Google is offering a free app of the week, every week. Why?

Android’s app store, or the Google Play Store as it is called, is full of apps of all kinds. But as revenue data would suggest, even with over 86% market share in the smartphone space, Android apps store generates way less revenue compared to its iOS counterpart. The reason is simple, take a look at the Google Play Store’s most popular apps and you will find almost all of them are free apps.

Paid apps don’t get as much attention on the Play Store and sometimes, these apps do deserve attention because they are actually good. To mend this situation, and give these apps their deserved recognition, Google is giving away a free app every week.

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Free app of the week

Google is giving away a free app every week

Apple has been doing a “Free app of the week” for years now, and Google is now following suit. The company hasn’t announced anything officially, but it seems like it definitely is a thing. The first paid app to have gone gratis is Card Wars — Adventure Time, a lighthearted card trading and battle game that is usually priced at $2.99.

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The Free app of the week is listed on the Apps page under a new section of the same name. You can also directly visit the Free app of the week section via this link. Unfortunately, to avail this free app you will have to be in the United States. Or at least make Google think you are.

According to Venture Beats, last week also an app called Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords worth $2.99 was made free. This is not new tactics, however, as Google tried this back in 2015 under the Family section banner. For some reason, that effort didn’t last long and seemed to have faded away. It would appear this new attempt at mimicking Apple could last, at least longer than it did the last time. But don’t blame us if the link stops working, instead grab the free game no matter what you think of it. Maybe, just maybe, you might end up liking it.

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This seems like a win-win situation for all. We get a free app, the developers get some much-needed promotion and Google gets the number of downloads up. So what are you waiting for?

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