Install Android 5.0.1 Lollipop on Verizon Galaxy S4, Keep Root and Enable Tethering


Whenever a new software update comes out, it makes its way to the new flagship devices first. If you own a one or two-year-old device, you might need to wait for months before its knocks your door. The Samsung Galaxy S4 was released with Android Jelly Bean out of the box about 2 years ago.

The Galaxy S4 received the KitKat update the last year and now Samsung has started rolling out the latest Lollipop update to the device. Lollipop is undoubtedly one of the greatest updates and it’ll probably be the last major OS upgrade for the Galaxy S4.

It was just a day ago that Verizon broke out the news of the long awaited update roll out through a support document on its official website. Soon after, the Galaxy S4 users on Verizon reported getting the Android 5.0 Lollipop over-the-air. One queer thing about Verizon’s Lollipop update for the S4 is that the carrier has split the update into two parts. A minor OTA update (99MB) takes the device from VRUFNK1 to VRUFNK4 (KitKat) and when you take the NK4 OTA, your devices qualify to receive the actual Lollipop update with build number LRX22C.I545VRUGOC1.

Android Lollipop Features

  • All new Material design with the use of bold colors in the user interface. Floating buttons give you fast access to the most important features of the app.
  • Cool animations and effects.
  • Buttery smooth and fast performance with almost no lag.
  • New boot animation and shutdown animation.
  • Recents persist after phone reboot and now it shows Chrome tabs too. You now have parallax effect while scrolling app windows.
  • Lock screen notifications for all apps, even with a pattern unlock.
  • The lock screen has swipes to unlock to dialer (security required) and camera (no security required).
  • “Blocking Mode” in quick toggles renamed to “Do Not Disturb”

In case you have not yet got Lollipop on Verizon Galaxy S4 yet, you can go to Settings> About> Software Update and tap the Update now option to trigger the update. Please note that you might not receive the Lollipop OTA if you’re not using the device in the US and in that case, you’ll have to update your Galaxy S4 SCH-I545 manually. Below, we’ll guide you with updating your device by installing the OTA manually. In case you can’t just afford to lose root because of the new update and still want Android Lollipop on your S4, there’s a step-by-step tutorial to get rooted Lollipop too (thanks to muniz_ri!).

Install Lollipop OTA on Verizon Galaxy S4 (no root)

Note: Must Read

As I mentioned above, the Verizon has released 2 OTAs back to back. The first OTA package will bump the firmware version of your Vzw S4 from the old NK1 to NK4 and then your phone will become eligible to get the Lollipop OTA. What we have below for you is the NK4 OTA package that can be installed on the VRUFNK1 base only. After flashing this OTA package, you can install the VRUGOC1 (Android 5.0.1) OTA. Before you proceed with the OTA method, make sure your device is unrooted or fully stock.

Installing the OTA Packages

  1. Download the NK4 OTA Zip and copy it to external SD card of your Galaxy S4: (99MB)
  2. Enable USB Debugging on your phone as a precaution.
  3. Turn off your device and reboot into the stock recovery. To do so, hold the Volume Up+Home+Power keys together while the device is switched off. As soon as you see the Samsung logo with the device name, release the Power key but keep the Volume Up and Home keys pressed until you see the Android system recovery menu as shown below.
  4. Using the volume keys, scroll to apply update from external storage option and select it by pressing the Power key.galaxy-s6-recovery-screen
  5. Navigate to package and select it.
  6. Confirm installation when prompted.
  7. When the file is flashed, go back to the main menu and select reboot system now option.
  8. When your Verizon Galaxy S4 boots up, it will have the NK4 firmware installed on it.
  9. Now download the Lollipop OTA (OC1) package and copy it to your Galaxy S4: (991MB)
  10. Reboot your device into the stock recovery again and install the using apply update from external storage option.
  11. Finally, return to the recovery menu and reboot your Galaxy S4

When your S4 boots up, you’ll have the all new Android 5.0.1 Lollipop firmware running in it.


You can also use the Verizon Software Update Assistant to update your Galaxy S4 to the latest version. Just launch the tool and follow the on-screen instructions.

Install Lollipop Firmware on Vzw Galaxy S4 Using Odin

If you don’t want to or not able to update your Verizon Galaxy S4 SCH-I545 using the OTA method given above, there’s now an even easier way to do that. Thanks to muniz_ri for repackaging the-the full Lollipop (I545VRUGOC1) with KitKat (NK4) bootloader which is downgradable. A great advantage of installing this firmware is that you can downgrade back to VRUFNC5 firmware. You can also use this firmware to unbrick your soft-bricked Verizon S4.

Download Lollipop (OC1) Firmware: I545VRUGOC1_Neutered_Full_Odin.tar.rar

How to Install: Having downloaded the firmware, you’ll have to extract the .rar file to get the firmware file with .tar.md5 extension. You can install it using Odin v3.09. See our detailed tutorial on flashing stock firmware on Galaxy devices.

Install Lollipop on Verizon Galaxy S4 & Keep Root


The FireFlash method will not trip the KNOX Warranty Void counter on youR Verizon S4 but it’ll wipe the apps and data present on the internal storage. Please, backup your apps and data with Titanium Backup app before proceeding.

Titanium Backup ★ root
Titanium Track Tools Free

Note: Must Read

If you want to enjoy the all new Lollipop with root privilege, you can install the pre-rooted Lollipop firmware using FireFlash app. Since the method uses a full firmware package, you can install it on your Verizon Galaxy S4 regardless of what Android or firmware version it has. However, to be able to use FireFlash, your device must have root access. Also, if you got TWRP Recovery installed on your Galaxy S4, you can flash the pre-rooted stock ROM provided below.

If you got an unrooted S4, you can use the following tutorial.


