Today Android dominates the smartphone world. Despite being younger than some major Operating Systems like the iOS and Windows Phone, it has managed to pull billions of users worldwide, making it the most popular platform on the globe.

There are several factors that make Android users feel privileged and the way the OS can be customized through custom development is one of those factors. By rooting and installing a custom recovery on an Android device, we can open the gateway to unlimited possibilities to get the best possible visual tweak and performance.

Unlike Apple and Windows devices, Android devices are manufactured by hundreds of OEMs who cover up the Vanilla Android with their own signature flavor. While this great variety provides users with a great range of choice, it also adds a little complication after making a choice. The rooting method for different Android devices differ and the custom recovery meant for one device can’t be installed on others.

Fortunately, to help simplify such things for users, Android has got a very talented development community. As a result, we have several universal rooting exploits that work flawlessly on a great number of devices from different OEMs. Exploits like ioRoot, TowelRoot, StumpRoot, SunShine, KingoRoot, etc. are just a few examples.

Made by WindyCityRockr from XDA, WinDroid Universal Android Toolkit adds a new dimension to such universal root toolkits by integrating features like unlocking bootloader and flashing TWRP recovery on a ton of Android devices (especially HTC and Nexus devices at the moment). The tool is actually a compilation of ADB and Fastboot commands together with online resources.

Once your device is connected to your computer, it will download the required ADB drivers and ask you to select your device from the available list. After that, you’ll be able to access and execute the options like unlocking the bootloader, pushing SuperSU and flashing TWRP recovery on your phone or tablet. Since¬†WinDroid Universal Android Toolkit downloads required files from the web, you must have a working internet connection to use it.

Features of WinDroid

  • Supports Many Devices
  • Bootloader Unlock
  • Automatic HTC Token Retrieval
  • Gain Permanent Root
  • Flash Custom Recovery
  • Flash Custom Kernel
  • Flash Custom ROMs
  • Sideload Zips
  • Push Files
  • Install Apps
  • Relock Bootloader
  • More…


WinDroid Toolkit

WinDroid-Universal-Android-Toolkit-devicesWinDroid-Universal-Android-Toolkit-menu WinDroid-Universal-Android-Toolkit-unlockWinDroid-Universal-Android-Toolkit-rootWinDroid-Universal-Android-Toolkit-twrp

Download Windroid

WinDroid Toolkit v3.1.exe | Mirror


  1. i got htc desire 526G+ but it is not available in this application and i want to unlock it so somebody please help me

  2. When i select the unlock_code.bin to unlock bootloader in htc desire 820 dual sim the phone get rebooted. But the status shows locked. Can any one help me in thi issue???

  3. While trying to root my new HTC Desire 820 using Windroid; Step-1 and Step-2 went smoothly without any problem. But I am stucked in Step-3 (Flash SUPERSU). After I click on Flash SUPERSU button My phone reboots and get stopped in FASTBOOT USB (if the USB is connected) or FASTBOOT (I tried disconnecting the USB). I also tried the SYSTEM>POWER>Fast Boot option switching ON and OFF, but the phone is stopped in the same stage.

    Please Suggest me what can I do to move ahead to root my phone?

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