Every one of us has secrets that we would not wish to be disclosed to others. There was a time when secrets used o be lied buried in the depth of our mind, but our growing dependency on the tech gadgets is gradually driving those secrets to our little companion that always stays with us wherever we go. A phone is no more a little thing that is used to make and receive calls. We get our emails on our phones, store our important documents, passwords, personal data, photos, videos, apps, messages and so on. In most cases, it doesn’t make a difference to us if someone near and dear to us see them, but many of us store such data as we would not like others to see them.

I remember a little incident from my personal life when a friend of mine came to me to solve some technical issue that he was facing with his Galaxy S2. He handed over his phone to me and I requested to get it fixed. I took the phone and started looking into the issue. I opened the Gallery app on his phone and was shocked to see some extremely personal photos. My friend cried when he realized what had happened, he snatched away his phone and went out quietly. I felt very awkward myself and felt sorry for my poor friend (I wish he does not read this post).

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Have you ever been through such an experience, or would you like this happen to you? Certainly not! A mobile phone is a very personal thing and there is nothing wrong in storing secret data whether it be a personal image or video, documents, messages or apps,  but they must be protected so that they do not become public.

In the present article, we shall see some nice apps that will help you hide your personal photos, videos, apps, message and thus protect your privacy.

1. Hide It Pro

Hide It Pro

Let’s start our list of stuff hiding apps for Android with the Hide It Pro app for Android. This is a completely free app that lets you  hide pictures, videos, applications, messages , call logs  in your phone. It is a complete solution app if you want a file hiding solution for your Android.

Another nice thing about the app is that it disguises itself as an Audio Manager app which can be used to turn the volumes up and down. Bun when you long press on the Audio Manager logo on the top the actual Hide It Pro app comes to surface. And then you will be able to manage your secret vault of images, videos, apps, call entries and messages, etc.

Hide Photos, Video-Hide it Pro Price: Free

2.Vault- Hide SMS, Pics & Videos

Vault- Hide SMS, Pics & Videos

Vault is another good app if you want to hide or lock your photos, videos, messages and call logs, contacts, and even Facebook messages. The app is available for free and there’s also a paid versions. The free or basic version has all basic features that you might need to hide your private data. The paid version, however, lets you enjoy features like online cloud backup, hide unlimited text messages, stealth mode that hides the Vault app icon from the app drawer, and unauthorized use alert. With the free version, you can hide a maximum of 100 text messages. You can upgrade to the premium version from within the app itself.

Vault- Hide SMS, Pics & Videos-2

Download the latest version of the Vault app for Android from the Google Play Store.

Vault-Hide SMS,Pics & Videos,App Lock, Free backup Price: Free

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  1. I had a question. I have a phone, an Lg G2 phone from AT&T and a text message from someone in my contacts text me and I replied to it in the quick reply window and it quickly disappeared and it doesn’t show up in my list of messages, not even that thread of messages to this person. How can I fix that?

  2. Thanks I’ll give it a go

    Sent via the Samsung Galaxy S® 6, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone——– Original message ——–

  3. I had the hide it pro on my Galaxy S3, recently I upgraded to the S6 and the hide it pro will not work properly. It says that the sims blocker is missing when I try to download it it gives me a 404 error. No matter what I do it will not work now all my numbers and private pics are sitting out there in cyber space..

  4. Hide it pro is junk. Install the app and set a password but once the files are unhidden the password is deleted. The password should remain and have to be typed for every unhidden operation.

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