Aside from dropping or losing your phone, few cellular disasters are as distressing as looking down and seeing a low battery warning at the worst time possible. Batteries always seem to die when you have no way of charging your device — but also when you need them the most. But a good charge might not be all your phone needs. When it comes to your Android device’s battery life, sometimes the best offense is a good defense — that is, not using as much battery in the first place. Here are three Android apps that will help you conserve those precious battery bars.


Believe it or not, app killer apps — or apps that shut down other apps when they’re not in use — can actually end up using more battery life than they save. When an app shuts down and is reopened, it consumes far more battery life than it would in waking from hibernation.

Greenify will do just that for you. Rather than shutting down background apps, Greenify automates app hibernation, putting apps to sleep when they are not in use, sparing your battery. You can even choose which apps have lower priority so that Greenify can send them into hibernation.

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Battery Saver 2016

What makes Battery Saver 2016 a must-have for your Android is not so much what it does but rather what information it gives you. This app provides a one-stop shop in the form of a dashboard that lets you see where your battery power is going. You can monitor the app and quickly see which apps are your battery-killing culprits.

Battery Saver also includes quick toggles for Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, mobile data, and airplane mode so that you can quickly turn on what you need and shut off the rest. The same screen will allow you to control the brightness of the screen to conserve power as well. Finally, Battery Saver will give you an accurate estimate of how much battery you have left in hours, minutes, and so forth.

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Every time an app like Facebook or SnapChat sends you a notification, your phone, regardless of whether it was sleeping peacefully, is awakened. When your phone is awakened repeatedly, it wastes your battery. Amplify puts a stop to that, allowing you to block wake locks or apps that wake your phone up constantly. You can also monitor alarms and other services that might be draining your battery.

Amplify Battery Extender -Root Price: Free

General Power-Saving Tips

Generally speaking, to save battery, make sure to do the following:

  • Always connect to power when you back up to the cloud. Backing up your photos and other data takes time and a lot of battery charge, so save it for when you’re charging.
  • Reduce polling for messaging apps. Switch the polling, or refresh frequency, for these apps to manual to extend your battery life.
  • Look for an extra power-saving mode. Some Android phones have an extra power-saving mode that trims the functions of your phone down to potentially save hours of battery.

A dead phone can make you feel like an island. With these tips and apps, you can avoid the one-battery-bar panic we all know so well.

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