Android Lollipop has been a nightmare to developers since the inception, thanks to the ART runitime, 64-bit support, SELinux restrictions and many other modifications made by Google. Even the rooted Lollipop users had to wait a long time to use many popular apps which have gone incompatible with Lollipop. I missed Xposed framework for so many days after installing Lollipop on my devices and even when Xposed extended its support to Lollipop, many modules were incompatible.

For those who don’t know about Xposed framework, it’s the best ever modding framework for Android with which you can modify various parts of your device without touching a piece of code. Xposed is one of the first app you should try on your rooted device but strictly speaking it was still buggy on Lollipop devices. Finally, the Xposed developer rovo89 has announced a big update to Xposed framework and new version conventions.

Xposed for Lollipop consists of two parts, one is the Xposed framework which contains the binaries and the other is the Xposed Installer app which manages various Xposed modules and settings. Currently, the Xposed framework is available only in recovery flashable zip file and the developer has switched to integer version numbers, the latest being v65. The Xposed installer app will continue with the human readable version numbers, the latest build is 3.0 alpha3.

The installation script in the flashable zip was also modified with a fork of Busybox for clean installation. And finally, the developer has taken some time to build the uninstallation zip files in case you wish to revert back all the changes. So, even if you’ve bricked your device, you can just flash the uninstallation zip to revert back the changes made by the installation script. The latest version has been released to arm64 and x86 devices as well. Here are some other changes implemented in the v65:

  • Display the installed framework version in green, instead of a static hint about flashing the framework via recovery.
  • Fix for incomplete logs on some devices
  • Fix for updated modules crashing until the next reboot
  • Ignore unknown parameters to avoid bootloops on some devices
  • Some other internal improvements

The developer has also hinted that the official Android 5.1 support for Xposed will come sooner or later once the major bugs are nulled. Nexus users running Android M are out of luck as the developer made a clear-cut statement that he won’t waste time on Android M developer builds. The new version is too young for us to comment but so far it’s running OK without any crashes. If you wish to try the latest Xposed framework for Android Lollipop, grab the required files from below and install them on your device.

Xposed Installer app: 

Download the XposedInstaller_3.1.5.apk and install it on your device like any normal APK.

Xposed Framework:

Download the Xposed framework Zips compatible with your device and simply flash it using a custom recovery.

Xposed Framework Uninstaller:

If you wish to revert back the changes made by the Xposed framework installation script, flash the below compatible uninstallation Zip from custom recovery.

So, try the latest Xposed framework for Lollipop and let us know if you saw any crazy force closes or errors on your device.


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