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5 Most Popular Android Apps of 2017

The 5 Most Popular Android Apps of 2017

If you've somehow missed this yearly event before, Google announces the best apps for each year as we get closer to the year-end. Continuing this annual tradition, the Android-maker has announced the contenders for...
Stop Android Apps from Asking for Reviews

How to Stop Android Apps from Asking for Reviews

Android, since being revealed, has been one hell of an operating system around. In fact, it is the most popular operating system as of today. Now, what makes Android the best among its peers...

How to See All Purchased Apps in Google Play Store

Whether you want to figure out how much you've spent on the Play Store or you want to reinstall only your purchased apps on a new ROM, there are plenty of reasons to be...

Best Android Apps to check out for both Vets and Newcomers

Android isn’t considered by many the worlds’ best mobile operating system for nothing. It comes with a very well rounded infrastructure and receives a ton of support from the platform’s proprietary marketplace, the Google...

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