you 3 more free games for you to try out. In case you missed the 1st segment of  “App Spotlight” check it out using the link below.

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Now, it’s time to move on with our list, so kick back and relax.

1. Dandy Dungeon

We’ve heard that you like games. As a result, we’ve decided to create a game inside a game and let you play both of them. That pretty much sums up the gameplay of Dandy Dungeon, the story of a 36-year-old programmer who tries to develop his own PC game.

Free Games

Dandy Dungeon, puts you in both the role of the programmer and the hero of the game that the programmer develops. You’ll get XP points in both games and hence help Yamada level up. Later, you can buy the usual game stuff such as upgrades and stuff.

Free Games

As far as the application that Yamada is developing you simply have to guide your hero to the level’s exit by drawing a single line. In case you don’t do it in time your hero will get damaged. Finally, this is a story driven game, with an interesting plot (I haven’t finished it yet) and retro graphics, guaranteed to occupy your time. Enjoy and download below.

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2. High Risers

In case you want something simple and straightforward, then, “High Risers” is for you. Once you tap the screen you start playing without having any guidance. However, the game is easy with your objective being to climb as far up as you can.

Free Games Free Games

Bounce on walls and tap your screen in order to jump. During your journey (to the top floor) you gather coins that let you unlock other levels and characters. Try it out for yourself.

High Risers Price: Free

3. Dash Quest

Moving on with our retro-styled free games, here is an endless dashing RPG for you to enjoy. Simply tap right in order to attack or left so as to block. Kill your enemies (and bosses), upgrade and repeat.

Free Games Free Games

From the get go this game can get pretty difficult, so prepare for hours of fun.

Dash Quest Price: Free

As always, thank you for reading and feel free to comment below.

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