  • Enable USB Debugging on your Verizon Galaxy S4. This step has nothing to do with the method given below but it could be a lifesaver if anything goes wrong.
  • Install Chainfire’s FireFlash app on your Verizon Galaxy S4. Since this new app is only available for beta-testers currently, go to the Google+ page and join the Android-FlashFire community. You must be signed into Google+ using the same Gmail ID that you use on the Google Play Store. Having joined the community, click the Play Store link to download FireFlash.
  • Download one of the stock rooted Lollipop ROMs from below:
  • Backup your apps and data.


  1. Copy the to your device (internal or external SD).
  2. Open the FlashFire app and Agree to the Terms and Conditions prompted by the app.
  3. Press the rounded “+” button twice to bring up the Actions menu.fireflash-app-android
  4. Now bring the Actions menu once again and tap Flash Zip or OTA option. Select
  5. Make sure that Auto-mount is unchecked under the Options menu and press the checkmark to continue.
  6. From the main menu uncheck all options under EverRoot and use default Reboot settings.
  7. When all’s done, tap the Lightning bolt icon followed by OK to begin the installation.

The screen of your phone will turn black for a while and then show the contents of your device before starting the installation. Now sit patiently while it all happens and your device reboots. It might take 5-10 minutes before your phone boots up for the first time. You have successfully updated your Verizon Galaxy S4 to Android 5.0.1 Lollipop while retaining root privilege. Enjoy!

Enable WiFi Tethering on Verizon Galaxy S4 Running Lollipop

  1. Install FireFlash app by Chainfire.
  2. Download the Mobile Hotspot mod file and copy the zip to your phone:
  3. Now launch FireFlash and tap the “+” icon twice to bring up the menu and then select Flash Zip or OTA option.
  4. Navigate to file and select it.
  5. Make sure that the Auto-mount option is not selected under Options.
  6. Leave the default settings under EverRoot and Reboot options untouched.
  7. Finally, tap the Lightning bolt icon and then tap OK.

Just wait until the tethering add-on is flashed. If your phone’s screen goes black for a while, do not panic. When your phone boots up, you’ll be able to enjoy free WiFi hotspot on your Verizon Galaxy S4 running the new OC1 Lollipop firmware.


Credits: muniz_ri | 2 & dgutierrez04

  • sai huggybear

    How do i do that Im trying to update my Verizon s4 I545VRUEMJ7 but I might brick it if ill be using the wrong one

  • Chris Topher

    How long should this take? it has been several hours since i flashed the zip file and it is still a black screen with the two menu lights lit up.

  • Malik Zafar Iqbal

    I have root my S4 with king root and delete Unnecessary app.but still heating S4 on Call and normal usage . Any Suggestion ?

  • Hi Malik, device heating and battery drain is a very common issue with new firmwares on all devices. You should wait for 8-10 days. It will be fixed automatically.

  • Malik Zafar Iqbal

    Thanks you so much for 5.0.1 but there is a issue of Over heating and battery draining i have done hard reset for update to 5.0.1 but no luck any advice .

  • Johnny

    I’m really indifferent to lollipop .. and while it might be nice, really just concerned about tether, but it looks like the tether exploit is specific to AFTER you’ve installed lollipop. I’d also be okay with a tether solution for NK4. Thanks!

  • Johnny

    I’m running on ‘Galaxy S4 Verizon’ SCH-i545 / I545VRUFNK4. It’s currently rooted. The instructions make it clear the device should NOT be rooted in the MUST READ section.

    I’m not sure where the HOWTO is supposed to start from.
    Is it okay if I simply start at ‘step 8’ since I’m already on NK4 (rooted)?
    Or do I need to unroot?
    Or update to the OTA Lollipop, then start at step 1.

    *just a little confused*… on where to start, please inform, thanks.

  • Ricardo Martinez

    my build number is not eh LRX22C.I545VRUG 0F1 and less able to root switch and use ROM root Odin and many programs have not modified any recovery because I can not or at least they found one that works eh I can do?

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  • Derron DeBilzan

    Ran into error immediately on bootloading. Any ideas?

  • Shahzaib Shafi

    I have a galaxy s4 (sch i545) verizon and , android version 4.4.2 kitkat and basedband version is nc5 and no root access , i want to update my s4 from kitkat to lollipop what should i do? plz help

  • Dave L


  • Dave L

    you need to update your modem from kk to lollipop

  • Dave L

    Can I install this pre rooted firmware directly to my rooted sch i545 vruemk2 without several updates first? I have cwm installed.

    Thank you

  • ibrahim benghali

    Y U NO REPLY if you have no idea what happened to my phone just say I no i have no idea not replying is not a solution plzzz why my phone stayed as it is

  • ibrahim benghali

    Come on someone plzzz help

  • Super Slacktivist

    Hey William, I’m in this same situation. Did you ever get your S4 to upgrade to lollipop and keep root?

  • Giorgi Tskhadaia

    plz aswer me

  • Giorgi Tskhadaia

    when i download lollipop rom i must flesh it also yes?

  • No.

  • Giorgi Tskhadaia

    hey can i flesh this rom from odin?

  • ibrahim benghali

    What the hell I followed you instructions carefully and wanted to update and keep root after I pressed the lighting bolt then when the installation finished my phone rebooted and nothing happen my phone is as it is. The only change is when I go to software update it says your phone was modified

  • ibrahim benghali

    Well thank you for the advice but is it safe for me to update

  • Wilson Papote Diaz

    Titanium back up from when I used it in the settings allowed you to (if rooted or not) to keep the app there in place even through software updates. It’ll be there, but it’s best you back them up to a laptop (not apps, photos, movies, and songs)

  • ibrahim benghali

    I have a rooted samsung galaxy s4 19500XXUGNF6 so is it safe for me to update to 5.0.1 and keeping root with your instructions ?and you said it will wipe all apps and data so i have to download titanium back up well how do i know titanium back up wont be wiped out to?and will my files be deleted plz reply .thank you

  • takara

    i used flash fire andd the rom istalled properly but i cant use mobile data or even turn on my wifi and the software keeps lagging

  • Arslan Bhatti

    Bro can’t flash the rom in flashfire it is showing the file corrupted

  • No.

