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20 Google Maps Tips and Tricks You Must Know About

With it’s ever improving the database, app refinements, and hordes of new features added regularly, Google Maps is slowly incorporating itself into our daily lives. Be it your daily commute to work, planning weekend trips...
Top 5 Satellite Navigation Apps for Android

Top 5 Satellite Navigation Apps for Android

GPS receivers have been built on mobile platforms for many years. The quality and capabilities of these receivers have been getting better and better, with current devices offering full support for GLONASS, GNSS and...
Track Your Friends on Google Maps

How to Track Your Friends on Google Maps

Google recently introduced a new real-time location sharing feature on Google Maps. This means you can share your location with friends. On the flip side, tracking your friends is also possible. No more lying...

Create and Share Lists in Google Maps for a More Organized Travelling Experience

Google has been trying to evolve Google Maps as more than just a navigation service to an all in one travel app and as an effort towards that goal, the internet giant recently introduced...

Google Maps 9.44 Brings Exciting New Features

Google Maps, it’s what you use when you’re in a jam (literally). The app’s ability to show you the way as well as any pertinent information relevant to your current location as well as...

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