You may have heard geeks talk about ‘stock Android’. Have you ever wondered what they mean? Stock Android is essentially just ‘Pure’ Android, with no skins/overlay on top of it. Google devices like the Nexus range, and to a great extent the Moto X, and the Moto G, are all based on stock Android. People using the Samsung, HTC, LG or Sony smartphones and tablets aren’t using stock Android, because the software in their devices are essentially a themed versions of stock Android flavored further with more features and bloats to be simplified.

Enough talk about what it is, let’s take a look why it’s the best!

  • It is Stock – Meaning no creepy overlay on top of it, so it’s the fastest amongst all!
  • Fluid Experience – No lag, whatsoever could be noticed on Stock Android, While other UI’s like TouchWiz, FunTouch OS, will lag a little bit here and there.
  • Easier than ever – It’s stock, meaning there’s nothing too complicated about it. Everything is super-simple to use, with huge and beautiful icons.
  • No Excess Dump – There is no additional apps from the manufacturer like the ‘S’ Apps, so its a clean User-Interface with no need to ‘hide’ apps to make it look clean

Obviously, you might say why choose Stock Android, and not the others? No offence, but the Samsung’s TouchWiz has a ton of features while compared to Google’s Stock Android! Stock Android is checked and reviewed strictly before its release, so there are no noticeable bugs, whatsoever. Also, Stock Android isn’t too hard work to design, so it’s updates are the first! While other UI’s may take up a month or two to release the same update in their style.

So, after reading this article, this may have changed your mind! If you are very particular about perfection in the software of a device,  Stock Android’s for you!


  1. I value your opinion. Anyways, I don’t love an OS or its type by the apps it offers. Sony Walkman port is also available for Android devices, I have used it and must say, its an exceptional music player for Android.

  2. It is true that the other OS types feature much more options, but they all come with some bloatware too!

  3. I think nexus 5 is an awful phone and i prefer sonys ui cuz of walkman features which are awesome, the album etc etc

  4. We appreciate your opinion John. Everyone has their edge on it, i can only offer mine, that Nexus devices have always suited be the best, easy unlock and root, early updates and fast fixes. Apart from this I prefer source-built ROMs over bloated firmwares by manufacturers.

  5. Nexus phones can often be buggier than many flagship phones, the are great for those that wasn’t too be on the cutting edge, but they are far from bug free, even in comparison to other existing devices.

  6. I am talking that compared to all the other UI’s, Stock Android is the fastest and the best yet! Also, that is a software bug!

  7. Stock Android = Overrated. I always go back to Touchwiz, but Lollipop is heading in the right direction, though. Yes, Touchwiz isn’t as snappy as stock but I prefer Touchwiz’s functions.

    1. Battery percentage – Really? Still no options?
    2. “Select All’ in Email – How hard is this to implement?
    3. Quick Toggles – Why does it take up the whole screen and takes 2 swipes down to get to it? Can you customize it?
    4. Clear Notification – Why is the “Clear” button all the way down the list? If I updated/install 20 apps, I have to scroll all the way down to clear it.

    These are just a few on top of my head.

  8. I agree your point. What I meant to say was that among all the UI’s, Google’s stock Android is the fastest and with little bugs!

  9. What a strange article. No lag and no bugs in stock Android whatsoever? That’s just plain WRONG.

  10. No bugs in nexus phones? Are you high? Don’t get me wrong I love my nexus devices but the brand new major releases we get are essentially extended betas. I’m dealing with Wi-Fi battery drain in my nexus 5 with lollipop.

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