The rumors were already there and were later confirmed by Samsung too that the manufacturer has been cooking the Android KitKat confectionery behind the scenes and is planning to serve it by the end of January or early February. The latest leaked firmware from Samsung can be seen as a confirmation to all that we had been hearing so far.

Sammobile has released the leaked version of Android 4.4.2 KitKat firmware for the LTE variant of the Galaxy S4. As for the performance of the firmware, it is very stable and it is another indication that the official release is just round the corner. However,  before the official firmware begins rolling out,  the user of this phone can feel themselves lucky to have the luxury of enjoying the TW-KitKat combo before the owners of any other Galaxy device.

4.4.2 is the latest version of Android currently and having updated your Galaxy S4 to it, you’ll be able to experience the new improvements and features integrated in Samsung’s TouchWiz user interface. Though the new KitKat based firmware with build version I9505XXUFNA1 does not bring any significant graphical changes to the Galaxy S4’s UI, there is one great change that shows itself at the first glance, and that is the new transparent status bar and the whitened icons on it. Another strikingly new thing is the faster user experience. You will also see a camera shortcut on the lockscreen now. Besides, there are several other system based tweaks and optimizations for better performance.


Firmware Details:

Model: Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9505
Version: Android 4.4.2
Changelist: 276328
Build date: Thursday, 2 Jan 2014
Product Code: OXA
CSC: OXA (Open Europe)



The leaked KitKat test firmware for the Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE GT-I9505 bears OXA tag as CSC code and that means that it is unbranded and meant for Open Europe regions. If you have this phone and it is not locked to a network operator, you can install it regardless of what country you are from.

Installing the firmware would wipe your phone’s data (contacts, settings, apps. files on internal storage, etc. Therefore we strongly recommend you to back all your data to the external storage. You can use these apps for backing up your device. When you have installed the leaked Android 4.4.2 firmware, we also suggest you to do a data factory reset manually too.


A greater version of leaked test firmware for the Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE GT-I9505 is now available for download. It comes with a smoother performance and some bug fixes.  We recommend you to try the new release from below:

Latest Update:

Another leaked Android 4.4.2 KitKat firmware is now available. The new I9505XXUFNAD build version performs too well and it seems to be the final release. It simply indicates that the official roll out is pretty near.


How to Install:

Grab the firmware file from above and flash it using Odin 3.09. In case you want a detailed installation guide, you can find all required steps here.


Now, the answer to the greatest question: how is the performance of the XXUFNA Firmware on Galaxy S4 GT-I9505, we ran an Antutu benchmark test and you can see that the device now performs better than the previous version. When the official version comes out, we hope it will bring even better results.


Install the new KitKat firmware on your Galaxy S4 and do not forget to share your experience with us and other readers. Cheers!

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  1. Hi Rakesh.. 🙂 Can I ask for your help.. because I need to unlock my sim Samsung S4 but unfortunately I don’t have perso SHA256 off and on on my network lock menu.. model GT-19505 and the version is 4.4.2 kitkat.. I bought my phone in the Phil. and now I’m in other country.. please help me.. thank you..

  2. Well the issues you described point to some hardware related bug. What is the version of your current firmware version.

  3. Hi Rakesh,I have a s4 GTI9505,I have recently updated to kitkat using kies.After 5 hours all sound is gone and camera also fails.I even can’t make any plays only with mx player.No sound even with earphone.I had this problem after month from purchase.They repaired and after 1 month same ting happens.I use 32gb memory.They said i have to change my motherboard.I was in samsung care and they said to wait till they get the diagnosis toll.while they return me everything was ok.But after 1 hour all gone.The memory card and sim card slot gets heat with 500 Celsius and i cant put it into my pocket.While i update and it fails the sound came again and stays for 15 days.And now finally gone.I recently downloaded a firmware and flashed but it is like the same.Pls help me.I have changed memory card too.I tried hard/soft reset wiping data many times.

  4. just two problems in new kitkat first one not able to copy apk’s to external sd second one when u recever a call when your phone is screen off after call ended phone bring u back to lock screen but u can’t open it u must press a unlock bottom . thats all and some times wifi go off by it self thats suck i hope they manege to fix those problems
    forgot important one ””’ Ucan’t get back to android 4.3 even its offical update u will have auth problem second one cm 11.2 official installer stuck on logo giving u kernel problem message ””

  5. You cant go back. KNOX doesnt let you. Reflash the and check “Auto Reboot”, “F. Reset Time” AND “Phone Bootloader Update”. Tell me if this way fixed your phone (sorry about my english).

  6. Android 4.4.2 KitKat Leaked I9505XXUFNA Firmware is just a trap once you flashed it you will not able to downgrade to 4.3. After flashed this I tried last two days but no luck. Now I need to wait for official release of 4.4.2 for I9505. May be then I will be able to flash the official firmware. Until this I have to be live with this Test Build of unofficial 4.4.2 🙁 If anyone knows how to go back to 4.3 please let me know. That’s would be highly appreciated.

  7. Hi Rakesh:

    Could you please describe how can I go back to my previous version I9505XXUEMK8. I already have this rom. Got from sammobile. A guideline is highly appreciable.

  8. Hi Rakesh:

    I just flashed Now getting FC in Samsung Keyboard. It’s showing Unfortunately, Samsung keyboard has stopped. Even wifi not working. When I tried in installed a 3rd party apk then I found that I can not even go to the security menu. It’s just force closed. But I am seeing an Security Notice: Your device’s security has blocked an action that is not permitted. No further action is required.

    Not please advice me how can I overcome these disgusting problems. I can not use the device. Can’t I go back to my earlier stock rom? I also tried that, but ODIN Fail.

    Looking forward your advice.

  9. hi rakesh. I have updated from rooted 4.2.2 . Odin said pass but I keep getting this msg on lock screen(unfortunately , the process has stopped)

  10. Yes, it’s definitely better in performance and I recommend it if you have no problem in downloading. You can also wait for about a week as the official version might come pretty soon.

  11. Thank you…Do you recommend to updated from the previous leak to this..I am just asking is it worth..thats it…thanks…

  12. Yes, the firmware will wipe the data and therefore, we recommend you to backup your data before installing. As for the performance, it’s significantly better that the 4.3 version.

  13. Hi Rakesh..Does this New Leak I9505XXUFNA5 wipes my data..Because Sammobile has written on their site that it wipes my data…Have you tested it without wiping and could you please tell me what are the considerable changes that you have observed.

    Thanks in advance

  14. ok great. Thanks a lot for this thread and again, this website is amazing! Well written, clear, really nice looking with nice colors, I love it! THANK YOU! Namaste

  15. No, I don’t think so. It just has the leaked in its label otherwise it’s perfect. Good enough to be used as a daily driver.

  16. This is a good news! Do you think there will be a lot of differences between this version and the official final one?

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