Being a Techie all my life, many gadgets attracted me and spent many hours exploring each of the beautiful gadgets. Video Gaming consoles and Play Stations being the most favourite among them in the childhood, I’ve used many bulky but powerful gaming setup to play many games. The arcade games like the Tower defence genre is one of the all time favourite as they come up with great logic and require attentive gamer to tackle them. But after the advent of Smartphones, especially powerful Android devices, gaming is a part of my schedule which eases the horrible day’s pain.

The Pirate Legend TD is one of the classic and strategy games you’ll find on the Google Play Store. The game is popular with the IPhone  users for a long time and now it’s been on the Play Store gaining a lot of popularity among the Droids as well. As a fan of Tower Defense games, I downloaded the bulky 363 MB game but it’s worth it. The beautiful graphics and the long stories weigh to the bulkiness of the game. So here is our description of the game after playing it for 3 days.

Description: Pirate Legends TD, as the name reflects it’s a Tower Defence game that features Pirates and all the voodoo legends associated with them. Unlike any other Tower Defence games with simple and plain graphics and audio, the Pirate Legends features high quality graphics and involving music that attracts the gamer easily. The stories in the game are worth watching and features mythical beasts from the seven seas and a whole horde of enemies to ward off as you steer your ship to safety. With 3 difficulty levels, 5 different pirate characters to play, 20 unique towers with with special abilities and 2 upgrade paths, 30+ enemies and 4 terrifying bosses, the Pirate Legends TD is a fully-packed action/strategy game which will definitely thrill you.

The Fun Stories: Once the game is started and you’ve entered you name, you will be welcomed with some excellent graphic artwork that will weave a beautiful Pirate story involving a mysterious statue found in a hidden treasure. The story, graphics and the music is quite impressive and I’ve not skipped the story in this game as I usually do in some boring apps. Thanks to Super Hippo team for putting such effort for the intro and other stories in the middle of the game.


Game Play: The game starts with a map as any other treasure hunt and tower defence games but Super Hippo team took care in explaining the components of the game like tower details which will help in understanding the game easily. The game play is a little boring and slow at the start due to frequent dragging of the characters, but you can increase the game speed to spice up the game. Towers are built in the waterways to slow down the enemy and you’ll have four types of tower – a basic gun tower, an area-of-effect cannonball tower, a progress-impeding slime tower, and an armour-piercing voodoo tower.


Players can also take advantage of the relic powers, aerial support, and other voodoo powers to defend against the enemy horde and the powerful evil bosses. Many components and legends like turtle canon, a giant kraken, mercenaries help to ward off the enemies and make the game play even more exciting.

Final Opinion: After playing for the game for 3 days, we observed no considerable lag or bugs in the game but the only worry for most users is that the game consumes around 370 MB of the device storage. The game is exciting with lot of things to get your hands dirty, but a few levels feel boring with a little dragging around. However, you can speed the game by increasing the game speed. Overall, the Pirate Legends TD is an excellent tower defence game with exciting levels and legends to ward off your enemies.

Download the Pirate Legends TD game from the Play Store link

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