The Galaxy Tab 7.7 3G GT-P6800 belongs to the first generation of tablet devices from Samsung, It also happens to be the first tablet device to come with AMOLED plus display. It was launched back in September 2011 with Android 3.2 Honeycomb which was later upgraded to Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich. At a time when all were thinking that ICS was the last firmware upgrade for this beautiful tablet, we were surprised a month ago when a report said that the OEM was testing JB firmware on Tab 7.7 GT-P6800.

No wonder the long-awaited Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean has finally hit the device and thus put a smile on the faces of its users across the world. Anyways the new update has already started rolling out and its users in Asia region have been receiving the OTA update via Samsung Kies and on-device software update feature. Currently, there are 7 countries where the update is available but as always happens it will be pushed in phases to all device in other countries too.

Features and Changes:

The Android 4.1.2 is really a major update as it brings a totally revamped new user interface with TouchWiz Nature UX introduce for the first time with the Galaxy S3. The new features and enhancements introduced by the JB update for the Galaxy Tab 7.7 GT-P6800 are as follows:

  • New Nature TouchWiz UX
  • Google Now
  • New Notification Panel
  • Smoother UI (Project Butter)
  • New Samsung Cloud Service
  • Blocking Mode
  • New Lockscreen
  • Readers Hub, Music Hub, Video Hub, Group Cast
  • New widgets like AccuWeather and  Music Hub
  • Many others…



All these features are sure to make you excited about getting this update as soon as possible. Do not worry, you can enjoy the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean features on your Tab 7.7 even if you do not belong to any of the countries listed below. If you have an unbranded international version of the device, you can download any carrier unbranded firmware from below and install it on your device.

As new firmwares arrive the below list will be updated with firmwares for more countries.


Singapore (SingTel):

Singapore (StarHub):





Philippines (Globe):

Philippines (Sun):


How to Install:

Download the firmware file in zip from above, extract it on your desktop and install the new update by clicking PDA button and adding the firmware file with .tar.md5 extension. For detailed installation tutorial Click Here.

How to Root Galaxy Tab 7.7 GT-P6800:

Read our tutorial on rooting Galaxy Tab 7.7 P6800 on Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean firmware here.


  1. Thank u so much, it worked. For the one who tried for the first time and had failed just repeat all the steps again. I used the firmware from indonesi.

  2. i cannot see sa PASS: botton sir what happened??? i do all” but its not working can you help me sir???? please? i want to updated my SAmsung galaxy to jelly bean 4.1.2… because my Version is 3.2 onLy…. Huhuhhuh

  3. i cannot see sa PASS: botton sir what happened??? i do all” but its not working can you help me sir???? please? i want to updated my SAmsung galaxy to jelly bean 4.1.2… because my Version is 3.2 onLy…. Huhuhhuhi cannot see sa PASS: botton sir what happened??? i do all” but its not working can you help me sir???? please? i want to updated my SAmsung galaxy to jelly bean 4.1.2… because my Version is 3.2 onLy…. Huhuhhuh

  4. i cannot see sa PASS: botton sir what happened??? i do all” but its not working can you help me sir???? please? i want to updated my SAmsung galaxy to jelly bean 4.1.2… because my Version is 3.2 onLy…. Huhuhhuh

  5. Anyone out there please advise, my device needs updating and won’t OTA. It worked fine when I first bought it and I just ignored the update reminders because they never worked. Anyway I thought if I factory reset the device might update itself-I was wrong. Now the Market (I know its been replaced by google Play store) will not connect! My google says it is syncing but since the market has not successful run it cannot be updated!!

    I have model# GT-P6810
    Build # HTJ85B.ZSLA1 P6810ZSLA1
    Kernel Version 2.6.36-P6810ZSLA1-CL61505

  6. hi
    i have tab 7.7 gt-p 6800 Broadbandversion P6800XXLPW and had installed CYANOGEN 12 but was not too much happy with and was downloaded original firmware for 7.7 and run odin end everything was ok untill reboot my tab stock at SAMSUNG logo and go not further…??? what to do
    thans appriciate a lot your help

  7. Hi, I bought mine P6800XXLA3 in singapore but unable to update to new android version. It is still 3.2. I have tried all options but still not working. Any advice?

  8. Thanks for your reply, but I could not download the NEE-P6800XXLQD or XSP-P6800XM3 zip? Only succesful downloading Odin_Multi_Flasher_v3.07! What happened?