  • Arslan Bhatti

    Is it necessary to flash the firmware with odin before flashing the rooted rom using flashfire

  • Mateo

    I also receive this. It boots into recovery with the status ‘No Command’. What should I do?

  • Hi, the links are working now.

  • ROMs are back!

  • Rooted ROM download links have been updated!

  • Arslan Bhatti

    Please update the links

  • We’ll update the link and let you know when they are available.

  • Mike

    Any estimate when the ROMs will be back up?

  • The links have been taken down because there were some bugs in the files.

  • khizar khan

    rakesh i want to downgrade my s4 from 5.0.1 to 4.4.2 because after update to 5.0.1 my phone’s performance down games not working properly sometimes huge lag benchmarks low result from previous when i was on kitkat please reply im on rooted lollipop

  • khizar khan

    Thanks for reply i flash the nk4 but after flashing i’ve lost my root than i re flash to nc5 reroot again than flash nk1 and use your tips and BOoOm! Rooted lollipop and I’m loving it 😀 Thank you for your guide

  • Yes. You need to install the base firmware first.

  • khizar khan

    Pleas reply soon i want to update my s4 sch-i545

  • khizar khan

    Hi Rakesh. I want to ask one question im on frunk1 firmware 4.4.2 so the nk4 update is necessary to install lollipop rooted rom. sorry for my bad english 😀

  • Daxter Mateo

    The phone is working and rooted with 4.3

  • What’s the current status?

  • Daxter Mateo

    Hi Rakesh. I’m have a rooted SCH-1545 with android 4.3 baseband version I545VRUEMK2 kernal version 3.4.0 se.infra@R0210-09 #1 wed nov 20 12:44:42 KST 2013 and build number JSS15J.1545VRUEMK2

    I tried the flashfire method to upgrade to lolipop well keeping root. When i hit the flash button the phone always restarts into android revovery mode. I’ve tried restoring the phone using the recovery mode and still get the same result. Any ideas?

  • Lori Bright Luckhard

    Since updating to this version on 7/8/15 I can no longer make or receive phone calls or send texts. How do I fix this?

  • You can’t downgrade to KK from Lollipop on VZW S4. You can try a data factory reset for the fixing your issue.

  • Naufaldi Hilmi

    Hello Rakesh! do you have another tutorial on how to downgrade the 5.0.1(unroot) to 4.4.2 KK for my verizon s4. Is it possible to use Odin? or there’s another method that I’ve never heard. The new Lolipop is slightly buggy, I’m unable to send regular text. tried everything and it still wont work. So please, I need help. Thanks 🙂

  • Yes, you can try flashing back the KK firmware.

  • William Hanson

    Jealous. Hey any recommendations on how to get around this rebooting into Android recovery problem after I hit the lightening bolt in FlashFire? Should I try the odin method?

  • Yes, I have.

  • William Hanson

    Good to hear from a guru, I’ll probably go another 6mos on this one. Hadn’t heard that about the battery. Curious if you rooted.

  • Yes, it’s good! I have been using for about 3 months now. The best Samsung phone so far! Battery is not very good though.

  • William Hanson

    It didn’t work as expected. Booted into And. Recovery. Should I select one of the options? First time i tried just rebooted into the old ROM/OS, nothing changed. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

  • William Hanson

    You the man!! Thanks, I’ll let you know how it goes. BTW you like the S6 edge?

  • You can proceed with the FlashFire method even if your device is running Android 4.3.

  • William Hanson

    Hi Rakesh, thanks for the great post. One question, if I still have a rooted version of 4.3 with baseband v. I545VRUEMJ7 will I be able to use the steps above to get to 5.0 lollipop? I ultimately would like to keep root on a 5.0 OS. Or should I just get a new phone?

  • Link updated! Try again.

  • Darkash Asuma

    HI pal. sorry but i cant sownload the andriod fire flash is tehre any problem??

  • If you are using a Verizon device outside the US, it’s very unlikely that you’ll receive the OTA. It’ll be better to update it manually.

  • Rainers Tols

    I’m not using it in US.

  • Rainers Tols

    Nop, I have samsung galaxy s4.

  • Are you using the device in the US?

  • Rainers Tols

    I go to settings and there I press check for updates. Then it shows android lollipop update.

  • Which file did you download?

  • Rainers Tols

    No, I only can download the package 900mb, but when I press install it shows android and when is 30% that android falls down and says error. Then phone reboots.

  • You already got Lollipop on your phone?

  • Rainers Tols

    Please help. I got lollipop update. I can download it and when I download it I press install, but during the update it fails at 29%. And GALAXY S4 reboots. I’ve tried it 4 times and 1 time was after factory reset. Any suggestions?

  • No, you can’t.

  • Gordon Wilson

    After flashing rooted rom is there a way to install a custom recovery? I ask because now there are custom roms w/ 5.1 but they require custom recovery’s.

  • Stone Fix

    How to root my Verizon Galaxy s4 SCH-1545 lollipop 5.0.1, i updated and now i can not root or downgrade lollipop 5.0.1, now i can’t downgrade and i have a problem sending sms any help thanks

  • 2ezio416

    I used the Fireflash method to upgrade and keep root, however I used the stock_rooted file and wish to instead use the deodexed version. Can I just flash the deodexed version staright from already being in Lollipop? Or do I need to downgrade to 4.4.2 first, and is that even possible?

  • Glad to know, Tom!

  • Tom Shields

    Wow – what a pain. Finally got it fixed. Major lessons:

    – Finding the right ROMs and learning what to flash where is painful.
    – Don’t try to go back to NG6, go straight to NC5.
    – ODIN does NOT work on VMWare Fusion on Mac, even though it seems to.
    – Heimdall front-end didn’t work either, I had to use the command line to flash the system partition, and manually flashing each partition is slow.
    – Have lots of patience! Some things take a lot longer than you think. I got in the habit of doing one step, then going away for 15 mins so I wouldn’t get impatient.
    – Reboot after almost every step. Some things just needed a reboot in between or they wouldn’t work. Flashfire, for example, only worked just after a fresh reboot.

