In the present day, Android is one of the world’s most used mobile OS occupying around 52% of the total market share. But there is something that has always put an Android user to thoughts, which is the unavailability of a software management tool. Personally, I have searched for days and come across many but most of them lacked a feature that other offered and vice-versa.

Although OEMs offer their specific tools, but why should be have a separate tool for every other device we own, we deserve a unified tool to handle all the aspects of our smartphone. After a lot of research, I came around a unique Android software management tool, namely “MobileGo for Android” by Wondershare. I wouldn’t jump to any conclusions yet, let me first take a detailed rundown of MobileGo for Android.

Wondershare has a lead in creating several technical and multimedia utilities for Computers as well as Mobile devices. MobileGo for Android is one such innovation which makes a connection and management between the PC and smartphone much more reliable and easy. The latest supported version is 4.4.0 offering the following changes:

  • Automatic Installation of MobileGo app to speed up the phone  for a smooth and sound experience
  • Improvised Backup and Restore feature
  • Backup and Restore without Root
  • Data overlapping during the restoration process

It supports any Android based smartphone running Android 2.0+.  MobileGo can be installed and setup on any Windows PC having at least 512 MB RAM and 200 MB storage space.

Connect Your Smartphone With MobileGo

The first step post the software installation is the detection of device by MobileGo. Its easy, just connect your device using a USB data cable and put it aside, the work will be done automatically by the software. As soon as the device is detected by the tool, it initiates the driver installation process. After the device driver installation is complete the MobileGo daemon app shall be automatically installed. In case of unavailability of a USB cable, a secure and fast connection could be established using Wi-Fi by simply scanning the the QR code using the MobileGo app.

View Detailed Information Of Your Device

Upon successful installation of drivers, your device will be previewed on the Home window of the MobileGo tool. The Home window will show your device mock up with the current screenshot, device model and battery level. While you can lay your eyes over a much more detailed info by just clicking on “Details”, right next to the battery level. The information covers all the aspects including Brand, Manufacturer, OS version, processor, memory, baseband version, Bootloader, IMEI, Carrier, Android ID and battery status. From now on, you won’t need to access your device manually to view any details, they could be viewed right on top by just connecting the device to MobileGo.


Manage All Device Content At One Place

MobileGo offers management of almost each and every available content on your device including Apps, Music, Videos, Photos, Contacts, Messages and Files.


App management has never been more easy, view App details including app version, size and location. Other useful operations could be performed too like Installing/Uninstalling new apps, Move apps to SD card or export them for future installation.

Photos, Videos and Music could be arranged, added and removed easily, just browse to the left column. Create new Playlists, add new folders, Add new compatible media or convert the incompatible using the in-built “add” feature. Transfer of media files from one device to other could be carried on using the “Export” option.

View current SMS, forward or delete them, create new messages or export SMS to your Computer. You can also reply to your desired contact by just clicking the person’s SMS thread and on the right pane of the MobileGo window you shall have it.

Contacts in the same way could be managed of various groups including Google contacts, on-device contacts, WhatsApp contacts etc. Edit your current contacts by just clicking on them, add new ones in a few seconds, Import/Export contacts to/from computer in various supported formats including vCard, Outlook, Windows Live etc. MobileGo offers a special feature called “De-duplicate“, off course the name speaks of what it does, it merges and removes every duplicate contact in your entire directory making the job easier for you.

Live Notification Support

Have you ever wondered, what would you do if you’re syncing and transferring your data and suddenly a call or a message comes up? You definitely have a make a choice either to risk your data transfer or attend the call. MobileGo makes it easier for you to attend and respond to call or messages using the live computer interface. This is what happens, whenever you receive a call or a message, you are notified by the corresponding pop up directly on your PC screen, so now you don’t miss any urgent calls or messages.

In case of an incoming call, you can simply decline the call or decline it along with sending a response. While when you receive a text message, you can reply it directly using the pop up box.  On a bonus, you also get notified when your device is fully charged.

The Amazing MobileGo Tools

The Software is packed with some extraordinary tools to assist you in many purposes, getting the job in a much easier and organized way. Where do you find them? Expand by clicking the device name on the left pane of the MobileGo window and drag down to the very bottom. Click on “Toolkit“, this is where all the available tools reside. They are arranged in a systematic order under 4 major categories namely “Basic Tools” , “Tools for Social Favor“, “Tools for Music and Movie lovers” and “Applications recommended“. The tools under these are mentioned below and outlined with their purpose.


  • One-Click Backup: Backup your device completely, which includes Contacts, Text Messages, Calendar, Call logs, Photos, Music, Videos, Apps and Apps Data (beta function). You can selectively backup a single content or your complete device. The backup by default is stored in the software’s default directory, while you can change it to your desired location. Backing up takes sometime depending on the type and amount of data to be backed up.
  • Restore: Your previous backup could be restored
  • Install Apps: This tools helps you save a lot of hassle of first transferring the .apk file, browsing it and finally installing it. It will help you directly pick up your desired application’s apk file and install it even without accessing the device.
  • Find Duplicate Contacts: None other than the De-duplicate option, it helps you easily find and merge the duplicate contacts without any manual editing.
  • Send SMS: Create new SMS and send them without even touching your device. The same shall be synced with your device.
  • Import/Export Contacts (Outlook and Windows Live): Import or export contacts from/to Outlook and Windows Live within a few clicks.
  • Convert & Import Music and Videos: Transferring Music and Videos could be hectic cause Android does not support all the available format, but if you are keen to do so, you won’t ever need a 3rd party app now. You can easily convert and transfer your desired files.

Final Words

To sum up at the end, MobileGo is a full-featured all-in-one software management tool for your Android Smartphone. It beholds almost all the essential functions that a Management Utility shall offer, but still lacks a few minor features. One of which I faced was the use of “Get Root Access” feature, it offers an old procedure to root Android devices and is limited to device running Gingerbread or Froyo.

The Interface layout is pretty basic, which I am sure will be improved as the team will concentrate on this as well. As far as I have used, the program has shown no bugs in regard of its features, everything just works more than expected and flawlessly. Wrapping it all up, the tool is extremely powerful and is expected to reach heights in terms of all the aspects.

MobileGo is available as a free software for a 15 day trial and then could be purchased at the subjected price of $39.95 which guarantees full satisfaction, the company takes full care of their user’s privacy and offers complete customer support. Even if after the purchase, the software shows any issues, you are backed up with a full 30-day money-back guarantee.

Download MobileGo for Android

Download MobileGo 15-Day Trial

Download Full-Paid version for $39.95

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