Google introduced an Early Access program last year by introducing a new section of the same name on the Play Store. This Early Access section lists all the apps that are still in Beta, but the developers have made them available for testing and feedback. This benefits and speeds up the app development process. On the other hand, it gives enthusiastic users an idea of what to expect from an app and what kind of apps will soon be arriving on Android. We bring you noticeable apps quite frequently from the Google Play Store, but today we have some apps still under development, that you should keep an eye on for they might turn out to be awesome.

OF Launcher

Let’s start off with the least impressive app on our list. That’s not to say it is a bad app in any way. In fact, quite the opposite. For an app still in beta, this new launcher app is pretty smooth and didn’t crash on us while testing. But we’ve seen numerous attempts at redefining the way our home screens look and function before. Even big names like Yahoo (Aviate) and Microsoft (Arrow launcher) have tried their hands at it. They’re great for the most part, but nothing beats the stock Android feel, at least in our opinion. OF Launcher tries to, but whether it succeeds or not is up to you to decide.

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It is based on simple swipe gestures. The launcher automatically categorizes your installed apps into categories much like a lot of other launcher apps. You can swipe left to open the widget drawer and swipe right to open the folder drawer. These two gestures are inter-changeable. Swiping left again in the widget drawer brings a settings page where you can hide the available widgets. You can’t yet add any widgets. You have to swipe down to access the app drawer and swipe up to expand your dock. But for a launcher that seems to aim at making things easier, we found it makes them more difficult.

But since it is a launcher app, a lot of you might be interested in seeing what it brings to the table. That is the sole reason we felt the need to include OF Launcher. Oh and it displays ads quite nicely. They feel like a part of the launcher. Might almost trick you into clicking them.

Sorry, this app is not available!


Cloak is a VPN app that is absolutely and entirely free, at least for now. Unlike Opera Max, you don’t even have to keep coming back to the app every 24 hours to “recharge” your VPN connection. The only downside is probably the requirement to signup for an account. It’s necessary. Once you get past the signup, it’s a pretty straightforward app with not much to do. Add the WiFi networks you trust as Trusted Networks and Cloak will leave them be.

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You can still activate the Cloak VPN Service when connected to a trusted network. For networks not on your trusted list, Cloak activates on its own as soon as you connect to them. So the next time you connect to that coffee shop or Railway station public WiFi, you wouldn’t need to worry about the network security. - Super Simple VPN Price: Free


Cinetrak is sort of a generic application, but it is rather useful. Based on Google’s material design, the app looks beautiful, and the UI is liquid smooth with nice animations. The name should have already told you what this app is all about, Cinema/Movies. There are several tabs that you can easily swipe between and take a look at all the trending, popular, most anticipated movies, DVD release dates for movies and almost everything that you want to know about a movie.

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You can watch trailers right inside the app, see the cast and other things that you can do on the IMDB app. The app also shows ratings for a movie from various sources such as Rotten Tomatoes, IMDB, and others. It’s more of a complete app for movie lovers than IMDB and that says something. Movie lovers definitely need to check this out.

CineTrak: Your Movie and TV Show Diary Price: Free

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