Unlike other Chinese OEMs, OnePlus offers a really stock Android like experience and as a result has gained some loyal fan following. It is not as skinned or as bloated as some of the other Android skins out there. But OnePlus’ Oxygen OS is still bloated, even if ever so slightly. If you’re a OnePlus 3 user who doesn’t like even that minimal amount of bloatware on your Android, you’re in luck. Because fortunately, the OnePlus 3/3T has a fervent development community that works tirelessly to make the experience even better. And one of them (SyCreed) over on XDA has a new AROMA debloater script that can help you get rid of bloat apps on OnePlus 3 or 3T very easily.

The problem of bloatware on Android is as old as Android itself. In the beginning, though, the bloatware was actually a welcome addition for customers. Android on itself wasn’t that great back then. And with the iPhone’s exclusivity to AT&T meant the other US carriers needed something to compete with that. Android was the boat they jumped on, but the boat needed some repairing. Now that the boat is a smooth sailing ship, the repairs by OEMs and carriers are really annoying. For some people, even pre-installed apps from Google are pushing the envelope. Google Apps make up most of the bloatware on a OnePlus 3 or OnePlus 3T if you would call them that.

With SyCreed‘s Aroma debloater, you can remove those pre-installed Google apps as well as some other OnePlus tester and logger apps that you probably wouldn’t need unless you’re a developer. Since this is an Aroma debloater, you will need to have a TWRP recovery installed on your OnePlus, and also will need it to be rooted. Removing system apps can cause you to trip the SafetyNet check so make sure you don’t really care about that.

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Some things to consider

  1. Apps that you have previously disabled from the settings or frozen using root apps like Titanium Backup won’t be removed. If you want to remove them, first re-enable/defrost them, reboot the system once just to make sure everything is fine. After that, you can move on ahead with this guide.
  2. The developer recommends using the debloater right after a fresh install of the OOS ROM. After you’ve set up your Google account and other things, and have been to the home screen once. Also, the debloater needs to be run each time you update to a newer version of OOS.
  3. To get an idea of what apps the debloater can allow you to remove, check the screenshots above. As already said, the Oxygen OS from OnePlus isn’t exactly bloated per say, unless your definition of bloatware includes Google apps and some small OEM apps and services meant for developers.

How to Use OOS Debloater on OnePlus 3/3T

  1. First things first, download the Aroma debloater from the link above and transfer it to your OnePlus 3.
  2. Now boot your phone into recovery mode. To do this, power off your device and then press and hold the Power button and Volume Down button. Keep holding the buttons until your phone boots into recovery.
  3. When in the TWRP recovery, it is recommended that you first make a backup of at least your system partition. This can be done by selecting Backup from the TWRP menu. Here, select the system partition and simply swipe to initiate the backup process.
  4. To use the debloater, simply flash it in the recovery. Select Install in the recovery menu and then select the zip by navigating through the folders.
  5. You should shortly see the Aroma UI where you can then select the apps that you want to remove from your device’s system partition. The list is mostly populated by Google apps as already mentioned.
  6. When you’re done with the debloater, reboot your device and you should no longer have the apps you have chosen to remove.


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