Mobile gaming has grown at an amazing pace over the last decade. Just 10 or so years ago we only had a few titles like Space Impact and the hugely popular Snake to choose from if you were bored. Now hundreds of new games are added to app stores every day. So why are so many of us turning to our mobile phones to play games? Here are three reasons we think the industry has grown so fast.


The obvious reason why mobile games are getting more popular is mainly because they are getting better. Developers are no longer restricted to a screen with few pixels and just the numbers 0 to 9 for controls.

Some of the latest mobile phones, including the new IPhone 6s, now have the capabilities of producing graphics almost as good as a console. In fact the graphics are so good that some of your favourite console characters like Tomb Raider are now playable on your phone. Nintendo are even developing games solely for the smartphone market.

As well as more powerful smartphones, better 3G and 4G internet speeds mean people can play online games in an increasing amount of places. You can now play multiplayer games with people from around the world without having to be connected to your broadband. You can even play poker games for real money on your mobile using Coral Poker’s mobile app.


For most of us, there probably isn’t too many hours in a day where our mobile phone isn’t within our reach. They go everywhere with us, meaning we can take our games with us wherever we go. Those minutes of boredom spent waiting for a bus or an appointment can now be filled with gaming.

It’s also pretty quick to start a game on a mobile phone. Gone are the days where you had to power up your game console and sit through loading screens before you could start a game. Now mobile games are designed so you can pick them up and play within a few seconds. Similarly, you can close a game just as quickly.

The accessibility of mobile gaming means that it’s not just the stereotypical gamer that is enjoying playing on their phone. For the first time in the history of gaming, more women than men are gaming on their phone.


Gaming is no longer limited to those who those who are willing to spend hundreds of pounds for the latest console or gaming PC. Most people already have a smartphone so they already have all they need to start mobile gaming.

Unlike game consoles, you don’t have to fork out around £40 for a new game when you want to play on your mobile phone. Many of the games available for your smartphone are now free to download, meaning you can access millions of games without paying a penny.

But game designers can still make a lot of money if they come up with a good idea. The makers of Candy Crush Saga earned £865 million pounds in 2014, mainly from in-app purchases.

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