I often see people searching for methods to perform such tasks on their phone as might seem very funny to an advanced user. A person buys a phone, uses it, and when he gets some problem with doing or using a function, starts searching for a solution for his/her problem. There are folks who need assistance for almost everything except “how to turn on and off my phone”. The slogan “Google is My Best Friend” has become so great a rage nowadays that people start looking to it for even the commonest things. Google is, of course, everyone’s best friend, how good is it to cry for your friend’s help all the time?

I have seen people searching for problems (if they really are) like “how to delete my contacts”, “how to turn on Bluetooth”, “how to increase the volume of my phone”, etc. These are the commonest things that even a below-average user is supposed to know! I do not think anybody would like to write a guide, telling people how to dial, delete or save a phone number. Every mobile manufacturer provides a user manual or guide that contains the complete information about a specific handset. If you take pains to spend just a  few minutes and go through it, you can easily have a basic, if not advanced, understanding of your phone.

In the present post, I will be providing the links to download the user manuals/guides of Android devices from all major manufacturers. All user manuals are in PDF format that can be viewed on a computer or a smartphone with a PDF reader installed on it.


Samsung Galaxy Devices User Manuals:

Samsung Galaxy S3 User Guide: Link

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini User Guide: Link

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Jelly Bean Manual: Link

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 User Guide: Link

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 P3113 User Manual: Link

Samsung Galaxy Camera User Manual: Link


HTC Devices User Manuals:

HTC One X User Manual: Link

HTC Droid DNA User Manual: Link

HTC One V User Manual Guide: Link


LG Devices User Manuals:

LG Optimus M+ MS695 User Manual Guide: Link

LG Xpression C395 User Manual Guide: Link

LG Viper 4G LTE User Manual Guide: Link

LG Optimus Vu II User Manual Guide: Link


Sony Phones User Manuals:

Sony Xperia Sola User Manual Guide: Link

Sony Xperia U User Manual Guide: Link

Sony Xperia TL User Manual Guide: Link


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