5 Best Custom ROMs for OnePlus 3/3T
5 Best Custom ROMs for OnePlus 3/3T

As the OnePlus 5 was launched, the updates for OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3t have slowed down. The promise of 2 betas and 1 stable update per month is kinda fading away. So if you don’t want to wait for the stable official releases or want to try something new on your phone with more customizations and better battery, here are 5 of the best custom ROMs for OnePlus 3 or 3T you can try.

Best 5 ROMs for OnePlus 3/3t

1. Oxygen OS Beta Version

As compared to the latest Stable version of Oxygen OS (4.1.6) the latest beta versions (beta 12/21) offers a lot of improvements over the stable version.

  • Improvement in the dark theme
  • Pixel like launcher
  • Pixel like launcher shortcuts
  • Pixel dialer and incoming call interface
  • Better battery optimization

The beta updates are comparatively faster than the stable ones.
Download the latest beta version for OnePlus 3T here.

Download the latest beta version for OnePlus 3 here.

2. Freedom OS

The Freedom OS is based on the Oxygen OS both the stable and the beta version with more customization options available on the top.

The top features are:-

  • You can decide which google apps to keep
  • You can decide which system apps to keep
  • Option to choose Magisk or SuperSu in aroma installer
  • Arise sound mod for better audio quality
  • Adway to block annoying ads on your browser
  • Safety net pass (doesn’t let the apps detect the root)

Download unified Freedom OS here.

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3. Paranoid Android

Paranoid Android is one of the best ROMs when it comes to customization and battery life. In past few years, there were no major updates for the ROMs n it barely had any customization over the stock android. But now Paranoid is back from the dead and has got a lot of customizations for our devices. AOSPA is one of the best ROM that provides customization and battery life that too without losing the camera quality. The ROM has its own the tweaked Snapdragon camera that doesn’t compromise with the image quality.

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The top features of Paranoid are as follows:-

  • Pie
  • Color Engine
  • Pocket Lock
  • Accidental Touch
  • SafetyNet Compatibility
  • Battery icon customization
  • Three finger swipe Screenshot
  • Substratum (OMS) support

Download AOSPA Paranoid here.

4. Resurrection Remix

When it comes to customization RR is one of the greatest ROMs. You can customize every single thing that an OS has from lock screens to navigation bars, from the status bar to notification head, literally EACH AND EVERY THING. And a custom kernel is baked in to provide a great battery life.

The top features of RR are:-

  • Enable/Disable Navbar
  • Navbar Button Customization smart bar
  • Navbar Pulse
  • Navbar Fling
  • Double Tap To sleep navbar
  • Double Tap To sleep Statusbar
  • Clock Customizations
  • Time & date
  • Day & date Toggle
  • Clock Font Styles
  • Battery Icon Customization
  • Network Traffic Indicator
  • Network Traffic Arrows Switch
  • Incoming/OutGoing Traffic
  • Network traffic Color
  • Custom Logos
  • StatusBar Weather

…and hell lot of more

Download Resurrection here.

5. Phoenix AEX ROM AOSPA Extended

Phoenix AOSP Extended is an AOSP Extended (AEX) based ROM which provides stock UI/UX with various customizations features along with the Substratum theme engine and a great battery life. You can join their telegram group for the beta versions of their ROM and get solutions for the problems right there if you face any.

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The main features of Phoenix AOSPA Extended are as follows:-

  • Substratum Theme Engine
  • Inbuilt SuperSU
  • Statusbar Clock/Date customizations
  • Dashboard suggestions/summaries (Enable/Disable)
  • Notification Intervals
  • Long press Back button to kill app
  • Statusbar Traffic Indicators
  • Notification count
  • Power Menu Customizations
  • Additional Battery Saver steps

…and much more

Download Phoenix AOSPA Extended here. 

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