Sushil is a student by day... and a student by night too. Currently living in the middle of nowhere in India. He spends most of his time reading, gaming, watching movies, learning programming languages and ploting world domination. He is always looking for fresh, useful and innovative apps. Because of his special love for mobile OS, he wants to start a mobile gaming startup in future.
Awesome Icon Packs

4 Awesome Icon Packs You’ll Love [#22]

The sweetest part of Android is its customizability. Whether you are a veteran or a noob, it has something for everybody. With Android, you get the freedom to alter each and everything and make...
3 Best Free Productivity Timers for Android

3 Best Free Productivity Timers for Android

Being efficient at work all the time is a bit difficult and not everyone's cup of tea. But, it's important. Nobody likes to waste their time doing things that don't add value to their...
Adventure Games for Android

5 Awesome Point & Click Adventure Games for Android

The Google play store is the hub of some of the most awesome games. One category that often receives a lot of love is point & click.The Point & Click category can't really be...
6 Android Games Worth Spending Money On

6 Android Games Worth Spending Money On

The Google play store hosts an uncountable number of games. While most of them are free, it does have a considerable amount of paid titles.While I'm not much into smartphone gaming, I do own...
3 Awesome To-Do Apps to Get Your Things Done

3 Awesome To-Do Apps to Get Your Things Done

We all have busy lives. We deal with so many information and tasks every day that we are bound to forget some. In such a situation, the importance of writing things down can't be...

5 Awesome Word Games for Android

Thanks to their nature, there is no shortage of words games in the Google play store. These games are easy to pick-up and are easy to put down whenever needed. A small amount of...

Got a New Android Phone? Change These 4 Settings Immediately

First of all, congratulations on getting a new phone! Before you begin posting photos on Instagram or start going crazy on Snapchat, change these basic settings to make your experience a pleasant one. If...
3 New Music Players for Android

3 New Music Players for Android

Although the world is moving towards streaming music with services like Spotify and Apple Music, there are still a lot of people who like to keep their music offline. I'm one of those people.A...

Here’s Why You Should be Using the Premium Version of Musixmatch

Musixmatch is the best lyrics app for Android if you are willing to pay for the premium version. But, why would you want to pay just to see lyrics when there are lots of...

Build & Improve Your Vocabulary with

Although English is the most important language at the moment, not everyone is fluent in it. The most difficult part of learning English is building a powerful Vocabulary. After all, if you're not familiar...

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