Your Android device, be it a tablet or a smartphone is most probably the last on your list of preferred devices for productivity. But that could just be because you’ve never really found an app good enough. Obviously, a virtual keyboard can never replace the typing experience of a physical one. But if all you want is to do some basic text-editing, having an Android device that can do it is more convenient than carrying around a big and heavy laptop. Big and heavy, compared to a smartphone or a tablet. We’re listing 5 of the best text editors found on Android as of today.

Do keep in mind that text editors, word processors, and note taking apps are all different breeds. While word processors come full fledged with various word formats, font styles and various other tools you may or may not need, note taking apps come with their own features such as notebooks, reminders, etc. Text editors, on the other hand, are simply text editors and work with plain text. So you will not be finding apps like Microsoft Word, Evernote or Google Keep in the list below.

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1. MonoSpace

MonoSpace is the most minimalist text editor or maybe even the most minimalist app you will ever see. It strips away each and everything from the UI that could potentially distract you and maximizes on the available screen space. The result is the most bare-bones text editor. You can’t change anything here, not even the font which by default, surprise surprise! … is monospace. It does support basic Markdown formatting, and the only non-essential feature is the hashtag-based organization feature.

Monospace - Writing and Notes Price: Free

2. iA Writer

Mac and iOS user will recognize iA Writer as one of the best word processing app. But on Android, that description could not be farther away from reality. iA Writer on Android is a pure and simple text-editor built from the ground up for a more “focused writing experience.” The integrated file browser makes it easier to find and open files. It also features a night mode like MonoSpace and supports both plain text and Markdown editing. The Focus mode helps you concentrate on the currently focused lines while graying out the rest.

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It can also export text in HTML, PDF, and Microsoft Word formats and can also publish directly to Medium. File sync is also supported using Dropbox and Google Drive.

iA Writer: Note. Write. Edit. Price: Free

3. Jota+ (Text Editor)

If your text-editing requires programming or coding of any kind, you should try out Jota+ Text Editor. It is designed for programmers but can be used by anyone. It can highlight syntax for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as well as C, C++, Lua, PHP, Python, Ruby, and more. This one, unlike the others above, has a ton of features including theme support. You can not only change the colors for almost everything but also apply wallpapers for some reason. But the free version comes with ads which can be really distracting especially when trying to edit text. You can obtain the Pro key for $7.99 which is a quite steep price for a text editor.

Jota+ (Text Editor) Price: Free

4. QuickEdit Text Editor

QuickEdit, like Jota+ is a programming focused text-editor but can be used for any other purpose as well. The app offers the widest range of code highlighting with over 40 programming languages supported out of the box: C#, C++, Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, Swift, and much more.

Some of its useful features include but are not limited to, highly-optimized performance, opening multiple files at once, line numbers, unlimited Undo/Redo, search and replace, and preview for HTML/CSS/Markdown files, synchronization with cloud services, and an optimized interface for tablet devices. The free version is ad-supported but in case you feel like you can shell out some money to get rid of the ads, you can get the Pro version for $4.19.

QuickEdit Text Editor - Writer, Code Editor Price: Free

5. JotterPad

JotterPad is for those creative type people among you and as a result, offers much more control over your text when compared to the rest of the apps o the list. It is, quite frankly, also the most beautiful and well-designed app among the lot. Even if you aren’t the creative type but would like a text-editor that looks pretty, you can use this one.

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Some of its features, apart from Markdown formatting and exporting include phrase finding, keyboard shortcuts, custom fonts, typewriter scrolling, and style customizations. While that is all free, some features, like Dark themes, Cloud support, syntax highlighting and the English rhyme thesaurus are locked behind in-app purchases.

JotterPad - Writer, Screenplay, Novel Price: Free


  1. Coastline Text Editor is a simple “classic” text file editor. Good for small notes and editing files.

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