    After hours and hours and dozens of reboots and battery pulls, tweaking something each time, I finally got it to boot on NC5, then Towelrooted and loaded FireFlash. Had to do it twice, first time for some reason SYSTEM didn’t flash from external SD card, but copied it to internal and tried again and it worked. Thanks, Rakesh, for updating the method, and for all your help!

  • Tom Shields

    Wow – what a pain. Finally got it back to NC5, and rooted and installed Flashfire. But the upgrade still fails trying to flash SYSTEM. I tried flashing just the SYSTEM partition with Heimdall, but that didn’t work either, got to 1% and failed. Went back to NC5 and tried again, with the same result. I tried the Alternate method, but this file isn’t available any more:
    Help, Rakesh or anyone! Thanks again.

  • Gordon Wilson

    This worked perfect (after the initial hiccup below). I was on rooted S4 4.4.2 nk1 and updated to rooted stock 5.0.1. Seems all data is intact as well!

  • Gordon Wilson

    I’m trying to do the flashfire method. I installed the latest version (v 0.19, tried .18 as well) and granted su root access. When I select flash zip I can browse the internal and external card but my zip file does not show. I put it on both after trying the first time. Using root browser or es file explorer I’m able to see the zip file but flashfire is unable to see it. I found two post on xda but no answers. restarting the device does not help. Tried renaming it as well with no luck.

  • Thanks for sharing your experience.

  • Device did not boot after fireflash. Im now bricked trying to unbrick but odin wont connect to phone. Shows up in ID:COM but when I hit start it never starts downloading on my device. HELP!!!

  • Awesome I’ll give it a try. Thanks for the clarification and promptly responses. I’ll update tomorrow on my progress to everyone.

  • Yes, you’ll be able to downgrade to KK.

  • Since it’s a full Lollipop ROM with KK bootloader, you can install it while on HyperDrive. However, I would still recommend you to flash the stock firmware, root and and proceed.

    If you want to go with the OTA method, you require the base firmware mentioned in the tutorial.

  • Did this work for anyone? I have been watching this site. I have a rooted GS4 running 4.4.4 Hyperdrive RLS20 Rom. I only want to upgrade to lollipop if this method followed currently works 100%. Also is it safe to upgrade this method via hyperdrive rom or should I do a full wipe in odin to 4.4.2 root upgrade to 4.4.4 and then run this method again? On a unrelated not is there any custom roms on lollipop yet like a hyperdrive updated version? Thanks guys please give me your feedback on your experience because the comments have me very skeptical of trying this method.

  • What WiFi tethering lets you do is to share your phone’s data with the rest of your devices. Using it will cost you data charges Usually, carriers disable WiFi hotspot feature on your device and you are required to pay them to get it enabled.

    So, it’s not free as it will eat your data and it’s free because you can enable the feature without paying any extra money to Verizon.

  • Tyler Kaufman

    This is probably a dumb question, but like most of us I don’t have unlimited data. If I use the WiFi tethering with this method, WILL IT BURN THROUGH MY DATA??? or is it really completely free???

  • Great! Enjoy!

  • Did exactly that!! Downgraded to SCH-I545_VZW_1_20140330160240_8il17ls9o2_fac with Odin. Then installed towelroot and SuperSU (enabled su during boot – I remembered someone advised that).

    After that I followed the FF method to the letter using I545_OC1_Stock_DeOdexed_ROMwNK4_BL. Had some issues with copying the file to my sdcard or phone (copying sometimes stops midway and leaves you with a corrupted file). Best to do an MD5 check after copying.

    Now running 5.0.1 with Root and…..OMG!! It’s so smooth!!!

  • If you updated to Lollipop using OTA package, you cannot downgrade because it upgrades the bootloader to the Lollipop version.

    In case you installed Lollipop using FlashFire method, you should be able to downgrade as it has the older KitKat bootloader (NK4).

  • Charlie

    I also was on 4.2.2 rooted and used the primary method to upgrade and keep root that soft bricked my phone. I tried the recommended downgrade and further bricked my phone. After numerous ODIN fails I was able to get my phone functional with the details below. Can I downgrade my phone back to NC5, 4.2.2 and root again? I think with OC1 the answer is “no” but I have to confirm.

    Model: SCH-I545
    Android Version: 5.0.1
    Baseband version: I545VRUGOC1
    Kernel version: 3.4.0
    dpi@SWDD6302 #1
    Mon Mar 30 17:37:43 KST 2015
    Build number: LRX22CI545VRUGOC1

  • Sorry, I mistakenly mentioned “NK4”. Install the NC5 firmware instead:

  • Austin J. Clark

    Do you have a link to the nk4, I want to make sure it’s correct. Also the Rom link under the alternate method is broken

  • You can downgrade back to NK4, root it using Towelroot and try the FF method.

  • Yes, you can downgrade to NK4 firmware using Odin and try again.

  • The method has been updated. Please try again!

  • Austin J. Clark

    I was on 4.2.2 rooted and followed the FireFlash (firmware option) keep root method to the letter. Worked perfect, but I didn’t keep root. I read the comments saying I’ll need to downgrade, re-root and then retry. Do I use odin to downgrade to OS, the bootloader or the firmware to re-root and then re-upgrade?

  • Charlie

    Sounds like you did about the same things as me (see below). I recommend try Odin with I545_OC1_Stock_Firmware.tar.md5 It worked for me and at this point what do you have to lose.

  • Charlie

    Bricked indeed!
    I attempted to downgrade with previous post instructions using Odin and even deeper bricked (can’t even get to stock recovery) my phone. I tried numerous attempts to use Kies to rescue my phone based on the error screen I had but it would never connect to my phone. At this point I began shopping for a new phone. One last attempt at Odin with I545_OC1_Stock_Firmware.tar.md5 and it worked! I now have a Lollipop S4 without root. I am extremely frustrated because I obviously cannot restore data with Titanium B/U without root. I do not recommend this procedure…too many examples now that have Lollipop without root and cannot go back.