  9. I bought mine in Switzerland and using in Germany! What is the best way to have the latest update! Thanks

  10. Hi, thank you for posting this method!
    I bought my GT-P6800 in Taiwan. Tried to download the Hong Kong firmware from above but hesitated coz the webpage, after click into the link, shows the firmware is for GS2. Does this HK firmware work fine, or is there any other recommendation? Thank you!

  11. Hi I have Samsung Tablet GT-P6800 bought in Hongkong using it in India for last 3 plus years. Recently the WI-fi stopped working, it is not getting enabled and shows error. I visited Authorized Service center at Chennai. They are not ready to format & reload software stating the OS & IMEI nos are not from India and hence they can not do it. They want to get it done from where I bought. It is ridiculous. I also want to upgrade it to ICS. Kindly advise, whether the tablet can be serviced in India and how to go about it.

  12. Hey, the Brazilian version (ZTO) is working correctly in GT-P6800 (my baseband version P6800UBLP1)? Thanks.

  13. Hello. My galaxy tab 7.7 P6800 is made in Vietnam. Which firmware should I use? And can I guarantee that wifi will work?

  14. Hello i got tab GT-P6800 baseband P6800XXkL2 i want to update it to the latest version please give me the link where to download it from and how to thanks 🙂

  15. Thanks for your quickly response. But which ROM should I use to reflash, ICS or JB? I did twice with ICS P6800XXLQ1, but nothing changed to my 3G althought original baseband version P6800XXLPW has been used. It almost does not work properly.


  16. My 7.7 Tab is using ICS P6800XXLQ1 with baseband P6800XXLPW version.

    I have updated to JB P6800DXMD3 successully via ODIN. Everything looks OK, but I had a stupid mistake:
    – Select the BOOTLOADER instead of PDA checkbox, so the BASEBAND has been changed. After that, 3G access is very unstable (almost cannot use 3G).

    I repeat upper step with ICS P6800XXLQ1 image, the BASEBAND has been changed to original (P6800XXLPW), but it seems that 3G modem is not working properly.
    Please help to suggest me a good solution for this issue or the way I can roll back right BASEBAND.

    Thanks in advance.

  17. Hi guys, I want to let you know that I successfully installed the jellybean 4.1.2 and rooted my galaxy tab 7.7. I use the firmware from Philippines because my tab was bought in Saudi Arabia and still no available updates for Middle East version. Although there’s no Arabic language in my tab, I still manage to have it by rooting and installing apps like language enabler and language switcher. Just follow the instructions and have the necessary requirements in updating your tab. Any firmware will do, only problem is the language might not support it but solution is rooting your tab. My tab now is so amazing. It’s faster, responsive, battery life is improved and you can tweaks more if your tab is rooted. Thanks Droid Views, you really help a lot, I always visit your site for new updates for my tab. Try also install Xposed framework after rooting, your tab will do more you thought might not be. Thanks again.

  18. Hi! I’ve got a docomo galaxy tab plus 7.7 SC -01E ( Japanese version ) i like to convert it to the international version.
    Is there international version for this and is it possible to convert it ? ? ? ?

  19. Hi, I have a Broadbandversion P6800XXLPW and am living in Germany. How and which version can I install?? Really appreciate help!! Thanks alot!

  20. I DO IT and make sure the connection is correct , I don’t understand where is the problem ?! [[fakss]]

  21. DON’T working,,,,,,,,,,,,but the new message appear ” Can’t open the serial(COM) port.
    ” in Odin 3 v1.85 …..what I do ? Iam BOringg

  22. I get this error message : All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1). i

    make sure that my model is galaxy tab 7.7 p6800 and I put SIM

  23. Uninstall the Samsung USB drivers or Kies and install it again. Restart pc and device both. Make sure USB debugging is turned on. Then try again.

  24. In download mode I always get “USB Device Not Recognized” Error, but if Im in the Standard Mode or Inside the application the Odin 3 Application can detect my unit. Pleas Help, I can’t update my unit, our their other methods I can use to update my firmware. As of the moment my units is running Android Version 4.0.4 – Baseband Version P6800XXLPW – Build Number IMM76D.XXLQ2 and I used this firmware version P6800OXALQ2_P6800XXLQ2_HOME.tar.md5

  25. Yes a custom ROM can fix this issue but sometimes custom ROMs also have WiFi bug. When you install a custom ROM, it completely overwrites the existing one.Make sure that it does not have WiFi issue before installing.

