Top 5 Icon Packs

The great thing about Android is its customizability. One part of customization is icon packs. App icons are of different size, shape, design, and color scheme. One OEMs icons look different from the other. In my honest opinion, this seems messy and disorderly. This is where icon packs come in. They make your phone look consistent and less cluttered. There are a ton of icon packs available in the Google Play Store, and today I am listing down my top 5 icon packs of all time.

1. Cornie Icons

Cornie is the best icon pack I have ever bought and totally deserves to be on the top of this list. So, what’s so special about it? It is creative. It is so unique and different from the rest of the icon packs, and yet it manages to stay so close to the stock icons.

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I mean, even though the icons here are different, they are easily recognizable. Each icon is of 192×192 resolution, and the pack hosts more than 2400 icons and 112 high-quality wallpapers which are stored in the cloud. It comes with a bunch of alternative icons for a lot of popular apps along with two variants of dock icons – dark and white. Seriously, if you are thinking of buying an icon pack then buy Cornie Icons right now. You’ll love it.

Cornie Icons Price: $1.99

2. Moko – Icon Pack

I bought Moko almost two years ago; it was the first icon pack that I bought, and I have been using it ever since from time to time. Moko has more than 3000 icons which are of square shapes with rounded edges, 108 high-quality wallpapers, and a bunch of alternative icons. With high attention to details, each icon here is carefully designed. The vivid color scheme and a slight drop of shadow, along with a huge icon number of icons and continuous updates make Moko one of the best icon pack in the Google Play store.

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Moko - Icon Pack Price: $1.00

3. Dives – Icon Pack

Dives is my favorite round icon pack. This is the one I am using right now and my home screen looks awesome. I am trying to copy the Google Pixel look and, trust me, Dives is the best Pixel like icon pack available in the Google Play store. With an amazing color palette and a hint of shadow, Dives provides a minimal experience. It has more than 4000 high-quality icons and 50 QHD wallpapers. And, the best thing about it? Weekly updates.

Dives - Icon Pack Price: $0.99

4. Magme – Icon Pack

Magme is a thing of beauty. That’s the only way to describe this amazing icon pack. It has more than 1100 icons and covers a majority popular apps and games. Each icon is handcrafted and designed with extreme detail, and it really feels like that. The icons here follow Google’s material design and are close to the stock icons, but they carry their own subtle twist. The selection of colors here is commendable. The light/ faded color combination easily catches your attention and seems very soothing to eyes.

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Magme - Icon Pack Price: $0.99

5. Material Cards

Material Cards, as the name suggests, offers icons which are in a card-like shape. Following Material design, its color scheme and use of shadows give this icon pack a subtle depth. The icons are very minimal and stock-ish, yet they offer a different and unique experience, thanks to their card-like shape. It’s a fresh take on Material icons, but should also satisfy those of us who like to see icons all of the same shape. As of now, it has some 1100 icons and a few wallpapers. The only bad thing about this icon pack is that it does not receive updates often, in fact, it’s been more than three months since it was last updated.

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