  • Tom Shields

    The ROM I’m trying to flash to downgrade via Odin is this one: SCH-I545_VZW_1_20140330160240_8il17ls9o2_fac. Any ideas why it won’t flash? I can’t go down, and can’t seem to go back up – thanks for any help!

  • Tom Shields

    Milo, could you point me at the ROM you used for going back to nc5? I tried one from a thread below and it failed, so I’d love to have a known good one. Thanks!

  • Tom Shields

    Help! This seemed so easy. I had a rooted KitKat Verizon S4. I followed the instructions to the letter, using the first method to keep root. All seemed great except (like many folks here) when I rebooted, I had lost root. So I found a Windows machine so I could run Odin to downgrade to one of the KitKat ROMs that Rakesh suggested to someone else here who had that problem, but it failed and may have bricked my phone. I tried to use Odin to put OC1_Neutered back on, but that failed too. Rakesh, you have been so helpful, could you please point me at the right ROM (or whatever I need to do), so I can downgrade, re-root, and try again with the alternate method? Thanks!

  • So, I installed I545VRUGOC1_Neutered_Full_Odin.tar.rar using Odin. Does this mean I can not get root anymore? Or can I just use the Flashfire method from scratch to get root?

  • Milo

    Ok I odin’d back to nc5, towelrooted, and did the alternate method using
    the rom instead of the firmware. Everything went perfectly. Thank you!

  • cat3rn .

    Followed the first method and it worked great. I love this custom Lollipop ROM.

  • Rolando tupapi


  • Charlie

    I just followed the alternate method. All seemed to go fine but now looks like the phone is stuck on the white text “Samsung GALAXY S4” on black screen. 30+ minutes, what now?

  • Consider it fortunate that we at least have a working root method. Try the alternate method once.

  • Prateik Gala

    It Worked!
    I was against the Factory reset as it would be very tedious to back-up all data and re-install all apps…
    But the Factory reset/data wipe worked perfectly well.
    Thank you for your time & effort!
    Appreciate it!
    Also, I had to install some apps immediately and setup the accounts. So is there any other method of rooting the phone other than the one mentioned above? so i can save myself the time and effort of backing up and reinstalling everything.

  • Weird! It’s supposed to keep root intact. Anyway, you should try going back to KitKat and then start again. Try the alternate method this time. Let me know of the results.

  • Milo


    I followed the first method of the third option (Keep
    root with flashfire) for my verizon galaxy s4 4.4.2 with nc5, rooted
    (towelroot) and xposed but otherwise unmodified.

    Each direction
    was followed to the letter; I put the tar and zip both on my external sd
    card, installed flashfire, had supersu set to be active on boot and

    At first, everything seemed to go fine. The device,
    upon clicking Flash, went through what I assume to be the usual sequence
    of events: everything seemed to work, every action returned a success.
    Then it rebooted, as expected. (I had selected recovery just as the
    guide described for the Reboot option). And, much to my excitement, the
    device booted into lollipop! I flew through setup and installed my apps,
    reconnected my google account and everything. Then when I got to
    titanium backup it said that it wouldn’t work; there was no root. Oh,
    no, nonono…

    I checked the apps for a supersu: nothing. [I swear
    I checked “inject supersu” in the ever-root options!]. I then went
    online and downloaded a 2.49 supersu and installed: no su binary! To
    verify from another source, I downloaded a root validator which echoed
    the previous complaints from the root-needing apps: no su binary

    What are my options? Is root really active but somehow
    hidden? Did something go wrong in flashing? If so, is there any way of
    re-rooting or am I stuck until a root method comes out for 5.0.1?


  • Prateik Gala

    Hi Rakesh!
    Before I could go ahead with the rooting steps, I updated my S4 i545 from Android 4.2.2(JDQ39.I545VRUAME7) to 5.0.1 directly using Kies. I had got an update message before but I did not go ahead with it (may be I missed the minor update) and I directly updated to the Lollipop update when I connected my phone yesterday.

    The Update got downloaded overnight and updated my phone however I am unable to use my phone as an message keeps popping up saying “Unfortunately, the process has stopped.”

    I restarted my phone a few times – Did not work
    I cleared cache of Phone app – Did not work
    I reset app preferences – Did not work

    A odd thing I noticed was that now there are 3 Phone Apps in the All Apps List!
    And Kies has stopped recognising my phone 🙁

    Can you guide me what else I can do to solve the issue?

    Thanks in Advance!

  • panther90

    Thanks for responding. I used the second method in the OP on XDA and that did the trick. Appreciate it.

  • What firmware build is your device running?

  • panther90

    Rakesh, I followed the instructions to flash Lollipop and retain root using Flashfire but at the end of the process it didn’t go into recovery and now all I have is black screen with Samsung logo and Unlock icon. Help?

  • Eric Ramirez

    I’ve been trying to find a way to manually install SuperSu, however it seems that the device needs to be rooted for me to do this and it’s not rooted and I can’t seem to find an alternative way to root the device.

  • Install SuperSU from the Play Store and check again. If it does not help, you’ll have to start from the scratch.

  • Tommy

    That’s what happened to me!!

  • Robert Reilly

    Does nk1 need to be installed first?

  • Tommy

    Yes I did

  • Try installing SuperSU manually.

  • Eric Ramirez

    Help, I ran the instructions for “Install Lollipop on Verizon Galaxy S4 & Keep Root”, however I lost root access when it was done, not sure what to do.

  • Did you check with Root Checker?

  • Robert Reilly

    Still hangs up at samsung boot screen, I did notice it never enters recovery boot like it does when I odin nc5 kit kat back to it. Verizon samsung galaxy s4.

  • Tommy

    So I thought it was all well when I posted that but i no longer have Root privileges. Any ideas as to what to do?

  • Thanks! I am glad it worked for you!

  • Tommy


    You are absolutely amazing my friend. You helped me through this step by step when needed and I now have Lollipop on my Verizon S4 running on Cricket and I am able to keep Root Privileges.


