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Google has been using Material Design for three years now. All the way from Android 5.0 Lollipop that debuted in 2014 to 8.0 Oreo that debuted a couple of months ago this year. Moreover, Material Design brought with it a fresh coat of paint to Android, a radical departure from the Holo design language that featured a dark theme with Tron inspired blue accenting all around the user interface in the pre-lollipop builds of the Operating System. The Holo design language is responsible for what and where Android’s user interface is today (this is my opinion and observations although your opinion and observations may vary). Google says that the material design is based on paper and ink. Speaking of Material Design, now let’s come to the main topic of the article. Today, I would like to review an app called Material Islands that gives you the ability to enjoy minimal, fresh, and Material Design inspired islands wallpapers on your smartphone.

Material Islands offers you the user a decent collection of elegant, minimal, and beautifully crafted islands wallpapers that you can apply either to the home or lock screen or both if you prefer. Enough said, now let’s take an in-depth look at Material Islands app for Android as depicted in the screenshots below.

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Material Islands in-depth look

Welcome to Material Islands. Decent selection of wallpapers available here. Scroll down for more. Live as well as static wallpapers are available.

Live wallpapers change their color and shade to either light or dark based on the current time (morning, afternoon, evening or night). Neat!. This feature can be further customised in settings.

Static wallpapers available are shown in the above screenshot. Notice the black variants of each wallpaper which would be perfectly suitable for phones equipped with an AMOLED display. Happy power saving!.
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Material Islands wallpapers in action

Isle of Taj Mahal wallpaper in black applied to the home screen. You can select a static wallpaper in either dark, black, light or apply a live wallpaper which will go dark, black or light based on the time of the day (morning, afternoon, evening or night) which can be configured in settings. For black live wallpaper to work, you will have to enable the option called Total black background during the night in settings.
Isle of Taj Mahal wallpaper in black on the lock screen.
Isle of winter wallpaper applied to the home screen.
Isle of winter wallpaper on the lock screen.
Isle of Taj Mahal wallpaper in a darker shade. At the time of evening or night, the wallpaper gets this shade if the Live variant is selected. Wallpaper goes black if total black is enabled in settings.


Options available are: choose your time span for auto dark or light background, total black background for easy night viewing, Parallax effect. Moreover, you could also align the island to either left, right or center as per your preference, and use all island in randomisation.
Choose your custom time span. As I mentioned earlier in the article, you can set the time at which a live wallpaper would go either dark or light depending on the time chosen (morning, afternoon, evening or night).


So here you go, Droidviewers and tech enthusiasts on an in-depth look at a beautiful and fresh feeling wallpaper app for Android. Kudos to the developer Jenny Hanell for such an amazing and well-built app. Moreover, I recommend all of you readers out there to give this wonderful app a try. Material Islands is one unique wallpaper app available in the Google Play Store. By the way, this app is completely free, as a result, does not even contain any in-app purchases.

Feel free to Chime in the comments section below on your take and experience with this neat little app. Download Material Islands via the Google Play Store link given below.

Material Islands™ - Wallpapers Price: Free

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