Quitting a bad habit is easier said than done. It is hard enough keeping a simple resolution of waking up on time, let alone more complex problems like drug or alcohol abuse. For that, rehabilitation centers have opened up across the world, and there is almost certainly one or two in your city as well. At the same time, deaddiction apps are rapidly gaining popularity, because of easier accessibility and a choice of anonymity. While they are in no way a replacement for standard holistic therapies, a sobriety app will certainly help in those dark periods of uncontrollable cravings. With that said, here are some awesome Android apps to help you quit addictions and bad habits easily.

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Coach.me – Instant Coaching

Quit Addictions and Bad Habits

Coach.me is an all round comprehensive app to get rid of any kind of bad habit. Choose from a wide variety of lifestyle changes you want to make and check in every successful day to keep a track of your progress over time. The app also lets you connect with others working towards the same goal, and add friends from Facebook or Twitter.

In difficult moments, browse through their messages and comments to keep yourself motivated, and you can post your own stories of success in turn. If needed, there is also an option to hire a professional coach to engage in regular online sessions and receive in-app chat support. Not satisfied with your coach? Cancel your subscription and get a refund anytime. The app itself is well designed and easy to use.

Coach.me - Instant Coaching Price: Free

No More! Quit Your Addictions

Quit Addictions and Bad Habits

The most aesthetically pleasing app in our list, no more is a simple app to help you out of any kind of addiction. The app will ask you to type in what you’d like to get rid of, and it will keep track of your progress over time. You can also set No More to send reminders and motivational quotes via push notifications.

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The app breaks down your long journey into shorter and easier to reach milestones so that you can keep pushing yourself without feeling overwhelmed. No More takes your privacy seriously, and all your data stays on your device. You can also lock the app with a pattern or password. For those looking for a beautiful, lightweight no nonsense app, No More is definitely worth a try.

No More! Quit your Addictions Price: Free

SoberTool Sober Time Counter

Developed by a Harvard-educated Licensed Chemical Dependency and Certified Alcoholism Counselor (and a long time abstainer) along with a team from the Ohio State University, SoberTool helps you to prevent relapses and stay on track. You can set up your profile, enter the date of the first day in your new life and also enter the approximate cost your addiction incurred daily (for some extra motivation).

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The app will keep a count of the number of your sober days and also the money you saved in the process. It also provides inspirational messages through push notifications, and motivational articles based on your current feelings. SoberTool features an anti relapsing strategy that helps you identify and deal with your problems rather than drowning your sorrows in alcohol or substance abuse. The app designing isn’t very modern, but the excellent features offered more than make up for it.

SoberTool - Alcoholism, Addiction, Sobriety Help Price: Free

Squirrel Recovery; Addiction

Squirrel recovery was designed and developed by the Ohio State Innovation Foundation. Along with a sobriety tracker and motivational real-life stories, it also lets you set up a user profile, add trigger time periods, and save your counselor’s name and phone number. Not only that, you can also create a group of fellow abstainers and well-wishers- termed as ‘sponsors’.

The app will ask questions about your feelings during trigger times, and answers will be forwarded to your group. In this way, your sponsors will know when you need help and reach out accordingly. The app also features an always available panic button for unforeseen urges. At the end of each successful period, you will be awarded a ‘medal’ for your hard work.

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