Android devices are at their powerful form when they’re rooted and optimized for greater performance. Rooting is a process of exploiting the Android System to get access to the root permission which could reign the inner-level operations of the system. Rooting a device will give grant you superior power over the Android system so that you can grant permissions to the kernel requests rather than the Android OS. So, you will be able to either enhance the performance of the device or destroy it.

Rooting a device depends on many factors including the chipset that the device is built on and the additional security layers the OEM’s has employed to secure from such exploits. So you need to do a little research and try out different rooting techniques that might work on your device. This process might take some time and you will have to browse through many websites and development forums. Thanks to Forever Alone of XDA for Mashup Root Tool, now you don’t need to try all the root techniques before finding the right one.

Mashup Root Tool is the combination of the Framaroot, Kingroot, Towelroot and Master Key which will cover a vast number of devices. The tool covers a huge number of Mediatek and Qualcomm devices and is tested by many users and reported working flawlessly. The User Interface of the tool is a simple batch file with a few on-screen options to root your device. For this device to work, you need to have working drivers on your PC for your device. If your device is detected by your PC and all is set, download the Mashup Root Tool from the download link below:

Download the Root package and install it, you will get a folder named Mashup Root Tool on your desktop. Open the folder and click the batch file to get a splash screen which asks to press any key to continue further. Once the key is pressed, you will get the following screen with options to root your device:

Connect the device to the PC and select the exploit you want to try first, and type the relevant number and press enter to start the exploit. Reboot the device by pressing the 99 and hitting the enter button. Upon rebooting the device, check if the exploit worked on your device if it didn’t try another exploit. Chances are you will definitely root your device with either of the 4 exploits included in the tool.

Leave your feedback in the comments section below and report if your device is not rooted with any of the exploits.

Try the individual Root exploits if this tool didn’t Root your device.

Framaroot → Click Here

KingoApp → Click Here

Towelroot  → Click Here


  1. Thanks that you didn’t directly gave the download link ike others. 🙂 Nice blog,
    Forever Alone @XDA.

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