You probably know that Android’s notification center has changed severely over the years. Anyway, this isn’t enough! Some still say that Android’s implementation has some major shortcomings and I totally agree. There is no hub that can control all the activities, not to mention that the customization options are still pretty limited at this point. However, don’t you imagine that I am here to go on and on about these disadvantages, but quite the opposite! What a joy can all those notification apps for Android be in such a context! For example, Notify me – Notification App is very capable and it easily turned into one of my favorite notification apps of all times!

I found the developer of this app as being unexpectedly sincere. After all, he revealed that he decided to create this app because he sees himself as an expert in forgetting stuff. Don’t you think that I am here to judge him! I’m just wondering how many of us are in the very same position. I don’t know about you, but I definitely am!

I need notifications to remind me what matters the most. There are days when I am just clumsy or tired and I need a little bit of help. I know that there are plenty of such apps in the Play Store, but there are always some features missing that I crave for. However, this time I received an almost complete package. And in my testing, the app performs surprisingly well and it is smooth all around, with no issues so far.

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That is why I am sharing my thoughts on this app with you; admit it or not, you might be just as forgetful as I am!

Notify me – Notification App Features

  • You always matter the most – keep that in mind. And Notify me – Notification knows it too. That is why the app brings you unlimited possibilities to individualize the notification. It may open a different app, it can have a chosen icon, you can set an alarm;
  • Choose a Daily or Weekly repeating alarm;
  • To make things easier, feel free to set title and description of notification;
  • Take a pick between the Light and Dark Theme;
  • With this app, notifications can be easily displayed on your Android Wear smartwatch;
  • Enjoy that awesome Material Design and Frequent app improvements;
  • Share notifications;
  • Unlike other similar apps, Notify me – Notification doesn’t cost you a dime and doesn’t come loaded with ads that bug you from five to five minutes (I was just polite by saying 5 instead of 3 or even worst).

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Notify me – Notification Screenshots

Notify me – Notification App Screenshot 1
Notify me – Notification App Screenshot 2
Notify me – Notification App Screenshot 3

And if you are as adventurous as I am, then maybe you want to become a beta tester too. In such a way, you can install the updates before the developer makes them available to the larger public. If you like the idea, then enter this community and write in the category for beta tests.

Notify me - Notification Reminder Price: Free

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