  • Okay.

  • Tommy

    Okay so everything is good except for i am unable to re-order the actions. Sorry im a noob.

  • Okay, let me know how it goes for you.

  • Tommy

    I was just going to make that EDIT. I re-read the preparations and saw that. Thank you!!

  • Did you extract “I545_OC1_Stock_Firmware.tar.rar” before copying the file?

    The file must have .tar/.tar.md5 extension so that FlashFire recognizes it.

  • Tommy

    So I have moved “I545_OC1_Stock_Firmware.tar” onto my extSD but when I navigate to find it, its not there. Why is this?
    EDIT: I’m using “Install Lollipop on Verizon Galaxy S4 & Keep Root” instructions

  • Thanks for sharing the info, Simon. I am going to add it in the tutorial.

  • Simon

    Nevermind. I figured out why the verizon red screen is stuck in the bootloop. Before you open the fireflash app, you have to open SuperSu App, go to the app settings and check Enable su during boot option. Hope this helps everyone else with this problem. And thanks again Rakesh!

  • Simon

    Thanks for helping me. I used these links to upgrade to lollipop but now my phone is stuck on a bootloop on the red verizon screen. I made sure I switched the order on #8 (wipe first, then flash.) before I did it. What should I do from here to upgrade to lollipop and keep my root access?

  • Todd

    It displays the blue recovery booting in top left corner but goes directly into regular boot. I’ve tried all combinations and have done this before. I then tried clockwork to boot into it and same thing. Goes to regular boot after it says recovery booting. Strange thing is now everyone I reboot without holding anything it still displays the blue recovery booting message and then regular boot. No boot loop phone runs fine. Definitely an issue with the stock recovery.

  • What happens when you try to get into the stock recovery?

  • It’s good that you only took and first of the 2 OTAs. Since you phone is still on KitKat, uoi can downgrade.

    Download this firmware:

    Install it using Odin:

    You can then root your phone with Towelroot:

    And then you can try the FireFlash method from above to get Lollipop+root.

  • Simon

    Help! I took the OTA kitkat NK4 update for my verizon i545. It seems I lost my root access. How do I regain my root access and upgrade to Lollipop?

  • Todd

    Hello! I followed this and it worked perfectly! Phone runs smooth with no issues. BUT!… I cannot access recovery mode, download mode is fine. Is this normal or did I do something wrong? How can I fix it?

  • Ali D

    I need help! I have soft bricked my phone using Odin. My galaxy s4 sch-i545 baseband version has been changed to nk4 but the firmware update failed and now I can’t go back because there isn’t any stock firmware that matches my phone and baseband. I’ve tried recovery with Kies and it failed

  • You are right!

  • Caleb

    So if I upgraded my firmware to 5.0.1 OC1 on my SCH-I545 I’m out of luck until a root method comes out for 5.0.1?

  • Looks like you have unzipped the update package. If it still failed, your phone must not have the base firmware required to flash the OTA.

  • Ali D

    I saved the update folder onto my external sd card and am in recovery mode but which package do I want inside the update folder? It says:

  • What’s your current firmware version? Is it Lollipop?

  • Amy J

    I tried to restart and now it automatically goes into download mode and says that firmware upgrade encountered an error. Go to kies and try again

  • Amy J

    i tried the odin way too and it failed. this is what it said:

  • Dan

    The 404 error is fixed. Link works again. Thanks.

  • Dan isnt found on server

  • Glad to know it finally did the magic.

  • Karthik

    Great wow !!! I got updated my phone with Lollipop by keeping the root access. Thanks Rakesh

  • Karthik

    Trying again now with Flashfire method with new updated link. Let you know the result soon 🙂

  • Karthik

    Previously i have downloaded same stock file. Whether the link you provided now got updated to sort out the issue which faced prior (stuck at Verizon load screen)

  • Karthik

    Rooted ROM link is not working. Please suggest the correct link to download

  • The safest base is the NK1 build.

  • Even all KitKat builds are not downgradable. If you took the OTA, you’ll not be able to go back but if you use FF method, you can still downgrade.

  • Well, you’re free to draw a conclusion based on your experience but you are certainly not free to declare someone afflicted with ADHD just because he has written something that does not suit you. Your complaints sound a bit rash and I am sure the majority will not agree with you.

    Just do a data factory reset via the stock recovery and you’ll notice significant improvement.

    As for the sucking part- it’s Verizon that SUCKS! Peace.

  • Try again, it’s now available.

  • Michael Stramel

    File is not found

  • Gabe

    Couldn’t I use Odin, seeing that FF was removed from the app store and nothing has been addressed on the group page for FF.

  • Mr_Rogers

    Many phones do NOT allow going back to the much better KitKat after downgrading to LolliPOOP – mine doesn’t, for example (Verizon, SCH-I545)

  • Mr_Rogers

    DON’T UPGRADE TO LOLLIPOP. It will break many of your phone’s apps – it sure did on my Verizon Galaxy S4. Swype is a hot mess after moving to Lollipop. And the OS in general is SLOWER (as opposed to claims of this article); if anything, it’s MORE laggy, and an umitigated battery hog. Plus, you’ll not be able to downgrade back to KiTKat once you have LolliPOOP installed.

    All kinds of CPU time is spent figuring out how to display the next “cool feature,” most of which appear to have been written with the ADHD-afflicted in mind.

    Don’t do it – LOLLIPOP SUCKS.

  • tell me the firmware build version or show the screenshot of the Settings> About screen of your phone.

  • Alaa shaer

    How to root my device I have updated it by stuck rom download it from sammobile

  • Yes, it does.

  • Alaa shaer

    I have unrooted S4 FlashFire need root access ???

  • Karthik

    You mean through flash fire method keep root link or Odin method?

  • Did you try it? Download the rooted ROM again.

  • Karthik

    Flash fire method got updated now? Previously I was stuck at Verizon screen

  • Between, the rooted Lollipop ROM has been updated now with a few fixes. You should give it another shot.

