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We are all familiar with the drop-down menu in Android. For years, its has been used as a notification center as well as a place with quick toggles for many Android features. However, we as users, have never been able to customize it (unless we had a rooted phone). That kinda changes right now as the Quick Settings Tile API was introduced in Android Nougat. Using this API the developers are able to utilize those toggles to enhance their apps’ functionality.

Today, we are going to see 5 applications that do so, but before we do, feel free to read some related articles:

Now, let’s move on with the apps that utilize the aforementioned API. Please note that those applications are compatible with phones that run Android Nougat 7.0 or higher.

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1. ScreenFilter Quick Settings Tile

Screen filter allows you to suppress certain colors of your screen in order to minimize the bad impact that LCD screens may have. This app lets you choose exactly wich colors to permit or not and it uses its quick toggle in order to turn it on or off.

Quick Settings Tile Quick Settings Tile

ScreenFilter in Quick Tile Price: Free

2. Weather Quick Settings Tile

This is a simple Tile on your quick toggles’ menu that gives you a small weather report. It displays the temperature as well as whether it will rain or not.

Quick Settings Tile

Finally, by long pressing the tile you gain access to the app’s settings. There you can set the location for which to get the weather report and more.

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Weather Quick Settings Tile Price: Free

3. Notedown Quick Settings Tile

If you’ve ever been in a situation where you want to quickly write something down but don’t know where then this app is for you.

Quick Settings Tile Quick Settings Tile

With Notedown you are two taps away from creating a new note. There is no need for looking through your whole app drawer for the right app.

Weather Quick Settings Tile Price: Free

4. Quick Search Tile

If you have removed the Google search bar from your home screen but you still need its functionality, simply install this application.

Quick Settings Tile

Tap on the tile and Google search will open. Simple isn’t it?

Sorry, this app is not available!

5. Ringer Modes – Quick Tile

This application adds a tile that helps you change your device’s volume for calls. Tapping the tile will change the volume to vibration-only or silent. Try it below.

Quick Settings Tile

Ringer Modes - Quick Tile Price: Free

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