    Further, you will also need to root the device. If you have not rooted it yet, see this:

    And also, do not forget to backup your ROM before installing a custom one. Read this for more detailed explanation:

  26. I have one more question: Is it at all possible that a custom rom based on Jelly Bean has a fix for this or is the wifi issue too deeply embedded in the firmware?

  27. No, it didn’t. Thanks anyways, I’m really glad this site exists and you’re doing such a fine job.:)

  28. You are right the WiFi connectivity issue was common to Galaxy S3 and Note 2 JB 4.1.2 update. It was fixed later with newer updates. I thought it would have been fixed in P6800 version because 4.1.2 for the device has arrived much later. Wait till the new batch of fixes arrive and it’ll hopefully be fixed.

    So, the data/factory reset did not help you!

  29. Thanks for the quick response. I did as you suggested, still no luck. It does however work with routers that have 802.11n. Routers using 802.11b/g can not connect, which is weird, because a friend has JB on a Galaxy S3 Mini and connects just fine. I tried many different things like changing the wifi channel on the router and disabling security.

    I did some digging around the web and found that this is a common problem with Jelly Bean on some phones and older routers. Other than that it works perfectly. Thanks a lot!! 🙂

  30. Try a data/factory reset from recovery but before doing that backup all important data on your device:

    This is how you can do it:

    Turn off device

    Press and hold volume up+power buttons together for a few seconds till the Samsung logo blinks for 2 times. Then release the power key and keep the volume up pressed till you see a menu with Android System Recovery written on the top.

    Use the volume keys to scroll up and down and power key to select option in recovery.
    Go to “wipe data/factory reset” and “wipe cache partition” options and wipe them.

    Finally reboot the device. Let me know what happens.

  31. Hey, thank you very much for this article. Updated, works like a charm except for one thing: my WIFI isn’t being accepted by the device. I’ve re-entered my password several times, tried rebooting but it still won’t connect and says ‘Authentication Error occurred’. I vaguely remember this happening before but I don’t recall what I did to fix it.
    What might be the cause of this? I’m using a 7.7 I bought in Taiwan – no restrictions carrier wise – in Germany. Installed the Singapore version. Any help will be appreciated.

  32. I also cannot switch my tab 7.7 sc-01e to the download mode. It is a locked 3G version and I see some warning in Japanese. What should I do, could you please help me. Thank you in advance!

  33. I have a Japanese version of updated galaxy tab 7.7 sc-01e plus. It has LTE and TV tuner pre-installed. Currently I have 4.0.2 Kernel version. If I install 4.1.2 jelly bean, will my TV tuner and LTE function? Thank you in advance!

  34. my device is made in Vietnam. Currently its working on ics(Austrian firmware). and i am usining it in India.

    so please suggest me which firmware to be installed. which one is the most stable. language requirement is 100% english

  35. I was wondering if is it okay to update my tab from honeycomb 3.2 to JB?
    btw my tabs made in vietnam and I just bought it here in saudi..

  36. thanks for Your help. after rooting and installing that app i now have my native Norwegian on the keyboard without all those pesky 3 party apps

  37. Just wondering if the Luxembourg FW is actually 4.1.2? It is alot smaller than the other 4.1.2 FW files?
    And does anyone know how to add system Languages on a P6800?

  38. Just to let you know that I installed the official firmware, android 4.1.2 and then rooted the tablet again. Best of both worlds! Everything’s rosy! Thank you for the help and inspiration.
    Your 70 years old pupil!

  39. Thanks for the cool guide… it was so easy to updrade my P6800 with the support of you all,.

  40. btw, my baseband version is P6800DXLP7. Can I still download any of those firmwares above? :'( Please help..

  41. I have a question.. my device was bought in Singapore, but I am now using it here in the Philippines. Which should I download? Thanks!

  42. This is bootloop and it does not indicate that the installation was unsuccessful. Boot your device into recovery and “wipe data/factory reset” and “cache partition”. Hold the Volume Up+Power buttons for about 5-6 seconds, when you see the green android bot, release power key. When you enter recovery wipe two things I mentioned earlier.

  43. Can I ask which roms version worked as mine went to a blank screen after the samsung logo.
    This is the second rom i flashed, earlier using the one from IBtimes but same thing happened.

  44. Will it work with a rooted device? I have cyano 10.1, android 4.2.2, installed but would like to go back to the original firmware. Battery drain issues.

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