  • I mean you can install the lollipop firmware I gave you. It doesn’t have root though but you can easily downgrade to KitKat and root the phone if you wish.

  • Karthik

    You mean downgrade to previous firmware or have to root with any other method

  • No, but it’s downgradable.

  • Karthik

    Great news. Does this update will keep the root access

  • Install the Lollipop firmware using Odin:

  • Glad to know!

  • Jim H

    Your process and instructions worked great, thanks

  • Martin

    It seems many people are stuck on the verizon logo after attempting the fireflash method. The steps are being followed perfectly. There has to be a reason and a fix for this. I attempted updated my friends phone and this happened twice

  • There’s either the OTA or Fireflash method. The full Lollipop firmware is not available for download.

  • Karthik

    Could you please suggest a method to update my VERIZON S4 to Lollipop

  • Karthik

    Can i have anyother method to update Verizon S4 to Lollipop? or have to try flashfire method once again?

  • Karthik

    Ok i have recovered the kitkat firmware now. Could you please let me know to any other method to update to Lollipop like Odin? Seems Flash fire left me stuck previously.

  • If you still stuck on the boot logo, pull out the battery, re-insert it after 15 seconds.

    Boot into the download mode and install the KK1 firmware using Odin.



  • Karthik

    I have updated my mobile with Lillipop per above method by keep root access. But it have an issue – While rebooting mobile stuck at VERIZON log and not booting further. I have restarted my phone by taking out battery couple of time, but still it is not booting further from VERIZON log screen.
    While i tried to reboot from recovery mode, i found the mobile is update to Lollipop. but still not booting further from VERIZON log screen. Seems it is bricked?

    Please help me in resolving this issue.

  • Karthik

    Hi I have Updated My Mobile tolollipop

  • Karthik

    I have joined the Android-Flashfire community through G+, but still not able to find app in Play store. Could you help

  • Karthik

    Started downloading. Which fire flash has to be installed. I dont see anything specific in this name

  • Link updated!

  • Karthik

    Stock lollipop firmware link not working. Please suggest. Also which Fire Flash has to be downloaded?

  • Karthik

    Hi, Link “” is not getting right. Got the error message. COuld you pleas fix or suggest?

  • Ok, coming from 4.3 (mj7) rooted, the instructions for the rooted update aren’t working. When I click flash, it goes black for a bit, then reboots to Android system recovery. Doesn’t update… is my only choice to hunt down the instructions for going to 4.4 and try again in two phases, or does any one know of a better way to get this updated.

    From what I have read from a bit of searching, it sounds like a lot of people had to reload stock when going from 4.3 to 4.4 because of this issue. Hoping to avoid doing that, then needing to reroot if possible.

  • Neil Chakraborty

    I saw a similar issue. See my thread below.
    If you have a chance, can you try entering recovery mode and wiping the cache?

  • Neil Chakraborty

    Looks like Mitch Bloom is facing the same issue.

    I did follow the instructions correctly, i.e, ensuring that Wipe is performed before flashing. As mentioned, after upgrading the 4.4.2 with root, the issue was not bootloop: rather, the phone was stuck on the Verizon screen for a long time. Perhaps a solution would be to enter recovery at that point and flush the cache. I would like to try it but I probably won’t be able to until early June.


  • Sorry for the late reply. You can create and restore nandroid backup only via a custom recovery. You can use Titanium Backup for apps and app data.

    Regarding your phone getting into bootloop again and again, i suspect you might be making mistake on Step#8. Make sure to reorder the options as Wipe first and then Flash Zip or OTA.

    Keeping these in wrong sequence will result in a bootloop. I guess FF installs the ROM and then wipes it afterwards and when the phone reboots, it is stuck on boot as there’s no OS installed.

  • Neil Chakraborty

    Yeah, that’s what I did. I re-flashed it to NK1 and got root and am now using that. I don’t want to lose root (prefer rooted phone over Lollipop).

    Do you know what the best way to perform a complete image backup of my phone would be? I’d like to try the Chainfire method again but in case of failure, I’d like to be able to re-flash my phone (with apps + data) painlessly. Is nandroid the way to go?

  • Just fixed the link.

  • Sounds weird! I don’t know why it’s not working for some people.

    Downgrade to NK1 again and root it if you wish to. If you want Lollipop without root, use the OTA method.

  • If it is still stuck, pull out the battery, boot into the download mode and install the NK1 firmware using Odin.

  • Robert Reilly

    I downloaded it from xda. Thx

  • Blu

    I used the FlashFire method.

  • Robert Reilly

    Everytime I try to download oc1 rom I get file not found same for fire flash also..have they been removed?

  • Mitch Bloom

    Tried flashing with FlashFire. Was on rooted 4.4.2. All seemed to go well, now my phone has been stuck on the Verizon boot screen for 25-30 minuets during the reboot. Any suggestions?

  • Neil Chakraborty

    Thanks again. I was able to get root working using the technique suggested. I then flashed the ROM and it seemed to work but the phone after reboot it wouldn’t go past the red Verizon screen. I waited for 15 minutes or so and then force rebooted the phone (battery removal). It still doesn’t go past the Verizon screen.

    I did notice an issue with 4G LTE not working upon getting root (I had to update SuperSU binary after getting root; after that I didn’t get 4G LTE, got only 1x data). Not sure why that was.


  • You can now easily use the FireFlash method without issue. I was a little doubtful about the jump from 4.2.2 but I still pushed you because the same method worked on the AT&T S4 with 4.2.2.

    Anyway, NK1 is fine. Root it using this guide:

    and then come back here again and use the FireFlash method. It would certainly work this time. 🙂

  • Neil Chakraborty

    Thanks, Rakesh. That seems to have helped. The phone now boots. It looks like it reset the device which is fine.
    It looks like I lost root though.

    Do you know how I can:
    a) Get root for my device?
    b) Upgrade to 5.0.1 and keep root?

  • If you still stuck on the boot logo, pull out the battery, re-insert it after 15 seconds.

