If you’ve not got a smartphone by now, you’re probably reading the wrong website! Smartphones have completely and utterly revolutionised our lives in a number of ways. They’ve changed how we interact with our peers, how we manage our finances thanks to online banking apps, how we apply for jobs and even how we present ourselves as people in real life. They’re our mobile cameras, they allow us to take the perfect selfie, listen to music, watch TV on the go and literally so much more, and it’s safe to say that as a society we’re kind of addicted!

But what about smart wear? If the reason we love our smartphones is because of how accessible, portable and handy they are, does it not follow suit that smart wear might be even better? After all, if we’re literally wearing our technology, it increases the ways we can maximise the benefits of having them on us at all times. There are smart watches, fitness trackers and loads of different other ones out there. So what’s best for gaming? We put the two head-to-head for two very different scenarios of competitions and gaming…

Casinos & Online Gaming

These days it’s no secret that a lot of us are gaming on the go. From Candy Crush to Farmville (inexplicably), people are hooked! It’s easy to see why. Games kill time, they give us pleasure, and we’re kind of really into the chemical high we get when we win.

Our smartphones allow us to do things like play online roulette with 32Red, for example. It’s all super realistic, and the games are recreated just like the big casinos in Vegas. There are lots of themed slots and other games like bingo that you can try online, and so there are an abundance of things to do so you’ll never get tired.

At present, most smart wear isn’t designed for this kind of gaming and even if you could get stuck in, the screens are smaller than would be ideal. Sometimes it’s better just to play things like the games on 32Red on a slightly bigger screen to get the full effect! So many are actually optimised for mobile these days, like the aptly named Mobile Casino Canada, and so you’re good to go.

Winner: Smart Phones


Offline Gaming

Now, when you’re a competitive athlete or something similar, the last thing in the world that you want is to have your smartphone distracting you. Scrolling endlessly through your news feed is NOT going to help you to win. However, with this type of competition, the desire to win can actually be HELPED thanks to the implementation of smart wear, or wearable technology as it’s sometimes called.

For example, how many runners do you know who rely on things like FitBit to get themselves motivated and to count their steps? We all know such people, and it’s with good reason. According to many prestigious sports people and experts, wearable tecnology will literally change the face of sport as we know it. It pushes us, allowing us to use data to support our efforts, and it personalises our approaches so that we’re able to reach our full potential

Try running or playing a game of football whilst looking at your smartphone, and it’s practically useless. Even when tracking your steps, it’s often not accurate and more hassle than it’s worth.

Winner: Smart Wear

The Verdict

It’s easy to see that both smartphones and smart wear have their benefits for gaming and anything competitive. It seems that smartphones are great for non-active activities which are solely contained in the realms of the technology. Smart wear and wearable tech, on the other hand, seem to boost our offline world by giving us devices to give us that ‘edge’.

When it comes to their use, smart wear is becoming more widespread. Indeed, over 71% of young people would want to invest in some of their very own. But is it really practical, or is it just yet more stuff we’ll forget to wear? Is it nothing more than a gimmick?

Unless you have a specific purpose for investing, smartphones still remain the best option.

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