    Boot into the download mode and install the KK1 firmware using Odin.



  • How much time did you wait after the Samsung logo screen appeared?

  • Neil Chakraborty

    Hmm. I can’t seem to be able to get into recovery mode either. When I perform the instructions suggested, I can see it start going into recovery mode. I see the blue text with ‘Recovery Booting’ and then I see the android logos (standing, then the prone logo with the open chest…). But the phone immediately reboots after that and I go back into the “Samsung Unlocked Custom” screen.

  • Neil Chakraborty

    So, I tried flashing my Verizon GS4 with the Lollipop ROM for root per instructions above.
    Now, my phone starts and seems to be stuck on the boot screen with a Sasmung logo and “Unlocked” icon with the word “Custom”. It seems stuck there. Suggestions?

  • You did the OTA method?

  • Were you able to update to Lollipop?

  • You don’t need any firmware base for the fireflash method. If you got root, just go with it.

  • Yes, it’ll wipe the apps and data on the internal storage. Use Titanium backup to create a backup.

  • Which method do you want to go with?

  • أبو محمد حسن خرمان

    Got it, thanks for the help

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  • Blu

    I haven’t updated my phone since the first 4.4.2 update. I’m running the NC5 bootloader, and this method doesn’t work (I was able to recover with Odin). What software version do I need to update to before using this method?

  • Kenny Yu

    Rakesh, if I want to keep root and use the method shown above, does it wipe my personal data?
    If it does, what applications do you recommend that is easy to use to back up and restore? I have an SD card by the way.

  • Neil Chakraborty

    Rakesh, if I want to keep root and flash my GS4 to get to Lollipop using the method you suggested above (i.e., using FlashFire), what version of Android do I need to be on? I’m on 4.2.2 (i.e., jellybean). I tried your steps but the FlashFire APK downloaded from your link just has a white blank screen when opened. I do have root.


  • VM

    Thanks for your response. I guess I am stuck with it, atleast for now.

  • Unfortunately, downgrading from Lollipop is not possible (it has not been confirmed at least) or, there could still be a way out.

  • VM

    I wish I saw some of these methods to keep root earlier. I had root but for some reason went to stock to be able to update to lollipop. I went stock and took OTA update. Is there anyway to get root access now that I am on LRX22C.I545VRUGOC1 and also the latest kernel. Thanks a lot

  • You can install stock firmware or try this:

  • Kaushik Patel

    ok rakesh but how to root then unroot process ? i don’t know unroot process

  • You must have root to flash the tethering add-on.

  • Kaushik Patel

    hi rakesh this file without root install or not ??

  • Kaushik Patel

    Hi Rakesh

    Without Root Enable WiFi Tethering on verizon galaxy s4 this file without root working or not ??

  • sohaib

    Okay thanks.

  • Just follow the instructions.

  • sohaib

    Kindly reply please.

  • sohaib

    And one last thin friend currently im on pure stock nk1 no mods completely nothing, so just wanted to know that if i want to get lollipop i just need to follow your steps nothing else i should have done right ?

  • sohaib

    Okay thanks. And i dont need to have root for this tutorial right ?

  • Yes. I do much research before writing my tutorials.

  • sohaib

    No no you are getting me rom i just meant i also went through that i just found the rooted stock lollipop noth without rooted. I want to install this rom thats why wanted to ask you are sure this is not rooted rom ?

  • That guy captured both the OTAs and I got them both from him. It’s a blog that we run and we write with responsibility. It’s not my concern if you could find the files or not.

    I don’t have time for getting into such a discussion. If you have your doubts, you are free to use or ignore the tutorial. Peace.

  • sohaib

    On xda dgutierrez 04 captured just the 1st part of ota update not the 2nd part. The 2nd part of the update was rooted stock oc1 lollipop. I went through that post and this is what i found.

  • Odin can only flash full firmwares and firmware components with .tar extension. OTA’s come as ZIPs and are meant for sideloading via ADB or stock recovery only.

    As for the OTA files, I got them from dgutierrez04 who captured them. The ROM provided in the FireFlash method is based on these very OTAs.

  • sohaib

    Hi rakesh its me sohaib again. Just wanted to know 2 things.
    Where did you got that 2nd part ota update from ?
    And secondly why are you using stock recovery to flash this firmware why not odin ?
    Please kindly answer both questions.

  • Warren

    It worked thanks.

  • Warren

    Thank You, You have helped so much.

  • Okay, I have already added the OC1 OTA above, Please go through the steps again.


  • Warren

    My phone was already on NK1, I did the flash from the to get to NK4. I was trying to get the OC1 update, but it will not allow me too. So when you capture the OC1 flash I will use that. If i am understanding correctly. Forgive me if I have confused you.

  • The second OTA has already been added.

    Have you disable system boats? If yes, enable them back and try again.

  • Warren

    It was on the NK1 base already.;… Ill just wait for the second part.

  • If your device doesn’t have the NK1 base, you can try the FireFlash method.

  • Make sure your phone has the NK1 firmware. You can check that from Settings> About.

  • Warren

    Yes I am. Thanks for replying.

  • Are you trying the OTA method?

  • Warren

    Its saying my device firmware is not supported to update firmware.

  • Warren

    I installed the NK4, but the Verizon Upgrade assistant is saying I am not able to upgrade. I am on an unrooted phone. Please help.

  • pgiven14

    Got it, thanks for the help

  • pgiven14

    I installed the rooted update, following your instructions. It worked, and my phone is now running a rooted OC1. However, google play and google play services are not installed. Any idea on how I can install them?

  • Thanks for sharing your feedback!

  • John Ricci

    Thanks for the rooted update, works great… SCHi545 NC5 > OC1

  • sohaib

    Thank you will be waiting for it.

  • Hi, I soon as we get hold of the second OTA capture, the guide will be updated.

  • sohaib

    Rakesh kindly make a tutorial on installing the 1st and 2nd both part of the update without root just like the way you normally show for other android phones. As im outside of us so cant get ota.